HEROES SLUGFEST | Amateur HOTS Tournament - Week 13 | Heroes of the Storm MFPallytime & Kiyeberries

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phish 03 on 30. May. 2017.
I really do enjoy these. I end up having to rewind cuz I get distracted from pally and kyie shenanigans and completely missing the team fights and rotations.
Ilya Perepelitsa on 26. May. 2017.
up pally - kiye's voice is naturally "ringy". set the sound on medium and couldn't hear anything pally was saying
Barfjavelin on 25. May. 2017.
Dandelion and burdock soda just tastes a lot like sarsaparilla FYI. It's pretty delicious
George Duble on 25. May. 2017.
Cmon guys, fake some interest in what is going on in the game, you personal lives is ok, but leave them to rank wins and such.
mauricio balbuena on 25. May. 2017.
Matt Pearl on 25. May. 2017.
Dude, if you come to Atlanta I will totally take you to my favorite gaming bar.
Adam Filiatreault on 25. May. 2017.
If Trickslr is doing Rank Win, can he cast this with Pally too? I'd love to see two good casters for this tournament; I think it would make it so much better
Adam Filiatreault on 25. May. 2017.
It isn't Wednesday for me until I hear the warning about chat channels and whispers in custom games! Don't ever change, Pally!
John Willis on 25. May. 2017.
I think the week number on this video is wrong!
Isabela Hart on 25. May. 2017.
I fill like slaperfers always win
Sean McCaffrey on 25. May. 2017.
don't you mean ameTHUR tournament play!!
Isabela Hart on 25. May. 2017.
:( just finished work and the stream ends still got some chill time so can watch it yay!
Outer Entity Studios on 25. May. 2017.