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Force Gaming on 18. Mar. 2017.
These are some massive changes! I personally am very excited to try the new Lucio. What do you guys think?
CanadaMMA on 20. Mar. 2017.
Lucio is DIFFERENT now. The only people who aren't willing to give this a chance are the ones who are terrible players that don't understand, METAS CHANGE!
salmonking on 20. Mar. 2017.
In general, this is why supports are my favorite class to play. The amount of variety within the class (in how they specifically support a team) is awesome. I can't wait for them to add another support to the mix and see what roll they will fill.
OopsRuMad on 20. Mar. 2017.
Wow. RIP Lucio.
SoulWarden11 on 20. Mar. 2017.
Can your allies see the AoE around Lucio, or is he the only one that can see it?
Branden M on 20. Mar. 2017.
Holy crap sound barrier has been nerfed out of existence. How do you go from 30 meteors to 20 meters?!? rip sound barrier
Branden M on 20. Mar. 2017.
I personally think that amp it up should increase the heal/speed boost radius. Like/comment if you agree, I want to hear others' opinions on this
TorqaL on 20. Mar. 2017.
None of us here are complaining that this video is shorter than the rest of your videos. We are actually glad you could shorten this video down to 5:30 rather than extending it out for another 5 minutes.
Da_Fisherman on 20. Mar. 2017.
im gonna hate people taking lucio off me just to play really shitty
gozo1985 on 20. Mar. 2017.
its a buff for competetive and skilled players, but nerf to lows
Kentogamers on 20. Mar. 2017.
Winston is unplayable now.
Pro#onist Isaac on 20. Mar. 2017.
Clorox Bleach on 20. Mar. 2017.
finally hopefully we see a lucio meta instead of bastion meta
Kevin H on 20. Mar. 2017.
they nerfed his playstyle but buffed everything else and added a new meta for it. Which looks a little over the top, i don't know if Lucio needs 30% movement speed plus speed aura. I don't see that being a thing for long.
chaosflash7 on 20. Mar. 2017.
tank meta is back with lucio/ana. good bye mercy
Non Johns on 20. Mar. 2017.
After watching dsp stanky I think encourages pockets and some extreme ass movement it's deathly good and I'd love to see really mobile comp with all flankers that'd be seriously cool
Wizold Sage on 20. Mar. 2017.
Lucio is one of my mains and I personally love the changes, I love change and I don't think it's a nerf/buff I think it's a nice change to his play style as the large aura was stopping Lucio from his full potential.
He Zhang on 19. Mar. 2017.
To DSPStank this is a major buff
Braeden king on 19. Mar. 2017.
Then need to buff genji, he's so weak with every other hero getting a buff
Des Cyrus on 19. Mar. 2017.
Its a nerf only if your one of those people who instapick DPS and yell at people to go healer...i really like these changes tbh, it takes more skill to play him but more rewarding which is just how i like it , babies like you spamming I NEED HEALING wont though....I tested it out on PTR and HE IS REALLY HARD TO KILL NOW Also DPS STanky is jizzing right now
TheRecklessPirate on 19. Mar. 2017.
Bruh all these lucio Baby's whining this nerf had to happen he was getting picked way to much. His healing was pathetic, but more better heals=bad?
Asher Petkevich on 19. Mar. 2017.
Rip mercy
Ignorant Monky Gaming on 19. Mar. 2017.
I used to be a hard core lucio main but i got over him towards the end of season 3. Now everyone is going to pick lucio and i wont get to play him when the update comes thru
michiel .vdh on 19. Mar. 2017.
inc passive range buff to 15 yards, if they don't do that lucio seems very shitty
TazZ on 19. Mar. 2017.
This is a really cool BUFF! Lucio doesnt heal as much as needed but now you can be the only healer as Lucio!
Eye Wumbo on 19. Mar. 2017.
This is a nerf to the previous and boring play style of sitting behind the team giving small heals and occasional speed boosts. It's a huge buff to more interactive and impactful play styles like how dspstanky plays.
Marcus Zelaya on 19. Mar. 2017.
