Heroes of the Storm - Nazeebo Build Guide (SPIDERS!)

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Uploaded: 28 Jun 2017 Likes: 28
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M_Y_ Ball_s on 30. Jun. 2017.
As a Spec main J I have a dissenting opinion on the Q-build, suffice to say is mainly because I feel I'm pretty proficient with landing his W and E skills nicely but that literally just is MY OPINION. Also on getting either Ice Block or Superstition on 13. I'm usually fat fingered (slow hands) so adding another key to click and my mouse to point will surely tax the 'on the fly' processing capability of my brain, even with Quick Cast already On and On Release, things can get extra messy with all the things going on during a team fight. So my take on this is: focus on zoning (Zombie Wall) and let the dps (Toad and Spiders )handle the rest. So I get both his passives at lvl 1 (Thing of the Deep) and 4 (Big Voodoo) [because those in the know of Nazeebo' weakness he is ALSO mana starve just like the rest of the combo dependent heroes in the nexus; Dead Rush (uprooting zombie wall) on lvl 7, most often Gargantuan over Ravenous Spirit on 10 [because I can leave it on a spot and just timely
NgArclite on 29. Jun. 2017.
why not get the double passive talent at 4? going into late game wouldn't it be better?
The Slythering One on 28. Jun. 2017.
Very good video JHow. My only extra bit of information is how to clear lanes. Do not use Zombie Wall on the minions; it has a high mana cost and does not do enough damage to the minions to justify it. Save it for walling an enemy so you can run or for choking certain areas. Toads are helpful for getting your trait to minions. You can hit all 3 "melee" minions with it or move to the upper or lower part of the lane and aim at the globe minion. Make sure to aim so the frogs spread between the minions and you should be able to hit 5 or 6 of them.
Lauren Wu on 28. Jun. 2017.
I stopped playing Nazeebo because of my Zombie Wall fails. Now I know how to use them I'll try again!
Digital JP on 28. Jun. 2017.
Well I guess I will start playing Nazeebo because you made a video for it. Thanks JHow.
UraiFen44444444 on 28. Jun. 2017.
Is the zombie build also meta? is it usefull?