Is Hero Balance TOO HARD? (Overwatch)

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John D'Orso on 16. Mar. 2017.
What I think they could do to get more people to play on the ptr: they could make special loot boxes for the ptr that give special ptr skins that can't be purchased with regular coins, maybe ptr coins which would be acquired from the ptr loot boxes. These would be able to be traded to the main accounts. I think they should also add ptr for consoles, as over watch plays differently than pc and would show the devs just how differently it is.
Email0230 on 16. Mar. 2017.
There is only one truly perfectly balanced game. And that game is chess.
EnterTheKyuubi on 16. Mar. 2017.
So when are the Mcree, Reaper, Tracer, & Sombra buffs coming? Cause Solider: 76 is getting pretty boring now.
Camilo Etcheverry RĂ­os on 16. Mar. 2017.
4:05 you say the intermediate state isn't needed but take a look at the bastion changes backlash, for example. Also you need to take into account the competitive scene. If you push live without testing, people would lose their shit in comp mode. On the other hand, if you just change on non-competitive, you're creating a double meta withing the same community, which brings its own problems. The public needs to start giving Blizz more credit. As you can see from the ama from the other day, people talk without having any hard data to back their claims, just one match and their precious and entitled feelings. The community's feelings are important since we're the one who keep the game alive, but a dev worth its salt should know that most of the people (myself included, proly) don't know what they're talking about when they propose changes or complain about things. About balance: even if the perfect balance could be achieved, if you do and don't change it ever, the game would stagnate and
Sgt Cheetos on 16. Mar. 2017.
I feel like if there is more than one thing in a game, such like heroes, weapons, etc. it's pretty much impossible to balance a game because there will always have someone or something better than the other.
Storm Walrus on 16. Mar. 2017.
2:59 on all the updates I wanted to play a normal damn match but the only multiplayer options available were server browser or quickplay, and sometimes only arcade. Kinda hard to try regular comps when you don't provide the game modes to do so
Tim Remington on 16. Mar. 2017.
Overwatch has only gotten worse. IDK why I still watch your overwatch vids, but I quit this game a couple weeks ago
Sasaki on 16. Mar. 2017.
I mean, adding more and more heroes is actually positive for balance. Eventually we'll have a "swing meta" where everything counters everything else, and there's enough variation that there are many different types of team. We're gonna need like double the roster for that, though. Also the ptr thing....uh....There's this thing they call "Play-tester" that used to be a job. Maybe make our PTR and Live exp bar the same, and I'll play ptr. I don't need an extra reward. I need average exp gain.
Enoshima Junko on 16. Mar. 2017.
Naaaah. Normal people are just like: ohhhhh, but Games are easy to make!!!!!1111!!!!. But the Truth is: It's pretty damn hard. In the end: No Game is perfect, but every Game has a Good amount of Despair.
nihsel ramma on 16. Mar. 2017.
Blizzard: "D.Va is too strong and she feels like she has no weaknesses. By the way, here's new Bastion. Have fun!"
IamHof on 16. Mar. 2017.
I mean you guys can all argue in the comments the only thing I want to know is did you win that last game after that dude was talking trash? Because that was one hell of a cliff hanger
XReaperX on 16. Mar. 2017.
bastion v2 = solider
qwerty222999 on 16. Mar. 2017.
Finding perfect balance is a nigh impossible task. But thankfully some companies find ways to use that to their advantage, with metas. Just like the tank meta, Overwatch could benefit from big balance changes every now and then (such as once or twice every year) to throw the meta around. Not stuff like the recent Ana nerf that only focused on bringing a single hero down, but adjustments to EVERYONE, and minor adjustments as well, as a slight buff here and a slight nerf there does a lot to the shape of the game, and determines which meta the game is going to become. It's intuitive and refreshing. How often a meta should happen is hard to plan out without testing first. For Dota 2 for instance, they do it every year, and fine tunes the meta change just 2-3 months after release if necessary, then let's their big tournament The International play out, where after they do a meta update again. Overwatch could do the same, but again the right time to change meta, is hard to say. I'll leave
SNZ970970 on 16. Mar. 2017.
6:24 during this part, all I could think about was the hearthstone development team, and Ben Brode laughing at everything you've said
Threndor on 16. Mar. 2017.
Man quality over quantity.
friendlyguygamer on 16. Mar. 2017.
tf2 did it
Geoffrey Perrin on 16. Mar. 2017.
also, if 100% balance was ever acheived, you'd never see new heroes because you'd instantly lose the nirvana
Buri Less on 16. Mar. 2017.
Hard game to balance, hope you joking Force. Game like OW should not have major balance issues after the first 6 mounth, its a arcady shooter with some fun skills to use and couple of mods. Peaple are balancing games with an ocean of depth with milion dollars tournaments(dota, cs go, league). OW is not balanced cuz blizzard just suck at balancing.
Terence Trajano on 16. Mar. 2017.
technically perfect balance is possible. All they have to do is remove every hero except 1.
accidentman101 on 16. Mar. 2017.
