Heroes Unite: Malthael - Tips Tricks & Combos | Heroes of the Storm

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Lem Bach on 15. Jun. 2017.
I want to see a custom 5 v 5 game with 5 D3 heroes versus the 5 D3 villains.
StretchyPlays on 15. Jun. 2017.
At first I thought Last Rites would be the better ult and Tormented Souls was kinda bad, but know I think it's the way to go most of the time. It just gives so much survivability with Soul Rip, it's insane, you just don't die for the 8 seconds it applies the trait.
Ethan Glaeser on 14. Jun. 2017.
Can we nickname Malthael "Nazgul" or "Black Rider"?
Raistlin Fury Sjølander on 14. Jun. 2017.
I'm almost 100% certain that weakness effects will increase %life based damage (in the same way that you proved in your stitches video that amp healing increased %life based healing). So a comp could be with Tyrande/Smash Varian or some other form of vulnerability, so his dot (and other skills) tick for a higher % of the enemy's life? :)
minun5 on 14. Jun. 2017.
Marche is cute.
dennis werth on 14. Jun. 2017.
a can of cola in norway is about 3dollars. 50cents would be a dream.
Furybunny on 14. Jun. 2017.
"Is it his face?" lol
Jewel Ju on 14. Jun. 2017.
the 3-man angel death squad is probably my fave comp so far lol tyrael + auriel + malthael
Emariel on 14. Jun. 2017.
i love maraca and this series with him :) really something I watch every time. kiye and pally is the cherry on top
Friskyhaole on 14. Jun. 2017.
5 angels total so i'm sure we'll see the other two added in the coming years
Justin Jaramillo on 14. Jun. 2017.
is xul over powered? is that why he goes on the angry cloud?
Corvo Attano on 14. Jun. 2017.
There's a buzzing on I think Pally's mic, at least in game #3.
NZBIGRED on 14. Jun. 2017.
Pally's Angels
Jaghùnd on 14. Jun. 2017.
Need more kiye-baine voiceovers.
MrMinigibbo on 14. Jun. 2017.
i miss mewn :(
Kyle Alberts on 14. Jun. 2017.
but... silly Sonya, Kiye was capping...
Fernly52 on 14. Jun. 2017.
did horsepants flake again?