LIVE NOW! How To Unlock Allied Races & All You Need To Know - WoW Patch 7.3.5

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BellularGaming on 31. Jan. 2018.
WELL. Today was fun. Bnet broke, then my second GPU broke. It seems like my windows install is on the way out too. this video miiiight be a little rough around the edges 0.o. brb ending my existance
Odee Dillon on 23. Feb. 2018.
BG, you have an excellent voice, that should be on air in radio, or as a sports broadcaster. Ever consider those careers?
Tyler Locke on 16. Feb. 2018.
To unlock faction specific allied races, like Highmountain Tauren, you need to have exalted rep on both an alliance and horde character? I'm confused
aaronsdavis on 16. Feb. 2018.
Didn't get the breadcrumb quest. Don't know what the fuck to do.... Edit: I just had to restart the game after purchasing Battle for Azeroth. Well Duh....
Jared on 15. Feb. 2018.
Anyone else feel like the number of customization options are sparse?
Lordkul on 15. Feb. 2018.
Tuskarr alliance race plz!
michael gomes on 15. Feb. 2018.
In order for me to unlock allied races I need a 110 alliance and horde character?
Reggie Thorpe II on 14. Feb. 2018.
So question: Yes I have both 110 alliance and horde toons. While that 110 horde toon is a not on Thrall, once I obtain the pre order and complete the quests to unlock the Nightborne race (yes I have completed Insurrection and exalted with Nightfallen on alliance druid), can't I make my boosted-to-110-toon that nightborne?
J F on 12. Feb. 2018.
I am really tired of hearing this everywhere. You will NOT get Nightborne exalted from doing JUST the questline in Suramar. You will have to do some world quests. In fact, you'll only just brush up against revered if you neglect your WQs.
Ra Horror on 11. Feb. 2018.
Nooooo...!! Really? An GW2 ability bar in WoW?? Like dafuq that's an embarrassment for WoW :( Anyways great vid mate always liked your vids :)
TheAwesomeness1123 on 11. Feb. 2018.
The reps and quests for the factions seems uneven. I play both sides so not a huge deal but it's strange that alliance is both like late Legion content with the Horde being much earlier Legion content
GamerZapocalypse on 11. Feb. 2018.
We lurk as NPCs in the waves and on the shore, yet one day we shall be a character race forever more! We are MURLOC, we are strong, we are impudent, we even have our own theme song!!! !!!...FOR THE OCEAN...!!!
Jackhammer Johnny on 10. Feb. 2018.
I'd really like to see them add Iron Dwarves ... soon. Like, maybe when BFA goes live. Horde could get Maghar Orcs at the same time... then, when Horde gets Zandalari Trolls, Alliance would get Kul Tiran humans. To me, this just screams out to be done.
Deathkno dd on 8. Feb. 2018.
hype is going to fade for these new allied races over time, especially after bfa is released and anyone new to the game have so much catch up to do just to see the races playable.
Brian Knowlton on 8. Feb. 2018.
what UI are you using during the clip with the rogue in arathi highlands at 4:26?
Kerem Akyüz on 8. Feb. 2018.
So you need a max lvl character for both side, "horde and alliance"?
kloaf on 7. Feb. 2018.
I wish void elves were horde. I like them so much more than the nightbourne. also wish the trolls were available since I had to make a high mountain druid instead.
fatherjimbo on 7. Feb. 2018.
Ok but when are they going to update the Worgen model and their terrible animations?
MundiGaming on 7. Feb. 2018.
You said unlock the blood elves at 02:50 :D
Nick Carson on 6. Feb. 2018.
Nobody else on YouTube clarified if you could unlock alliance allied races with a horde character. Thank you so much for confirming this Bellular <3
sizz lor on 6. Feb. 2018.
What do these subraces actually add to the game though? They’re just reskins basically.
Tofflemire5 on 5. Feb. 2018.
Will we need to farm reps once BFA is released to unlock the races? I can't stomach the grind. I'll wait if that is an option.
He11cat on 5. Feb. 2018.
if Alliance gets vulpera, i'm rerolling my gnome as one
Love The Beast Within on 4. Feb. 2018.
