Heroes Unite: Kel'Thuzad - Tips, Tricks & Combos | MFPallytime, Starbee & Trikslyr

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LIBERTY WILLIS on 7. Sep. 2017.
Kelthuzad, Arthas, Jaina?
Rob Pi on 7. Sep. 2017.
God I hate Genji
Jacob Wright on 7. Sep. 2017.
Nazebo zombie wall 7 & 16 lots of dmg + 8.6k dmg combo = deth
WrlDBraker on 7. Sep. 2017.
This Heroes unite combo with Tim, Star, and Pally is legendary
Fahami Green on 6. Sep. 2017.
Where is Hengest? I havent been here for a while :)
brad huey on 6. Sep. 2017.
I think the real uniting in this video was pretzels and "grape juice"
Shawn Christensen on 6. Sep. 2017.
You should totally do a Heroes Unite with Probius. Just to use Chain on pylons and cannons.
Oblivion on 6. Sep. 2017.
The reason why salt makes you taste more flavour in your food in general is because it enables your taste buds. So salt enables your taste buds and because of that you taste more flavour in your food :D
Tristan Christiansen on 6. Sep. 2017.
Salt is a flavor enhancer not a seasoning. Source : professionally trained chef for 15 years.
Mike Scott on 6. Sep. 2017.
The noise Pally made at 7:25 had me laughing my ass off for several minutes
Pat Ch on 6. Sep. 2017.
Pans Labyrinth is so awesome!! Good call Trikslyr!! :) btw.. i love Starbees laugh!! :-D <3
Matt Pearl on 6. Sep. 2017.
I have to say, I am slightly disappointed that we didn't get the Warcraft III Necromancer Kel'Thuzad skin. I understand that WoW was more popular, but I guess I'm just old school like that.
Matt Foote on 6. Sep. 2017.
8:47 4HP !!!!
X_xParadoxFoundatioNx_X on 6. Sep. 2017.
Roy Brouwer on 6. Sep. 2017.
had a couple of times where i can hit a burrowed anub but i cant shoot from a burrowed anub with the chains from thuzad
The Optimistic Brit on 6. Sep. 2017.
8:09 "See what I mean?" "Indeed"
Abhishek Mohan on 6. Sep. 2017.
Tim's Chromie is pornographic.
Jeremy Patton on 6. Sep. 2017.
Hey TGN, any chance of moving your portraits to the top right so we can see the kill and quest feed?
Rockband Playit on 6. Sep. 2017.
51:15 potg
Exevian on 6. Sep. 2017.
Kel'thuzad have the phylactery and can ress after he gets 10 globes when he wants.. Diablo's got the Black Soulstone, he can't use it. Feelsbadman :(
Jason Yang on 6. Sep. 2017.
The many giggles of a video
skyguy713 on 6. Sep. 2017.
I like Starbee. And grape "Juice"
Garrett Lloyd on 6. Sep. 2017.
@Starbee Oh my g you totally need to check out Pan's Labyrinth! If my memory serves my right, you are a fan of the 80s?? I don't want to give to much away....but RIP Ziggy S.
Michael Balcazar on 6. Sep. 2017.
Tim seemed very happy playing with Pally and Starbee! Nice to see him happy since he's been having some apparent Heroes exhaustion! Love ya Tim!
Beto Gonzalez on 6. Sep. 2017.
Pally's on Twitch now???
Ryan Wallace on 6. Sep. 2017.
The Malessar on 6. Sep. 2017.
allocat5867 on 6. Sep. 2017.
oh man, starbee is hecka funny, good addition to the Heroes Unite team, for sure!
x412x joker on 6. Sep. 2017.
"Grape Juice"
barduk4 on 6. Sep. 2017.
pally please, you will make blizzard angry, stahp
Ian Smith on 6. Sep. 2017.
Where's the Starbee POV? BabyRage
Mr. Midenight on 6. Sep. 2017.
there needs to be a character that gets better in some way the better you are at landing their combo
Justin Jaramillo on 6. Sep. 2017.
new skin idea for kel'thuzad.... luau Kel'thuzad
shamatuu on 6. Sep. 2017.
why do they always get the dates wrong for the live PTR?
KR4ZY G4M3R on 6. Sep. 2017.
When is the patch coming ??