Junkertown: Everything We Know (Overwatch)

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yung smit on 23. Aug. 2017.
i dont think They liked dva for the mech battles if you know what i mean
the ranting guy on 22. Aug. 2017.
Goddammit feminists don't know there place they gave rights to cold non feeling robots
waffielz yolo on 22. Aug. 2017.
it is
Ikben Thom on 22. Aug. 2017.
You see a much in the introduction film
The Guy on 22. Aug. 2017.
unkrat probably rules Junkertown and created his weapons and also roadhog's weapons. Junkertown is probably in Australia and is a place where crazy people like Junkrat lives. Maybe Junkrat is just a citizen instead of the leader. Junkrat's treasure also may be a mech because of D.va's legendary skins Scavenger and Junker's description. Junkrat and Roadhog might've had something with D.va in the past. I don't think it's true though. Edit: Sry i didnt see the vid before i commented ignore some things
Ghost Pants on 22. Aug. 2017.
there should be passive junkrat traps lying around randomly generated in the map in three different spots (out of, say, 12 possible spots)
Kynario on 21. Aug. 2017.
You nailed it, Force! I saw the official announcement before this video and your predictions are so precise! Well done.
heyitsmayamasters on 21. Aug. 2017.
It's been confirmed!
forsion on 21. Aug. 2017.
theres a new cinematic
Keks Käse on 21. Aug. 2017.
AAAANNNNDDDD.... There it is!!!!
Steven Colon on 21. Aug. 2017.
You make so many glaring lore mistakes I honestly don't think you care about this game.
D4RKM4773R on 21. Aug. 2017.
Force to edit my comment under rules of Slander!! GG censorship! (This is NOT force doing it FYI)
Typic Cheese on 21. Aug. 2017.
What if play specific maps gave that player a 2% everything buff
Nolan McMahon on 21. Aug. 2017.
What if the map glitches throw time and shows 2 version of the map like in titanfall 2 how u used the device to travel throw two timelines and just like echendvaled (sorry I spelled it wrong) junkrat and road hog get new skins showing a lot about there past
Spicy Waffles on 20. Aug. 2017.
Well, as long as the buff stays, I don't really care about the map
Robo_Killer_V2 on 20. Aug. 2017.
Talking about junkertown feels like it could look like something From fallout series
Sgt.Derp, bolshevik pepe on 20. Aug. 2017.
tfw the junkers have been your mains since launch and it took almost over a year for blizzard to start caring about their lore.
MaD HDx on 20. Aug. 2017.
min 1:46 is formation not foundation
A fucking peanut butter and jelly sandwich on 20. Aug. 2017.
I really want an overwatch anime series already. Not the Pixar animation style, but the style of the doomfist reveal. That would be cool
braveboat27 on 20. Aug. 2017.
Take me to Junkertown!
The StarLord on 20. Aug. 2017.
Bryan Lechien on 20. Aug. 2017.
i really hope it's gona have a tatooine vibe
V is for Void on 20. Aug. 2017.
Lunar Horizon showcased all the worst aspects of 2CP maps. Hopefully Junkertown can show the best aspects of escort or control maps.
FireGod z on 20. Aug. 2017.
I just wanna know the release date
AwesomeName7 on 20. Aug. 2017.
I hope there is a Thunderdome.
Orphanics on 20. Aug. 2017.
Mech arena??? 2 mechs enter 1 Mech leaves!
Bosse on 20. Aug. 2017.
Junkertown sounds like somewhere ISIS would live
IceFire on 20. Aug. 2017.
Could be an escort map where the payload is a mech that you have to bring to the arena.
Joseph Goebbels on 20. Aug. 2017.
Ok what are the chances that Junkrats treasure is a fucking nuclear bomb
Silver Atlas on 19. Aug. 2017.
"Mahko Rootledge"
BigWoke on 19. Aug. 2017.
I'm imagining a fallout style town. Houses and shacks made of metal and scrap and parts of other crap. Kinda like megaton from fallout 3
yeshAlot on 19. Aug. 2017.
wont let me watch your new vid......
Jake Scott on 19. Aug. 2017.
Initially I skipped this one cos another channel did it first, but as usual your version is better sourced and presented, keep up the good work man.
Kdrich on 19. Aug. 2017.
Force! Think Mad Max!
Noogles on 19. Aug. 2017.
Junkertown is basically shernoville in overwatch
Zetch_ on 19. Aug. 2017.
I swear to god if it's another 2 cp map, I'm giving up on Overwatch.
Blankbreath on 19. Aug. 2017.
"Rootludge" *sigh*
Shelby Beeimus on 19. Aug. 2017.
Pronounce Mako's name right! MAY-ko RUT-ledge.
Lennon Connolly on 19. Aug. 2017.
Junkertown on Roadhogs stomach????
Moober Doober on 19. Aug. 2017.
I hate you force. Like why do you pronounce the things you pronounce?
DragonStar250 on 19. Aug. 2017.
I imagine the junker town looking like Fallout
Austin Fletcher on 19. Aug. 2017.
FYI Roadhog is from New Zealand
AuxRe on 19. Aug. 2017.
How do you not die from radiation I would like to know when North Korea strikes
Scaly Maiden on 19. Aug. 2017.
Monday is a weird choice for release what with the total solar eclipse. Even people who don't care about the eclipse might not have reliable internet in areas it's visible because of all the people.
I Am Brute on 19. Aug. 2017.
Didn't realised force was bad at comp tbh
Juan Acevedo on 19. Aug. 2017.
I thinks is a 1v1 or 3v3 arena map
Juan Acevedo on 19. Aug. 2017.
Roadhog is a rebel to the government suddenly I love the character more
Cocoa on 19. Aug. 2017.
Junkertown, I feel like this will look similar to the towns and areas in Borderlands
Anthony Cuzzola on 19. Aug. 2017.
I need the next hero to be a Junker.
Jr Renteria on 19. Aug. 2017.
Then I see the rest of the vid