Just Call Me Angel | MFPallytime TGN Squadron Heroes of the Storm Funny Moments

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TGN Squadron on 10. Jun. 2017.
Consensus... Tyrael probably could use a rework. Comment here if you have any ideas! Let's help Blizzard save this fallen angel!
Shanks4u on 13. Jun. 2017.
Oh look im there
killercrocgeorge on 12. Jun. 2017.
I have been saying this for ages tyrael needs a massive rework is not attractive for old or new players he's attack speed is too slow the only thing attractive is his two heroics abilities why didn't they make tyrael a bruiser like Sonya???? It would've been awesome a warrior bruiser
Sir Strongweak on 12. Jun. 2017.
pally so bae!
Alex Lusth on 11. Jun. 2017.
Love this editing, its a work of art
Lerquiy of Nirlac on 11. Jun. 2017.
I'm saying this as a Tyrael main and a die hard Tyrael fan: this video was fucking awesome and really really true. There aren't any valuable talents on lv 4 since they took amplified healing away to be honest.
iCRED on 11. Jun. 2017.
Aids editing
Hristo Naydenov on 11. Jun. 2017.
the editing of those videos is legendary!
Selena Flannery on 11. Jun. 2017.
Warak slurps stole the video
thephatnguyen on 11. Jun. 2017.
Even Dva self destruct is more fearsome and terrific than Tyrael sack of shit trait. At least, she could fully recover and get back into her mech ...
Geoff George on 11. Jun. 2017.
where's the chogall game??
Max Nomax on 11. Jun. 2017.
I really could use some personal Warak in my room to slurp on my demand. Where can I buy it?
geminiblade on 10. Jun. 2017.
course tyrael cant 1v1 malthael, didnt u watch the reaper of souls intro?
hastyscorpion on 10. Jun. 2017.
I would watch Warak vlogs. Just saying
Elandrianthetrue on 10. Jun. 2017.
pally how dare you insult the AutoAttack Tyrael! I build that literally every Hero Brawl i get a chance to xD
Stanislav Vršanský on 10. Jun. 2017.
oh this fat ..............
Jon Stark Targaryen on 10. Jun. 2017.
Not enough slurps in my life causes pain :( Please warak help!
Linc DeRose on 10. Jun. 2017.
Does indeed 1v1 malthael with trait value.
TechNinja on 10. Jun. 2017.
Pally jokes about the auto attack build for Tyrael, but i ve been pretty successful with it
James Riley on 10. Jun. 2017.
Benji Kelso on 10. Jun. 2017.
Lol all the way through and especially at that outro. Good work,Warak-senpai~
mauricio balbuena on 10. Jun. 2017.
Just call me Brandon
PredatorXGAMING RO on 10. Jun. 2017.
Pally doesn't know to play Tyrael.
One Who Knocks on 10. Jun. 2017.
Warak slurping in the end just steels the spotlight :D :D :D
BionicFire on 10. Jun. 2017.
TheBuckSleezy on 10. Jun. 2017.
If tyraels AA was buffed by like 15-20% it would be viable. That'd scale super hard.
Shawn Christensen on 10. Jun. 2017.
Tyrael one of the oldest heroes and his talent tree shows it. 85% of his power is frontloaded into Sanc and Judge, 13% is baked into Holy Ground, and 2% comes from his dinky shields he can toss to allies. Really hoping they give him some love too.
Captain Caboose on 10. Jun. 2017.
MFPT Moments, this shit is hysterical, make more like this for the squadron!