Heroes Unite: Stukov - First Impressions | Heroes of the Storm | MFPallytime, ggMarche & Trikslyr

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Jeremy Soden on 13. Jul. 2017.
Stitches hook into Stukov push into haymaker. Send them on a journey
Sympath der Seefahrer on 13. Jul. 2017.
Am i the only one not seeing ETC healing anyone at all???
Flame Sk8er on 13. Jul. 2017.
evildude951 on 13. Jul. 2017.
46:59 zerg rave, pally? XD
Shawn Christensen on 12. Jul. 2017.
Pally, you keep mentioning that Biotic Armor, but it only reduces auto-attacks, which wouldn't have saved you very often in that first game anyway. It would have only been effective on that enemy Artanis, and MAYBE from the out of Mech D.Va. I feel like the detonate healing was the best option there.
tnin4u on 12. Jul. 2017.
Here you go Pally, Oprah Bees: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fk1l237eja03hea/OprahBees.gif?dl=0
serp3n1 on 12. Jul. 2017.
Universal carrier is awful, look at each of these games and you'd get more healing without it.
Helping Hand on 12. Jul. 2017.
Pally making those siren noises is giving me life! Also glad I got to see Trik's reaction to the Oprah-bees gif XD
Chayne Johnnic on 12. Jul. 2017.
oh my god I forgot about Brandon! I'm glad he was brought back up
Zeratul on 12. Jul. 2017.
Fuckin stop screaming man
Going In H.A.M. Show on 12. Jul. 2017.
Pally is the Hype Master. Trickslyr is super chill. Marche is effortlessly cool.
Elandrianthetrue on 12. Jul. 2017.
"ok, Blizzar, I know you watch this stream, because you hav to write down every time I swear" xD that was too funny
minun5 on 12. Jul. 2017.
Marche is cute!
Philipp Schmid on 12. Jul. 2017.
man no stukov Vickings and sam combo? XD
Bio on 12. Jul. 2017.
I was Bio in this video. Was fun! And yeah I know I'm not that good, gold league for life.
C0mmand3r27 on 12. Jul. 2017.
I love seeing Marche play in these
Matthew Garcia on 12. Jul. 2017.
Russians are op and cant be stopped were all doomed ... doomed
Jared Sprowl on 12. Jul. 2017.
"See I thought I had no fear. But then he gave me fear like Oprah gives bees."
Ethan Wood on 12. Jul. 2017.
theme teams idea... characters that slap people. Stukov auto and ult slaps with a zerg arm, Murky slaps with a fish, auriel slaps with a ribbon like thing. You guys can find others!
Jansen115 on 12. Jul. 2017.
How did you change the colors from the Enemys and minions and the Minimap? ^.^
ThunderChanter on 12. Jul. 2017.
I want a party stukov skin where the arm is that party blower thingy that I don't know the name of but you all know what I mean.
Joshua Gabriel Catindig on 12. Jul. 2017.
@20:09 That disrespect on Anub's remains....damn.
Jonathan Baker on 12. Jul. 2017.
Raynor is definitely American! He's a space cowboy and he has a star-spangled skin! No other hero is more American than him! #MAGA
Crono Trigger on 12. Jul. 2017.
Whenever I play with a Stukov he ends up saving an enemy player with his reach ability. That's right. The Russian is colluding with the enemy team.
Mordos Kull on 12. Jul. 2017.
Devin Durkee on 12. Jul. 2017.
First comp with the ranged auto attack talent at 1? Shoulda got that, woulda been way better with that abathur attack speed.
kill all humans on 12. Jul. 2017.
is any1 else having audio issues? as in no sound. :(