Legion in Retrospect - LAD #17

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FatbossTV on 9. Apr. 2018.
Hey everybody! We are back! Sorry for the lack of content and communication over the last two months whilst we were sorting things out, it isn't good enough and we'll strive to do better in the future. On the positive side, we hope you enjoy the episode! More videos to come very soon! Cheers Alex & Loz
FallenSinner on 12. Apr. 2018.
Legion was good content wise, but the systems in place(legendaries, titanforging, crucible, relic, etc) were horrible.
alan smith on 12. Apr. 2018.
agree loved hanz and franz ,,
Nexus4 Google Play on 12. Apr. 2018.
Legion was worst PVP expack ever.
Maliken on 12. Apr. 2018.
Since Cataclysm, i can only play WoW for about 3-4/24 months per expansion :( I guess thats decent enough for their business plan
Dan on 12. Apr. 2018.
Preach is the only reason I knew you didn't die.
Wickle Pinksnout on 12. Apr. 2018.
pair of lazy shits you both are =P
lnclincoln on 12. Apr. 2018.
Legion was amazing. It's gonna seem even better when we view it with rose tinted glasses. Just hated how we obtained legendaries. The legendaries themselves were cool.
Patrik Liba on 12. Apr. 2018.
With removel tyranical you can see many of players have no idae about boss mechancis cause it dies too quickly then when they do higher keys the will be punished for it same with fortified if you kill trash too quickly you have no idea about it having any abilites then next key they will do they will reach a point when they will find out something about abilites and they will end here cause they will have no idea what is going on.
Anthony Saviano on 12. Apr. 2018.
Blizz could just make it so you could choose your reward upon completing a world quest, that way you could do whichever ones you think are most fun, plus it wouldn't take too long to farm one specific thing that you need.
Fingolfin3423 on 11. Apr. 2018.
It's interesting to listen to the thoughts from 7-day progression raiders since it's often disconnected from the main raider base, including mythic raider base. No offense, guys, but raiding seven days a week is absurd. Anything over three days is for the birds, and three days is still cutting it close since most of the aging player base can't swing that anymore. There is definitely a shift towards 2-day a week guilds, roughly 6-8 hours per week. Great news that you're planning on realistic guides for actual guilds - people that have responsibilities and passions outside of WoW. There were many times when we would watch and talk about your guide videos, such as in Tomb, only to discover that those guides didn't actually help us at all in mythic. Guides that went along the lines of, "This fight is shit - basically just do it like heroic but be better." That makes for a horrible guide. You guys forgot that you're able to push through those fine changes due to the top-end guild you were
Zach Samons on 11. Apr. 2018.
Glad I'm not the only one who skips the barrel quests.
Patrick Willian on 11. Apr. 2018.
worst exp ever, small world, sux craft, RNG , poor classes , #RevertToMop
L B on 11. Apr. 2018.
It could have been great but it was spoiled for me by a lot of the systems and too many poor mythic encounters. I agree that WoD had superior raids. The time-gating has felt really cynical and permeates every aspect of Legion, from RNG legendaries all the way down to mounts locked behind paragon rep chests. I haven't had as much fun playing dungeons since TBC though and can see M+ eventually becoming more popular than raiding.
Adras Adraki on 11. Apr. 2018.
Wod with the content schedule of legion would prob be the best expac.
Adras Adraki on 11. Apr. 2018.
I cant see them keeping the pace of legion in bfa, idk, im just not that optimistic i guess.
Duskevanstar on 11. Apr. 2018.
I'd just like to say thank you for not putting massive amounts of ads through this video. It's nice to hear discussions and other perspectives on this game without having to see an ad ever 5 minutes. Most/almost all discussion I find like this will have an ad every few minutes. Gets annoying. Great discussion.
Spinexus on 11. Apr. 2018.
I think Legion was the best expansion in modern WoW by far! (modern WoW is everything after Wrath; LFR, LFG) I loved the raiding, mythic+, gearing (leggies,artifact). Every system had problems but overall it was awesome!
Michael Grigoriev on 11. Apr. 2018.
Welcome back guys! I missed you.
H SP on 11. Apr. 2018.
i love legion so far, one of the best addon i guess. everyday you got somthin to do
Anders Milling on 11. Apr. 2018.
Fuck yes! Fatboss and Preach, HOLLA BALLAS!
Deathwing on 11. Apr. 2018.
Gorefiend and Blackhand mythic <3
Charlie on 11. Apr. 2018.
Yep, Legion was a really good Addon with a really solid switch of raids, I mean thematically, which I really liked - you had the Emerald Nightmare, which was always a theme when doing some druidquests before, then with ToV the whole Mythology of the Wikings, after that the Nightborne-Theme and the last 2 raids were a bit odd with demons, demons and...did I forget something? Oh yes, demons! The only thing, I'm disappointed of, is the end of Legion..yes, Argus is a newborn Titan and corrupted by Sargeras and all this stuff, but imprisoning Sargeras by killing Argus is a bit annoying. I hoped before your PTR videos, that we have and awesome fight against Sargeras at the end, where we could cleanse him of fuck him up, but this boss was a placeholder. When I heart, that Argus would have a secret phase, is imagined something like Guldan and Illidan, meanwhile Argus and then he dies and Sargeras shows up and says hello for killing us all. That would have been lovely. But as I fanboy of Surviv
Dakorian on 11. Apr. 2018.