What's got 2 thumbs and is gonna be playing a lot more Lucio?
FlameHawk777 on 19. Mar. 2017.
Sound barrier has 30 meteors!
BaeGodSylveon on 19. Mar. 2017.
i dont understand why they buff a hero who doesnt need a buff and has been a must pick almost always like fuck you blizzard the healer who needs help is mercy! blizzard stop working on other healers and fix her first you treating the best girl like garbage.
Maxwell Bolzman on 19. Mar. 2017.
Finally Lucio will be able to heal faster than you can get a health pack
Laconian Drakon on 19. Mar. 2017.
I feel like this might not be what players wanted talking about a nerf/ buff but i also feel like this (change) will make it better in the sense that: Lucio players will now have to work even more with their team in order to group them up, which also signifies that the skill level to play him as gotten a bit more up. Im not going to say that i am not unhappy about these changes but if you look at the statistics of how he is most of the time a must pick hero, i must say that that this will turn around the idea of a dive comp etc... anywways those are my thoughts.
Maarten Dispa on 19. Mar. 2017.
The point of these changes is to change Lucios playstyle, he is meant to run in between the heroes and heal them in that way. He should be running across the battlefield healing allies and being an annoyance. Now you can just pick Lucio and mindlessly heal everyone.
Michael Myers on 19. Mar. 2017.
buff for lucio, nerf for his team
Living Room Set on 19. Mar. 2017.
GOD DAMN IT BLIZZARD, why why why did you have to change lucio, lucio is now no longer a support that didn't need to be tied to the team with a FUCKING steel chain to work well, they turned him into a unusable ipod with the volume at the lowest it can go without it being muted. What they should have done is mess with the other healers. RIP Lucio, have fun in heaven with sombra, Winston, torb, and hanzo
Jack McMorrow on 19. Mar. 2017.
Lucios self healing is a bit too strong now. He will always restore his health faster than Mercy and Zennyatta. That's gonna make his survivablity a bit too high.
Julian Ross on 19. Mar. 2017.
You went real Black TMartin on this one, bud. #TheBlackHokage
Diodio26 on 19. Mar. 2017.
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striderpsv on 19. Mar. 2017.
I'm happy that these changes are coming. I heard Zen is getting​ a buff. Shit, Lucio getting a nerf that requires more skill but will give more healing when used properly, is much appreciated.
Mork on 19. Mar. 2017.
Lucio mains where you at
Marcusjnmc on 19. Mar. 2017.
slight buff to Ana since she's now the only effective ranged healer xP
Mr.goose Goosersom on 19. Mar. 2017.
increase winstons damage against targets being healed please.
LowerSpider4725 PR on 19. Mar. 2017.
They made him play a lot like the Lucio from heroes of the storm
Geordie Perkins on 19. Mar. 2017.
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99loolill on 19. Mar. 2017.
30 to 10 seems too massive. Coulda compromised at 20 and have the effects amplified on a gradient, as in very little healing/speed when at the edge of his range, and the +50% max amount in about 6 meters or so
Xelaris96 on 19. Mar. 2017.
The 10 meters seems way too short for heals bump it up to at least 15.
LunarServant on 19. Mar. 2017.
all these patches and his music still fades when switching :^ )
Kc Clark on 19. Mar. 2017.
My problem with this change is not that it makes the healing worse, but that it A. makes him less diverse from other healers (Ana and Zenyatta are long range, Mercy is close range - Lucio was mid range but now he's also close range), and B. makes him more vulnerable. If he's that much closer to his team, he's going to be right in the way of attacks (especially ones that hit groups, like Roadhog's ult and charged Zarya fire).
Alex Lamb on 19. Mar. 2017.
This should make him harder to kill if he is passively healing himself 50% more healing. He may be a front line fighter but he's also going to be able to take more damage.
Joshua Park on 19. Mar. 2017.
Guys this is a buff. It's going to be fucking impossible to kill him on an attack payload
Guild Sweetheart on 19. Mar. 2017.
Less accidental healing, more intentional healing. Sound Barrier less bullshit. 1 man payload and point contests even harder to break.