King's Row Uprising Trailer - ENGLISH Dub (Analysis - Overwatch)

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Mary Yang on 15. Apr. 2017.
hey Rhykker, didn't know your voice can go that high..?
Enyomari Cosplay on 13. Apr. 2017.
I love your voice over!
XGolden Destiny on 13. Apr. 2017.
The voices were good then came tracer good job tho
It was only tracer that was cringy
Gagaonaunicorn on 12. Apr. 2017.
Are you French Canadian/Québécois?? I can hear a faint accent in the French words, that'd be so damn cool
MalachiCo0 on 12. Apr. 2017.
Nice leak spoiler in the thumbnail dude. I'm sure I would have appreciated it. Seriously though, you're not that bad of a voice actor.
Erik Fritzell on 12. Apr. 2017.
rhykker, that was amazing! do not feel bad about the dubbing
Peter Maynard on 12. Apr. 2017.
Rhykker I'm disappointed that you left the gun sounds in French, and didn't dub it over with some English gun sounds
Rekijan on 12. Apr. 2017.
Thanks Rhykker, I needed that laugh :D
Rephan Kay Durst on 12. Apr. 2017.
Sean said that the female voices were nothing close to female however that was the hilarious yet amusing part of the entire video..
Benendes C on 12. Apr. 2017.
Rhykker 2017 " I did the voices , all of the voices , even the girl voices..."
Kim Svensson on 12. Apr. 2017.
To be fair, you actually did a fairly good job with the male characters, and you would be an excellent male version of Mercy and Tracer
Bojack & Kage on 12. Apr. 2017.
Tracers voice impression is just too much for me
Pensola on 12. Apr. 2017.
I avoided YouTube like the plague after the leak to not be spoiled, but I'm so happy I went back and watched what I missed so I could watch and listen to this! Made my day, thank you! XD
Eternal on 12. Apr. 2017.
so are robots coming in waves , so we can have endless masacre next to their spawning points? :D
Nick Robles on 12. Apr. 2017.
Optimus Prime? (when he does Cmdr. Morrison's voice)
Elvis Emidio Silva on 12. Apr. 2017.
well, that was actually nice! U got some voices!
Elemental_Phoenix on 11. Apr. 2017.
omg Blizzard is having huge leak problems.
John Pinkerton on 11. Apr. 2017.
Hey look, Mann vs Machine is getting a new version
barduk4 on 11. Apr. 2017.
cringe? the only cringe is your female voice but thats nothing, you did a fantastic job with the voices
Alberto Frias on 11. Apr. 2017.
XD nice girl voice :P
Oqro Gudavadze on 11. Apr. 2017.
geting the mcree skin boiiiiii
Andre Normandeau on 11. Apr. 2017.
Rhykker, are you from Canada, and are you bi-lingual? That Amélie and Gérard Lacroix pronounciation was absolutely spot on! Kinda glad they released the trailer in french... Makes me feel special that I don't need subtitles to listen. Thanks for covering this. Add me on overwatch, GranJin#1292.
Michael Garcia on 11. Apr. 2017.
Not bad dude. You're quite the voice actor. Not the best. However I've heard worst on full game releases. And that says a lot. You have some actual talent. And it wasn't as cringe as you thought it was.
Richard Frow on 11. Apr. 2017.
excellently atrocious hahaHAHA XD
Mike Seo on 11. Apr. 2017.
I need a Rhykker skin for Tracer. Of course with your voice Rhykker. <3
JanJanNik on 11. Apr. 2017.
that tracer VO caught me off guard
Silas Isolias on 11. Apr. 2017.
Why. Why are you actually good at doing the voices?
tsubakifan77 on 11. Apr. 2017.
I want rhykker to voice a hero
SukoSeiti on 11. Apr. 2017.
Tracer: "Forward, let's go~~~" I died.
Papa Arima on 11. Apr. 2017.
What a fucking weirdo
Сука Мачка on 11. Apr. 2017.
WTF tf2 did this lmao
TanawutAwesome Sukke on 11. Apr. 2017.
cringe so much i can't
Martin Mancha on 11. Apr. 2017.
Rhykker you did a good job dubbing this.
Matt Paradis on 11. Apr. 2017.
Your soldier dub was Amazing!
PoppieXL on 11. Apr. 2017.
It also seems that there is a english version that was just recently released
meaccixxkill on 11. Apr. 2017.
It is atcually ok
Chef on 11. Apr. 2017.
I think I found Nolan North
Pineapple Nerd Gaming on 11. Apr. 2017.
Tracer was spot on
PoppieXL on 11. Apr. 2017.
Without seeing the characters on the screen.. I could tell who the voices that he was referencing to were :D
Noah Mellemstrand on 11. Apr. 2017.
You did quite well for voice acting mate. I salute you
Steven Ford on 11. Apr. 2017.
It should be here today
Dr. Edgar george Zomboss on 11. Apr. 2017.
the coffee machine also has the color of bastion but know one really cares about that huh
Suprenova7 on 11. Apr. 2017.
Arthur Marra Pais on 11. Apr. 2017.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA dude, i love your channel, continue with good work.
CMDR Misha Dark on 11. Apr. 2017.
That wasn't nearly as cringey as you had prepared me to expect. Good job buddy! I enjoyed it.
Henrik Bengtsson on 11. Apr. 2017.
That was great dubbing. Not even one cringe.
Sparro Sereg'Rochben on 11. Apr. 2017.
it wasnt nearly as bad as you made out man, did a good job!
nigell Martins on 11. Apr. 2017.
Can you share the mei background for wallpaper use?
ALASTOR101 on 11. Apr. 2017.
Genji's got that Jago skin from killer instinct