Lucio 2.0 Can Do Some CRAZY SH*T (Overwatch)

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HellGod67 on 20. Mar. 2017.
LOOOOOL WTF is that speed XD they are nuts
Justin Lin on 20. Mar. 2017.
Dsp stanky going to be OP
KvatchIsInDanger on 20. Mar. 2017.
I think I will enjoy this hero significantly more now, buffed or nerfed. Now if only he had a cosmetic skin that I really liked...
kerrod reihana on 20. Mar. 2017.
They're really trying to get rid of Reinhardt lmao. Bastion destroys him, orisa Replaces him, he is easier to be put out of place by Lucia than it was before...etc
Bryan Snow on 20. Mar. 2017.
Is harder to kill him... great
Branden James on 20. Mar. 2017.
Forces memes
KidAnime20 on 20. Mar. 2017.
1:14 You know... that aura of his isn't as small as people exaggerate it to be.
frankhaggar97 on 20. Mar. 2017.
who cares about his healing what about the speed ability for him AND his team?
Skylake -E on 20. Mar. 2017.
Increase the range to 20 meters and reduce the healing increase from 50% to 30%. Done.
Kill Me on 20. Mar. 2017.
Did you know the word NUT is in nutrition?
slm22186 on 20. Mar. 2017.
So Mercy + Zen ftw?
Duc Vu on 20. Mar. 2017.
itd just be easier to call it a rework
Calvers06 on 20. Mar. 2017.
Force do u ever play anything else now?
deadeye0o on 20. Mar. 2017.
He will be able to do crazy shit but he will be shit as a support (if you like facesitting maybe not that bad but otherwise he will be shiat)
Velkin999 on 20. Mar. 2017.
People keep saying this raises his skill ceiling. It actually lowers it by making wall riding easier. He's nigh unkillable with boosted heals for himself and the ability to rarely get touched because he's jumping around like crazy. If you do manage to kill him he's back in ten seconds because he can get from one side of the map to the other in no time flat. booping is easier now so the bridge in eichenwalde is a joke along with other maps. What he needs is a slight reduction in wallride speed. Maybe put it at a 10% boost and remove the jump boost and put the boop back to the way it was. With how he currently is on the ptr he's more than a must pick. If you don't pick him you will outright lose.
Chamaeleonx on 20. Mar. 2017.
Its a clear buff and will make him an even more must pick then before. Anna will pick up the slack in healing anyway.
Extually on 20. Mar. 2017.
Mirror's Edge 3?
Brodbrody on 20. Mar. 2017.
Lucio is a straight up better ninja than Genji now! (Parkour wise of course.)
Tacos on 20. Mar. 2017.
Force:Lucio can do crazy sh*t Me:Welp,good luck console players
Vanguard on 20. Mar. 2017.
Seeing the wallrunning in this made me smile so much! I'm looking forward to being a quadripedal robot in the next update, but this (and Lucio's faster projectiles) make me so freaking happy too.
Random Saxophone Mann on 20. Mar. 2017.
The shit Lucio does now makes him faster then Keemstar on steroids after he snorted some coke.
knightimejoker on 20. Mar. 2017.
i wish playing in 3rd person was a real option that looks so much cooler
hooked on a theevan on 20. Mar. 2017.
while everyone is talking hypothetical bullshit hyperboles i am out here on ptr getting more healing than ive ever gotten(i got 15k in one comp round, thats usually the amount i get in an entire game. it was a long round but jesus christ) and simultaneously having more fun than ive ever had on lucio.
Myuoh The guardian of g'hanir on 20. Mar. 2017.
it's a nuff or berf.
Micolino9878 on 20. Mar. 2017.
*Looks at the Ring at Lucio's Feet* Huh. That's kind of what I thought his range was to begin with.
Kent Jones on 20. Mar. 2017.