Shattered hand orcs would be a nice switch for my booring undead rogue,,,, a Kargath rogue with a blade hand mmmmm
Beeka Deines on 4. Feb. 2018.
Wait so late af but if I want to get the nightborne but I have all the rep unlocked for it on an alliance character, does that mean it wont work since the nightborne is horde!??!?!
Zapalex on 4. Feb. 2018.
i wanna play as snecko people!
Cortana on 4. Feb. 2018.
I've unlocked Nightborne, but can't make one in character creation? How do you play as unlocked races?
Furious Dave on 4. Feb. 2018.
Really I just want to see some orcs standing upright, like we see in Cinematics. Its not impossible, we've seen thrall have that model for a while.
Masqueraid Zadallion on 4. Feb. 2018.
Thank you for the updated video and a clarification of unlocking allied races somewhat. I got lost right in the middle about ally and horde toon jumping (switching to get allied races?) This rep grind is getting me confused..think I'll wait for race change but for now will continue Suramar questlines.
Dan Sucio on 4. Feb. 2018.
do i need a certain item lvl to start quest line for these races? im 110 but item lvl is low
Avelier Plays on 2. Feb. 2018.
The requirements to unlock these races for a player who skipped Legion is ridiculous. I was going to pre order BfA but if that means I have to farm rep for weeks or months, then forget it. There should be a quest line to unlock them, but not something like this its ridiculous.
MisaoHime on 2. Feb. 2018.
So do I get it right? I can play any allied race no matter the fraction after I completed the storyline for them on allience or horde? Lets say I have exaulted nightborn - can I create one after completing the questline on horde side as a aliance character?
Kenneth Butler on 2. Feb. 2018.
I'm Still waiting for the Murlocs
Kase Smith on 2. Feb. 2018.
hey whats the rate for the argus mob rep token to drop. my entire time of being up there and its never dropped. Just wondering and thanks for reading
Ronja Fält on 2. Feb. 2018.
eeeh I clicked abandon on that quest on accident, how do I get it back?
シルヴァナ // Sylvana on 2. Feb. 2018.
I hate grinding for reputation.. Really takes the fun out of the game for me..
xIIxGOBLINxIIx on 2. Feb. 2018.
What add ons are you using i love that UI setup
Lucas T on 2. Feb. 2018.
Void elves and Nightborne can't be Paladins or DKs REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
Redeyez on 2. Feb. 2018.
NEW RACE UNLOCKED: literally a draenei
Miasimon on 2. Feb. 2018.
Draenor Orcs. Not Maghar Orcs. This brings back a *very* nice potential allied race... Arakkoa. They already have every animation you could possibly need, they have a racial mount, and they even have a neutral faction on Draenor. Hell, I'd take that over brown orcs (could have just put brown as a skin option...)
José Gallardo on 2. Feb. 2018.
What about Faction Change or Race change will that disqualify you from the Heritage Armor Set?
mobywv on 2. Feb. 2018.
Blood Troll. Yes please
Gork Skoal on 2. Feb. 2018. meen other than people like me that took a break, or new players right?
Cheap Coffee on 2. Feb. 2018.
“Just completing the storyline” gets you to honored, no where near exalted. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to grind for each of these races.
Thulsa Nova on 1. Feb. 2018.
So stoked! thank you for the video, love the possible new humans, fox and cobra peeps! Very excited to play the new allied races. Seems like forever Ive been waiting for new races.....
Jacky Anselm Art on 1. Feb. 2018.
i was standing in stormwind reading through the text. and i was surprised how many people didnt know they needed reputation and queststuff done to actually play them and then cried they didnt know that and said that would be way too much to do lol.
Cyriel_Cookie on 1. Feb. 2018.
My question is: I do not have any ally characters, but have completed everything on my horde characters. Whenever i boost a ally character do i still need to all Rep and quest lines through argus etc to unlock these races?
Shin Tora on 1. Feb. 2018.
Allied Races are so p2w... Wtf blizz really?
Angelus on 1. Feb. 2018.
he mentions a reputation token that drops from Argus mobs, but I've been doing wq for days now and I haven't seen a single token
John Todd on 1. Feb. 2018.
So you have to pre-order BFA to unlock the quest? Does it give you a code to use or something? Just curious, because i only see 1 on Amazon and it's a physical copy.