You're alive! Sorry about Nova, so cool you're raiding with Preach though. And uh... Change that guild name? LUL
james evarts on 11. Apr. 2018.
beasleej on 11. Apr. 2018.
Connor Clay on 11. Apr. 2018.
Personally, I think the problem with defensive DPS legendaries like Prydaz, DH chest, mail legs etc. is that the playerbase assesses the skill of DPS based entirely by their damage output. There is no tangible measurement for the amount survivability increases actually contributes to success in a raid encounter, whereas DPS is tracked by meters and is ranked by sites like Warcraft Logs. So unless you absolutely *need* survivability leggos to survive (like in high mythic+), you are expected to use DPS-increasing legendaries because that's the only way you can be ranked against other people.
Klwir Qldf on 11. Apr. 2018.
what's a really quick way to level up alts to (910ish) and try to get the mage tower appearances?
Cattiestsine75 on 10. Apr. 2018.
I fucking loved Ilgynoth personally
RevanX77 on 10. Apr. 2018.
How is BfA fixing the spec AP problems in Legion? Azerite gear has spec specific traits that can't be changed after you choose them. Instead of just grinding up more AP for your other artifact to get more traits in it you'll need to grind for the same piece of gear you already have in order to choose a different trait and then you'll need to carry two different pieces of the same gear around for your different specs. It's shit.
project synaptic link on 10. Apr. 2018.
can't wait til it's over.
Jimmy Hull on 10. Apr. 2018.
Nighthold was brilliant, especially on Mythic, at least for looking back and remembering progression. ToS was the worst raid experience I've had since starting WoW (on Mythic). Antorus was meh. But, like you said, Star Auger was insane, Gul'dan was climactic, Krosus was heart pounding, and Tichondrius intermission phase was hilarious (fighting over buffs). All in all, when comparing to the last 3 xpacs, raiding was better than MoP, worse than WoD, but still good!
Pedro Água on 10. Apr. 2018.
BfA Neck will be the same garbadge, because the Azerite gear seems to be spec bound, so we will require 3 chests, 3 shoulders and 3 heads (2 if DemonHunters and 4 if Druids).
Brimstone Valar on 10. Apr. 2018.
No one cares about Legion because WoW today in 2018 is a low quality game that has gone from the mmorpg genre towards a single-player experience with multiplayer aspects, they will never reach the succes of Vanilla-TBC-Wotlk again.
mathieu denis on 10. Apr. 2018.
rng coven is all i have to say
Static on 10. Apr. 2018.
This is so sugercoated. You talked about how awesome M+ is but didnt discuss how INSANELY TERRIBLY UNBALANCED IT IS.
Suidox on 10. Apr. 2018.
good thing for mythic + affix they missed a chance to make one that makes boss cast abilities more often, that would case alot of fights to be way more interesting to, maybe one where adds run alot faster so u cant kite them as fast, or make it so we have to cc mobs then you can have a affix that reduces duration of the cc. so many opperunites than to jsut increase there hp/damage(tyrannical / fortitude)
John on 10. Apr. 2018.
What makes you think nerfs are incoming?
Ken Sachenbacher on 10. Apr. 2018.
Helya was an amazing fight imo
Tyra lion on 10. Apr. 2018.
Hi guys, good to hear from you again. You are my favourite Guide-Channel. Looking forward to your upcoming stuff!
HOBOTw1tcH on 10. Apr. 2018.
It started to feel like a job? It is a job. Dont you have tons of people who literally pay you via patreon for what you do? For the guides that you never released....for the raiding. You guys were like the go to guide and strategy people and then antorus you guys just said fuck it? I mean welcome back but I think you guys should have at least finished antorus guides before just vanishing from thin air for months
Matsudiro on 10. Apr. 2018.
Interesting you're looking at BFA as "legion plus". I feel similar, but since November all I can think about is that BFA feels like "legion minus" to me, without legendaries, tier sets and artifact weapons azurite armor has a lot of ground to make up, and if it doesn't I think a lot of specs are going to feel a lot less engaging than legion.
Spyro on 10. Apr. 2018.
Worst PvP expansion in the history of the game BY FAR.
Slimus Shadys on 10. Apr. 2018.
It was best expansion ever, even thought it feels like in pvp classes are losing they uniqueness, everything becomes the same
Amoranta Swiftmoon on 10. Apr. 2018.
I think there is definitely a bit of a problem in the difference between someone with luck (trinkets, legendaries, titanwarforge) and someone with less luck. The difference in performance feels massive, and it kinda lead to a bit of burnout on my part. Though in the long run I'm sure I'm going to remember legion very fondly.
SleepyDruid on 10. Apr. 2018.
As you mentioned a WQ system that rewards everything wouldn´t be good ^^ but what BLizzard could do, is to make some sort of "resource"- WQ. You basically do it and then you can choose weather to receive say Orderhall resources (or whatever the new equivalent will be) or gold (or other non characterpower related items)
Tfw Suicidal on 10. Apr. 2018.
I was gonna ask where the agrammar/argus vids were but my guild died 1 month ago coz of this shitshow of an expansion.
xXDrSnugglesXx on 10. Apr. 2018.
yaaay Fatboss are back \o/ nice to hear from you again. Lovely episode enjoyed it tonnes :)
Ruffian on 10. Apr. 2018.
Never thought ide say it. But i hate the color green after this xpac.
Skruff on 10. Apr. 2018.
Well Legion was amazing but tos made me quit Raiding and eventually the game. Guess I am just sick and tired of this one guy in every Raid fucking shit up