Heroes Unite: Garrosh - Combos | Heroes of the Storm | MFPallytime, Kiyeberries & ggMarche

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Uploaded: 9 Aug 2017 Likes: 686
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Jonathan Cooper on 11. Aug. 2017.
Pally if youre talking about taking the RTA Rapid to Cleveland Hopkins its not too bad you can get on at any rapid station heading west bound to the airport. My wife takes it every day Clevelands rapids arent too bad.
Nicholas Pannett on 10. Aug. 2017.
love the austin powers reference
Malcador Sigilite on 10. Aug. 2017.
The Li-Ming Templar skin is a rule 63 Tassadar.
ReklawRoyale on 10. Aug. 2017.
Good episode, but could use more Rentaro!
Noel Esquivel on 10. Aug. 2017.
Body Block Shop on 10. Aug. 2017.
I miss Rennie being on this one
OnTheLew on 10. Aug. 2017.
So no one's gonna say it yet? Not even for Kiye? Marche is cute.
RagnorokGundam on 10. Aug. 2017.
Lol shoping hour with pally and kiye
Nikos Leonidas on 9. Aug. 2017.
What day are you guys gunna be there ? (Pax west) I'd like to meet you guys
guido0346 on 9. Aug. 2017.
Just pally laughing at trowing people around the map cheers me up
Guermantes on 9. Aug. 2017.
What is he going to do when he is old? I mean what happens to streamers? Is there a career path? Insurance? Retirement?
Oldero Brian on 9. Aug. 2017.
pally looks like grizzly adams
Vyce Platinum on 9. Aug. 2017.
You can have stitches Gorge and then throw him into your base :D
chand198 on 9. Aug. 2017.
Lol fk when the spawned in I was right clicking to move
Lucas Bailey on 9. Aug. 2017.
Kiyekerries. Roller coasters that go upside down look much more scary than they actually are. The loop itself goes by so fast and the centrifugal force keeps you forced into your seat so it doesn't feel like you're going upside down.
Bar0n970 on 9. Aug. 2017.
I love this Orc. I don't think that he will be OP per se. His skill barrier (and cap) is higher than most other tanks. At high level ranks I think he will be S/1 tier but at low levels he will be tier 2 simply because you cannot button mash and expect results.
pisse3000 on 9. Aug. 2017.
No alternate view links in the description! NotLikeThis
Murray Britton on 9. Aug. 2017.
Kiye there's some really amazing water rides at Cedar Point. They aren't scary at all just super fun! Honestly, Cedar Point has spoiled me on amusement parks because it's the best one in the country. You have to go!
Corey Lowe on 9. Aug. 2017.
Bexar on 9. Aug. 2017.
This stream should be called "leap-frog galore with Garrosh" :D
just wow on 9. Aug. 2017.
Fun fact: his lvl 1 talent, Warbreaker, is an AoE Collossus Smash (the Varian ult) in WoW
Ponturak on 9. Aug. 2017.
HAhaha i Think Pally killed more team mates then enemy players the first game ; )
walosek on 9. Aug. 2017.
12:20 The borrow seems unstopable, did Kiye just double tap E? Hope that bug with double tapping isn't back!!!
jackalvulture on 9. Aug. 2017.
Kyndral22 on 9. Aug. 2017.
heads up you can also throw friendly Dragon Knights and bruisers ;)
Marcos Felipe Ribeiro on 9. Aug. 2017.
Omg, that first game was all over the place.
tab beene on 9. Aug. 2017.
the AC is not that loud. KEEP IT ON PALLY!
Lunumbrus on 9. Aug. 2017.
Just remember, Pally. Ships are the bane of your existence, the darkness in your heart, and that which scratches your foot, inside your sock. It's natural to yell "SHIIIIP" when you're angry.
Sean Smith on 9. Aug. 2017.
Pally, when it gets hot, just stream without your shirt on.
Valentino on 9. Aug. 2017.
Hey Pally, you can create your own foam tack by combining any white elmers glue, baking soda, and whey powder(the same stuff you find in protein drinks). It's cheaper by the gallon this way.
Joseph Neuman on 9. Aug. 2017.
Alexander Cioc on 9. Aug. 2017.
The only reason I dislike Garrosh is because of the queue times.
camilo fernandez gana on 9. Aug. 2017.
I love gold loadout with no golden chest sticker... disliked, unsubbed, reported. 15 times.
otepmeimban on 9. Aug. 2017.
a move team vid redo is needed
Kylewitha_C Li on 9. Aug. 2017.
stebbinsi2 on 9. Aug. 2017.
Pally so happy your move is done and went well! Love the vids guys, keep em coming!
Jason Jost on 9. Aug. 2017.
duckless mini split pally
45princeofdarkness on 9. Aug. 2017.
That explains why Pally has the best sound
De Lupe on 9. Aug. 2017.
That feeling when you enjoy Garrosh's HotS moveset, but dislike Garrosh. Not sure if want but do kind of want.