Console balancing is a fucking mess. I have 1800 hours of console gameplay, and the balance is getting worse and worse. I have 80+ hours on Symmetra, but ever since she got buffed I won't use her because she is broken. the range on the gun is insane. There's no way an auto lock gun with insane DPS should have that much range. Not only is the DPS high, but her character model is one of the smallest in the game. so if she's jumping around like a mad man, well she just killed your entire team. I'm a high master player on console as well so I feel I know a fair amount. Pharah is another character that is broken on console, There's really no effective counter to a Pharah mercy combo. Sure you can go widow, but she's basically useless if you use controller. (I think she needs a slight hit box increase on console) Blizzard needs to get a separate team to balance the console version. I'm at a point where I won't even play the game anymore because of how OP certain characters are.
jnw85 on 16. Mar. 2017.
fighting games do a better job than blizzard...
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amir steklov on 16. Mar. 2017.
it took 12 years to balance eve online, but now it is
Aryan Davoodadi on 16. Mar. 2017.
It Is really hard.imagine your Jeff and nerfed Ana then with the community shouting at you.
Nero on 16. Mar. 2017.
Magneto841 on 16. Mar. 2017.
Like id you know force recycles gameplay
Twisted Games on 16. Mar. 2017.
FORCE the guy who solo ults a dva because he cant aim lol :l
Archie Simpson on 16. Mar. 2017.
good as usual force! just my simple outlet for Overwatch news! ^^
Victim of Lag on 16. Mar. 2017.
Perfect hero balance is impossible unless they have the same exact stats.
Solo Phats on 16. Mar. 2017.
It's less about balancing and more about people will always find something to cry about. There are more people with the mind set of, if I cry on fourms enough they'll change it, and less people with the mind set of, if I just get better at X then Y won't be such a problem.
Jcool on 16. Mar. 2017.
There will never be perfect balance in a competitive game with variance. The way it should be balanced is to find a meta in which majority of the people is comfortable with and try to make changes around that meta. (I think blizzard overall tries to accomplish this.) Also I feel like time has to be given to let a meta develop and to see if there are counters to said meta I.E. the current bastion meta now. I feel like we tend to jump the gun once we feel something is overwhelming to play against (myself included).
thordelta0 on 16. Mar. 2017.
they should try and add a PTR playlist on live servers and it has like double XP and after a certain amount of playing a certain character, they get a survey that will ask what they thought of the changes.
Chris Pace on 16. Mar. 2017.
I think an interesting case study for this would be warframe. It's very similar in terms of variance, but it's mainly PvE. If you're curious about this kind of Uber receptive company policy, I suggest you look into it's balance history. It's interesting how similar and yet how slightly off their balancing philosophies are from each other.
YouAnA-hole. on 16. Mar. 2017.
So... They're not nerfing soldier?
Mariocat500 on 16. Mar. 2017.
we should get daily missions for loot boxes and weekly and monthly for loot boxes or whatever
Ahmad Salom on 16. Mar. 2017.
what about instead of just ptr but an live arcade mode that gets patches like this so basically quick play but with balance patches earlier than everything else. You would get xp and playing all 9 games would give 3 loot boxes this would encourage enough people to play I bet and this would also allow the proper needed for good feedback.
UndeadDemosthenes. on 16. Mar. 2017.
I like Balance changes, especially if it makes me feel like i need to learn to use that ability more effectively.
grimreaper3469 on 16. Mar. 2017.
Guys on console, we need to make are option heard, bastion needs the same change of players got, he still has 35% damage reduction on the consoles, this needs to change
Maximilian Mansur on 16. Mar. 2017.
Force, you should make a tutorial on "How to start safe and reasonable discussions but end up conveing pure stupidity". You are suprisingly consistant with it and I admire your ability to do so and I bet I'm not the only one wondering how you manage to pull it off time after time.
Alex Arici on 16. Mar. 2017.
Personally I feel like the game is possibly in its most balanced state to date. The only thing I can complain about are the states of reaper and McCree. If blizzard buffed them to be as viable as soldier, Pharah, and tracer, the game would be in a very very good state.
Th3Sh1n1gam1 on 16. Mar. 2017.
The only thing that keeps a game actually interesting is slight imbalances. Not major imbalances but slight. If everything were balanced, the chance we try different things every once in a while would never change.
Chase -A-Rooni on 16. Mar. 2017.
before watching I'm gonna say it is, since if you nerf or buff a certain hero it greatly affects another hero and you have to get the changes just right
Cadrid on 16. Mar. 2017.
0:24 Neigh impossible? Force is a horse, of course!
Horrawr on 16. Mar. 2017.
I've said this a million times to people, but their is no such thing as balance, only creating a shifting meta. When one hero gets nerfed another indirectly gets "buffed" in it's place always.
Jesaun Howard on 16. Mar. 2017.
I don't care how fucking hard it is. *If you can nerf D.Va, you can nerf S76*
ahack13 on 16. Mar. 2017.
It's not easy, but Blizzard is notorious for being terrible at balance.
Uncle terri on 16. Mar. 2017.
In other news: water is wet
TrueDPS on 16. Mar. 2017.
Also a PTR is useful, just not in the fucking way Blizzard is using it. Only give PTR access to people who actually want to improve the game. Aka people who answer a lot of questions on your forum, people who consistently correctly report cheaters/toxic players, etc.