Kin'garoth Normal + Heroic Guide - FATBOSS

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Urbane Skeptic on 4. Dec. 2017.
my guild now yells Green Bean when this ability goes off!
MattZeeX on 4. Dec. 2017.
Unless I'm wrong, it appears you have the add priority wrong for heroic in the written guide. For example, telling us to kill the Purple and Green add in the first P2 instead of Purple and Red. You also have us killing the south add last instead of the east one as you mentioned in the video guide.
crashyburny MIT on 4. Dec. 2017.
Any particular reason you dont say the color of the adds? East north west? They have colors , you know?
Frederik Lindgreen on 4. Dec. 2017.
I wiped 30 times on this boss now with random pugs but killed the last 3 Bosses, om so fuking, mad how can ppl suck this much ffs
Явор Янакиев on 3. Dec. 2017.
donno guys we tried several different but anihilator prio to the other 2 adds seemed to work best for us
MisterTbone on 3. Dec. 2017.
Watching my guildies die to that beam is sad...
ZeXexe on 3. Dec. 2017.
You can easily kill all 3 adds with 3 groups, did it with my guild and other pugs. Use CD’s on first set Bloodlust on second set and CD’s again on third.
Asher Lovell on 3. Dec. 2017.
Just a note: reverberating strike doesn't only target melee players - it targets any players in melee range. So, if ranged players are close to the boss, they need to be aware of the ability as well.
Robert Mondello on 3. Dec. 2017.
Raid(11players)Just did this for the first time last night(failed all attempts). We saw two Diabolic Bombs, and could not down both adds. Any tips / ideas?
Erik Jonsson on 3. Dec. 2017.
First xD rawr <33 lmao