Lucio needs to be able to boop the ground and be shot upwards like a rocket jump
D4RKM4773R on 20. Mar. 2017.
i feel he will leave the Meta and not by played as much due to taking a lot more Skill to HEAL / Support the team for some and is now more closer to a Tracer that heals - I think Everything they Changes was good but Should should be tuned back 50% (all the changes to be half way between Live and PTR) Reasons our team feel: - At our level of play he now feels fun but is less of a support for the team and more for Dive players. - At levels under our team players i have talked to feel it was a nerf due to their skill not being able to use his new kit and in turn not being able to use him efficiently as a support (Now more of a pest to hold points with). - The wall ride and AMP up range changes hurt the Boosted ran team play as he moves so quick others lose it. - The new boop changes feel they have only been made to make Orisa the "Must have" / "GO TO" Hero. - His Movement speed also now hurts projectile based heroes (Fastest moving non - teleport in the game). - More details to come but
Themostrandomofguys on 20. Mar. 2017.
My favorite part about this update is that for a non-dspstanky player, his niche is now completely different (for the better). He now has a monopoly on two jobs, speed boost, and now- dive supporter. Sure Ana and zenyatta can heal diving players, but lucio can now dive in with them and get out while healing both him and the other dive player without putting himself at too much risk
Sairan on 20. Mar. 2017.
THANK YOU! all those attention whores debating has been pissing me off
ItsZaktak on 20. Mar. 2017.
You do realise why Blizzard has done this right? Its not a nerf nor a buff its balanced. They made him super fast so he could get to his team faster like a jack rabbit on steroids if they ever needed healing. So once he's done he can go back in the fight and irritate the opposing team once again. Yes, he's support. Yes, he's healer. But it doesn't mean he's nerfered to the brink of dawn where he's just shit! HE WAS ORIGINALLY SUPPOSE TO DO ALL OF THAT. Besides I'm pretty sure you and I would rather this Lucio now than the old one.
Weessee on 20. Mar. 2017.
I honestly think it's a change. Neither a buff or a nerf. The big problem is the speed he can travel at. Blizzard should simply take away the multiplying speed as he jumps from wall to wall. That would be t0he bigggest fix. Maybe have the set/max speed decreased overall.
Lopezboys16 on 20. Mar. 2017.
He is so much faster than the fastest character in the game. Tracer. Low key think that's bull
Jacob Byrd on 20. Mar. 2017.
I was always a Lucio main, and i got to say this looks pretty ridiculous
KiyokaMakibi on 20. Mar. 2017.
Nebby the Lunala on 20. Mar. 2017.
When bastion went OP: NERF BASTION BASTION OP FUCK BASTION When Lucio goes OP: OMG THIS IS SO FUN HOLY SHIT Some nice favouritism this community has
kingstund101 on 20. Mar. 2017.
CiaOssu on 20. Mar. 2017.
Not nerf not buff= FUN
Brandon Messer on 20. Mar. 2017.
Calling 5-10% speed reduction off wall and about 5 meter aura radius and ult increase.
Stefan Singendonk on 20. Mar. 2017.
How do i set this Range Line?^^
Stickgeneral 42 on 20. Mar. 2017.
Lucio is a flanker now, don't debate it
mohamed ibraheem on 20. Mar. 2017.
what if now lucio will bring back the deathball meta but now everyone is fast as hell
The Blackout on 20. Mar. 2017.
Can we call him Newcio
ubermaster94 on 20. Mar. 2017.
anybody remember when all the youtubers centred on overwatch complained lucio was a must pick and boring to play? notice how most of them whine lucio isnt a must pick and encourages a far more aggressive play style these days? not you though Force muh honey.
Lord Shadow Z on 20. Mar. 2017.
I like Lucio's changes because it means I'll have to learn him all over again to be able to play the support role. Meaning y'all are gonna have to deal with me only playing DPS now >:D
SnivyTries on 20. Mar. 2017.
Again. Lucio will always be a must-pick in comp BECAUSE HE HAS A SPEED BOOST.
Blitz153 NL on 20. Mar. 2017.
Wil they go live with orisa?
Toddpunchify on 20. Mar. 2017.
Lucio is one of my favourites. Really excited for these changes! Looks so fun.
Nessisqueer on 20. Mar. 2017.
it's a pure rework.
clueso on 20. Mar. 2017.
They simply should have reduced the radius of his aura and increased the healing...
SlowpokeCancerTV on 20. Mar. 2017.
I feel like they also tried to get floor is lava easier to get