Junkrat NERFED (Overwatch News)

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Top Zozzle on 7. Sep. 2017.
meanwhile the rest of us work 40/50 hour shifts a week and dont even get payed 20% of what this guy does for playing some video games. seems fair.
Damien Sena on 7. Sep. 2017.
Destiny 2 vids from a source I trust. Please.
Vyxria on 7. Sep. 2017.
But y tho
M4 Media on 7. Sep. 2017.
Junk rat needs a severe reduction in attack speed, or a reduction from 2 hitting every single hero to 3 hitting them.
Geo on 6. Sep. 2017.
I really hate the new Mercy
eat me you scum on 6. Sep. 2017.
Should have left it alone.
Phlebiac Clown on 6. Sep. 2017.
Junkrat's double concussion mine is stupid, he has two chances to deal massive burst dmg now....
rickster4k on 6. Sep. 2017.
are you trying to piss your viewers off? "Junkrat NERFED" spent 3 mins listening to crap about a pro player. word your videos correctly and then the change wasnt even a nerf, it was more of a fix because you see so many junkrats overshoot the ult now and then its just shot in midair because it's easy to predict it while flying.
Ares91000 on 6. Sep. 2017.
fuck he is 17. what am i doing with my life
Troy Martin on 6. Sep. 2017.
As a junkrat main i personally think hes now overpowered. The 2nd mine ok good but that speed boost for his ult was a bit much
RAGINGREPTILEZ on 6. Sep. 2017.
Has anyone else been losing WAY more games in season 6 than any other season? I mostly play competitive in overwatch now because people usually take it seriously but this season I dropped from 3.1k to 2.7k in about a week. I don't want to play anymore because I don't want to drop any farther or drop even lower. Is anyone else going through a similar situation?
Jamie Rose on 6. Sep. 2017.
Oh god, Force! What the fuck are you smoking? Don't ask for unobtainable shit in this game! The fact that skins are locked for 11 months out of the year is annoying enough!
wallmunky503 on 6. Sep. 2017.
Feats of strength in OW would be neat.
Andrew Aguirre on 6. Sep. 2017.
Each of the previous Competitive Season sprays of whichever season it is. Are no longer obtainable......just saying
Heldin on 5. Sep. 2017.
yo I thought we were watching the pro play lol good shit force nice tracer play my dood
Colin Campbell on 5. Sep. 2017.
Sinatra on NRG? Oh dear god...
Mark Merlino on 5. Sep. 2017.
What happens if you already have the huge rez achievement?
Shattered Peace on 5. Sep. 2017.
I've seen some pretty awesome shit with rip tire in its current version but I think this nerf is also reasonable
Adam Dallas on 5. Sep. 2017.
HAHAHHAAH that doomfist you killed name was PootieTang..
ho1m on 5. Sep. 2017.
If only blizzard would release vods of tournaments to help grow OW esports..
daavpuke on 5. Sep. 2017.
Imma chime in with my Junk main experience: The wall jump isn't even a "nerf." Hell, the speed in general is not that great. People aren't looking at the long term here, which is weird; Yes, right now it happens that people get riptire'd from on high and that's a real funny goof. Tenoutaten, would Eichenwalde again. But that's going to take one week in comp, before everyone knows riptires come from there now, so after that the extra height and floaty-ness really doesn't help. Look up, one-shot tire, done. The increased speed in general already makes it harder to actually turn on a dime and that, in a game all about mobility, is pretty shitty. Junk is fine. Junk has always been fine. Stop messing with the tire, since clearly no one seems to get it.
acheron16 on 5. Sep. 2017.
No, unique shit unrelated to competitive is always bad. Really only serves to make some people feel even better about what they achieved while other people can't never get it and are left in the dust. No, no, no.
Ensign Minneapolis on 5. Sep. 2017.
This wasn't even really a nerf... it was actually a needed fix. That tire would do weird things and I'd end up wasting the ult because the tire went in a weird direction.
whales03 on 5. Sep. 2017.
Can blizzard make up their FUCKING Mind already
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FeierLK on 5. Sep. 2017.
Sinatraa is so toxic .. ffs why?
Sleepepe on 5. Sep. 2017.
GET TO THE TITLE FIRST! i came here for the changes because of the title, not because of that 17yo kid.
Quiksandd9 on 5. Sep. 2017.
overwatch gameplay on my channel!! go check it out.
jama655 on 5. Sep. 2017.
When a 17 year old is making WAY more then you lol...... git gud me!
dustojnik hummer on 5. Sep. 2017.
Nerfed? Or fixed?
Ediranii on 5. Sep. 2017.
About the achievement. They could've done it the way they did with Onyxia in Lich King. Before they reworked it for level 80 you could get the achievement for killing onyxia level 60. But after the update it was moved to the Feats of Strength category because it became unobtainable. You could only get it for level 80 from then on.
TheGameFramer on 5. Sep. 2017.
when you are talking about the acheavement you dont even think of the fact that there are console gamer out there who hunt for acheavements, and having an acheavemnt that is not aptainable in a game is gonna hurt a lot of these completunists. i think that it is kind of ignorant of you to not reallise that.
ytaccno3 on 5. Sep. 2017.
is this still an overwatch only channel?
Mark M8 on 5. Sep. 2017.
Unattainable anything (that she not like a bug thing) I see not being ok
Saint Piloswine on 5. Sep. 2017.
I miss when roadhog was viewed as overpowered :,(
Spectre Lord on 5. Sep. 2017.
I think rip tire should have some air time, not too much
Robert S on 5. Sep. 2017.
tum tum tum
I Sander on 5. Sep. 2017.
Who gives a shit about how much a ******* making money playing games
Christoph13131 on 5. Sep. 2017.
I miss the Force Feed, but this is almost close enough.
Top Potato on 5. Sep. 2017.
Sponsored by a weird site for weebs which masturbate to overwatch porn Nice
Jonathan Pinto on 5. Sep. 2017.
150k for his job is basically nothing. He has no future financial stability unless hes starts streaming. Ill be happy once esports players get as much as a NFL football player
SeniorGolem1672 Zero on 5. Sep. 2017.
this is why we don't bring flying fucking riptires in competitive. I've lost so much sr to that damn riptire
TheInvisibleBoy on 5. Sep. 2017.
Junkrat is getting nerfed because of 150k $ ?
Chad Carteret on 5. Sep. 2017.
"i would be okay with unachievable achievements" -said no completionist ever
JChaos Gaming on 5. Sep. 2017.
Substantial income?? You know you wanted to say that's a butt load of money.
Fancy Bros Gaming on 5. Sep. 2017.
if that achievement is getting changed, wouldn't D.Va's defense matrix cheeve have to change as well, since the time of it active is being cut in half.. most people will probably say "no, it could still be possible", but 2 seconds doesn't feel like much time to negate that much damage
TheSqoad on 5. Sep. 2017.
The actual thing you were clicking on the video for starts at 3:20 Everything before that is absolutely just a waste of time and has nothing to do with the topic.
Lewisking50 on 5. Sep. 2017.
Unobtainable items are the worst for me, I love collecting stuff in games and being locked out from getting something is absolutly frustrating.
PatVX1 on 5. Sep. 2017.
Junkrat nerf? PRAISE GOD
Demo Pan on 5. Sep. 2017.
Ok so preventing players to obtain certain achievements or skins or whatever is fine? You are putting ahead the feeling of "i was there there when it was possible" to the feeling of "i really wanna get that thing"