HEROES SLUGFEST | Amateur HOTS Tournament - Week 17 | Heroes of the Storm MFPallytime & Starbee

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Uploaded: 15 Jun 2017 Likes: 189
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thelostnarrators #1 fan on 15. Jun. 2017.
hey tgn squadron do you know a channel called super dent bros
Dennis Wood on 15. Jun. 2017.
good vid
Nelis Trekhaak on 15. Jun. 2017.
MFbeetime, love it! nothing against Kiye but variation is good. Keep it comin
Matt Foote on 15. Jun. 2017.
Disneyland has the Indiana Jones ride!!
Zdeněk Pohl on 15. Jun. 2017.
FFS, get your sound levels together. Pally and Bee is low, game sound is ok and Kiye is like needle in my ears
Matt Pearl on 15. Jun. 2017.
Did anyone else get big skips at around the 48min mark?
Shawn Gilbertson on 15. Jun. 2017.
Cloud 10 because Cloud 9 was taken...
Tom Harms on 15. Jun. 2017.
Its been good to see a bit of a rotation of squad members casting this. Can we see Pally and Adam cast together pls? their banter is top tier everytime.
Phillyourthirst on 15. Jun. 2017.
Also Kiye's text commentary was 10/10, would recommend.
Phillyourthirst on 15. Jun. 2017.
STARBEE! :D She's back!
Marshy Cat on 15. Jun. 2017.
bad at games on 15. Jun. 2017.
I love how emotionless pally is when he delivers the colored commentary demonstration.
Rebonto Dey on 15. Jun. 2017.
Damn that genji is overrated
mauricio balbuena on 15. Jun. 2017.
is so funny see pally so relax , always he is screaming xd
matt troxler on 15. Jun. 2017.
They changed the bushes in top lane on Dragonshire also. You used to be able to walk from one end to the other of the "arching" bush up there. They straightened it up and cut the middle out :( Found that out the hard way.
gildarmesh on 15. Jun. 2017.
what chapter in pallytime's book has the full fold-out pages of stitches and maybe him in their bikinis?