LEAKED SPRING SKINS! Mercy, Tracer, Torbjorn, Reinhardt - King's Row Uprising Event (Overwatch)

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Vicar of Avarice on 14. Apr. 2017.
I hope the new event is something like elimination because those characters look like they could all fit into something like that
Tomaiki on 11. Apr. 2017.
Is the event going to occur /later/ today?? Because it hasn't started from what I can tell.
CMDR Misha Dark on 11. Apr. 2017.
Can't fecking wait for this event already.
TheAndreas2300 on 11. Apr. 2017.
there is already a trailer out but only in french
Nolan Odonnell on 10. Apr. 2017.
is it available for ps4
HypE Feed on 10. Apr. 2017.
Teomateo on 10. Apr. 2017.
Fantage S1mple on 10. Apr. 2017.
This event is on my birthday :)
robbinrabbit on 10. Apr. 2017.
im heal i can make dps works but im heal rly
robbinrabbit on 10. Apr. 2017.
dont try be op from what you heardd be op because you feel like it ;)
robbinrabbit on 10. Apr. 2017.
dont play wiz if you monk '
robbinrabbit on 10. Apr. 2017.
make sure to follow guides carefully but even more be sure thats how you like to play
robbinrabbit on 10. Apr. 2017.
hey im stupid but still with some reseacrh and some practise ill mange to be quite good
robbinrabbit on 10. Apr. 2017.
i neeed to join rhykkers raiders but im old pls help me man
robbinrabbit on 10. Apr. 2017.
tell blizz we like or do not like and they will help us i believe . I trust in well myself but also rhykker so far '
robbinrabbit on 10. Apr. 2017.
b-net going down today seem like high what you call it for this game right? = bigger chance they expand -... this is NOT a bad thing guys
Leander Uka on 10. Apr. 2017.
These skins seem too meh to be real imo. Doesn't seem a believable leak.
Mario Humberto Cortazar Cepeda on 10. Apr. 2017.
@rhykker arent these origin's skins? aka.. shouldnt they be for free for those who have this version of the game?
Dennis Alcordo on 10. Apr. 2017.
Hey, Rhykker are you going to Blizzcon this year? It would be awesome to see ya in person!
Takezacheeze on 10. Apr. 2017.
why cant these gamemode events stay?
King Bee on 10. Apr. 2017.
His Voice for a second at 2:17...
Facehugger89 on 10. Apr. 2017.
why does it say overwatch origin edition on the skins? didn't that already have skins on release
Foxfire Inferno on 10. Apr. 2017.
Mercy's skin is the only one I really want out of this list. I don't like Torb's short beard, I hate Tracer's hat, and the Reinhardt one is just kind of 'meh'.
TR3X GAMING on 10. Apr. 2017.
next week? more like tommorow
bsnxenogear on 10. Apr. 2017.
I think it's going to be a 4v4 or a 6v6 with a fixed roster. Blackwatch versus Overwatch.
D Silver on 10. Apr. 2017.
new skins lol, opened 30 boxes in the past 28 days and the only thing new was a craptastic sombra spray. the number of repeats in the loot boxes is ridiculous
Jeff Tutleson on 10. Apr. 2017.
Omnics aren't people
Undead Panda Productions on 10. Apr. 2017.
The new skins remind me of Starcraft thus far.
SwitchToAlive on 9. Apr. 2017.
Tarz02 on 9. Apr. 2017.
Where do I go to view these comic that he reviews in his videos?
ZaiD on 9. Apr. 2017.
i don't want to play HoTS on 2fps again ._.
RyZenit on 9. Apr. 2017.
Omg its april 10
RyZenit on 9. Apr. 2017.
Fucking Mercy skin makes me wet
Flea Bitten on 9. Apr. 2017.
0:20 there i just saved you 5:16 seconds of your life
IIIOldSchooLIII on 9. Apr. 2017.
Wasn't Reinhardt shown defending omnics from attackers once?
LovingThisChaos on 9. Apr. 2017.
Love the vid but... How is Reinhardt anti-omnic? He is seen saving an omnic in one of the teasers. Not to mention how well he synergizes with Beep Boop Bastion.
Rodrigo Fernety on 9. Apr. 2017.
You are hot
James Dean on 9. Apr. 2017.
Hey Rhykker I know this is an overwatch video, but is the LoN LTK monk still good, i'm playing hardcore seasonal.
SEZER türlü on 9. Apr. 2017.
i am waiting a in-game cinematic at the end of the event
Nathan R on 9. Apr. 2017.
and here we go again reinhardt gets yet another skin
Nindza Maleta on 9. Apr. 2017.
Another day, another Tracer skin
kruth 666 on 9. Apr. 2017.
I hope the whole "assaulting terrorists with civilian casualties" thing wouldn't just be another little controversy game Blizzard plays for its viral marketing.
Christian Cunningham on 9. Apr. 2017.
rewinded just for that Reinhardt part.
Nickolas Gagama on 9. Apr. 2017.
They way you say "against" @ 5:08
adradox on 9. Apr. 2017.
It seems like Reinhardt was very fucking old in every Overwatch timeline.
Dohyden2 on 9. Apr. 2017.
I think it is pretty much guaranteed we will have 2 versions of Tracers skin, The blue cadet version and the black and orange prototype.
Dohyden2 on 9. Apr. 2017.
hmmm, Overwatch go into London against orders and detonate a weapon of mass destruction... yeah I can see why this might force director Petras to shut them down.
Howard Jones on 9. Apr. 2017.
I hope that new BW Genji skin doesn't make it in. Just want to see all the pissed off Genji Mains.
Richard Nguyen on 9. Apr. 2017.
Plot twist: the event is literally ONLY kings row map in rotation for all queues... for two weeks.
abraham lee on 9. Apr. 2017.
Bro where are the d3 updates?