Lucio Could SLOW TIME, Should It Return? (Overwatch)

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Diego Vazquez on 27. Mar. 2017.
People in the comments saying that this time based ability should be tracer's, and that in the video he said this is a time based ability like he is slowing time. I don't think he is slowing time, I think that ult was suppose to show lucio going really fast, so everything seems very slow. Like the Flash, where when he runs, everything slows down because he is going very fast
JookTheZook on 27. Mar. 2017.
I had an idea for another support that uses abilities to sap health from an enemy to charge a weapon, then use that same charge to heal your team, with like a weapon that "fires a prjectile like roadhogs hook, and if it hits it takes a fourth of that enemy's max health, (not health remaining, total health), if the enemy didnt have enough health during the sap, the enemy would die right then, this would seem overpowered so i just imagined a large cooldown to this ability. For an ult i had to battle with my own mind, at first i thought of a tesla, a building that can be destroyed, and in a set area zapps the health from enemies and heals teammates nearby it, probably last from 5-10 seconds. But this time slowing might be an alternative, slow all projectiles and gameplay for the enemy team for 3-5 seconds by a factor of 1/2 the speed of normal gameplay. I don't know, just imagining things lol
Dread Angel on 27. Mar. 2017.
Anne Smith on 27. Mar. 2017.
I think if this becomes a certain power one day, it should only make the enemy team slow in a general radius of the user so that headshots would basically become the way to utilize the ultimate. And then of course the enemy team can still shoot and all that but it's slowed down.
shobrodude on 27. Mar. 2017.
supports are easy he says. non confrontational. What is this magical world you live in
Tom Burns on 27. Mar. 2017.
maybe it could be a second ultimate? similar to Symmetras.
Nocturnal Pyro on 27. Mar. 2017.
Any hitscan characters would hit instantly no matter how slow it is.
K̷ir̨ex1҉7͡Ω on 27. Mar. 2017.
Dio Brando in Overwatch?
benniebees on 27. Mar. 2017.
Time slowing makes hitscan heroes super powerful, wodiowmaker will have an easy time headshotting everyone, mccree can pop heads, tracer can one clip people if she is close enough. You would basically be playing overwatch under perfect aim/tracking conditions. This adds a lot of power to the heroes that have high, but inconsistent damage. As it removes the inconsistency part.
Mark Nguyen on 27. Mar. 2017.
DeltaEXE on 27. Mar. 2017.
Let's drop ZA WARUDO
Reece on 27. Mar. 2017.
I want a fire hero
OverlordMMM on 27. Mar. 2017.
Caaaaan't stoooop, wooooooon't stooooooooooop!
Shellshock5280 on 27. Mar. 2017.
this would fit tracer SO much better than pulse bomb
Mute on 27. Mar. 2017.
They should make a game mode where all the heroes are in their original design ideas eg. Tracer's eye lasers.
the names rick just rick on 27. Mar. 2017.
Sunday on 27. Mar. 2017.
mustafahusham1 on 27. Mar. 2017.
force is an asshole for that title
Eren Barkın Dönmez on 27. Mar. 2017.
wait... isnt bastion hitscan?
Jay on 27. Mar. 2017.
No save it for another hero.
V3N0M_13 on 27. Mar. 2017.
His ult should be more like what limbo in warframe was updated to be able to do, where all projectiles and enemies slow down and hitscans stop completely, and when it runs out it all resumes, and he makes it so multiple bullets stack on top of each other and deal a ton of damage
Qasim Khan on 27. Mar. 2017.
Isn't that basically Mei's ultimate though... :p
Khamis1203 on 27. Mar. 2017.
Slow time would be awful....
Mochachocakon on 27. Mar. 2017.
Bomber Teddy on 27. Mar. 2017.
The Lucio Ult in question sounds terrible because it breaks one the rules of making a good game; taking control away from players without a way of countering it.
Artai0s Dev on 27. Mar. 2017.
hätte hätte Fahrradkette
It's_BL4zedShadowHDZ on 27. Mar. 2017.
tracer should be able to slow time shouldve gave her that ult like wtf
Mark Lewis on 27. Mar. 2017.
Hit scans would be gods in that mode would they not? Wouldn't everyone just want to play Widow?
★ Darkwater - Community ★ on 27. Mar. 2017.
They could do it so that only the players in his aura get affected
Yonti Yontz on 27. Mar. 2017.
In Heroes of the storm he actually has a slow down ability that basically is his speed up but slows enemies down, he also can do the same but anti-heal so slowly take health away
ILGSQUAD on 27. Mar. 2017.
It should be tracer's ult
john arters on 27. Mar. 2017.
itd be cool to play a slow mo game and then replay it in normal time. It would make it super intense and thought out, like your were inhuman.
Joe Jenkins on 27. Mar. 2017.
Za Warudo
Kyle Adler on 27. Mar. 2017.
That ult sounds like the most unfun thing in the world, taking away player control is a horrible idea (why being slept or frozen feels so bad) and anybody who thinks there needs to be more of it needs to be put in a locked room to never spread their horrible ideas again.
eBunny on 27. Mar. 2017.
What you could do instead of having the entire lobby slow down, is a hero who can create some sort of bubble or an AoE in which time is slowed down. Not sure how well it'd actually work in the game though. Definitely excited for the future of custom games.
Aye Itz Eli on 27. Mar. 2017.
I totally thought this game died. Sold my copy and everything. Ehh still happy with out this game where nobody seems to die, especially mercy, yeah you can kill her. But she doesnt. No death for mercy. Ever.
Rising Phoenix on 27. Mar. 2017.
Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge
Aaron Ginn on 27. Mar. 2017.
hitscan would be fucked
Dooble Animations on 27. Mar. 2017.
This would be great for my Winston space jam custom game
PitaPat on 27. Mar. 2017.
I like idea of slowing down 1 character, like an ulting genji or charging rien
Abdulmaged AlSalman on 27. Mar. 2017.
map design , ofc we will see de_dust map
7Davidnm on 27. Mar. 2017.
Arent that time hero already in the game (Tracer) xD
OlaGolme on 27. Mar. 2017.
Can you share the song?
Parker Sprague on 27. Mar. 2017.
because defense characters have no killing potential whatsoever
The Intangible on 27. Mar. 2017.
Alright, who's gonna tell +Force Gaming that even with time scaling, hitscan weapons works like they always have. That's *probably* why they moved away from the timescale ability in the first place; it would be MONUMENTALLY more powerful for heroes like Bastion, McCree, Soldier Widowmaker and Reaper than it would be for every other hero. You can't "bullet hell" with Bastion, all of his bullets hit instantly, you only see the bullets flying through the air as a sort of "after image".
Parker Sprague on 27. Mar. 2017.
... bastion uses hitscan...
stoned. on 27. Mar. 2017.
Lucio is a black fucking DJ and not a nigga that slows time... Lucios new ult should resurrect 2pac and make him drive by the enemy team instakilling everyone while the "nigga" song is playing
siddbreezy on 27. Mar. 2017.
He should have an evil twin brother that could slow time
Blitzzombie5 Games on 27. Mar. 2017.
So I don't know what blizzard can and can't do but I think it would be cool is you could disable passive abilities in custom games or switch weapons so you could have like a dva with mercys staff.
Ramon Melendez on 27. Mar. 2017.
I think the slow down time for Lucio should be a thing because his ultimate has to be perfectly timed to badly stop a dva ultimate or he could have 2 ultimate like sym and it will make Lucio picked more for the time stop thing