LUCIO Damage BUFF! Healing & Speed NERF! (Overwatch) PTR Changes

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Intensity - Overwatch on 27. Mar. 2017.
since they reduced the the bosst from getting off the ledge, why dont they increase the healing/speed ring and increase the healing/speed boost... i might be getting abit too greedy but these are my thoughts
Vaneet Sidhu on 27. Mar. 2017.
Lucio has the same DPS as Genji. FeelsBadMan
Cole Cardwell on 26. Mar. 2017.
the damage buff is gonna be insane. as a console lucio main, i can easily get picks on supports and offensive heroes like zen, ana, mccree and sombra because all i do is spam crossfade and do bunnyhops
Lone Cawk on 26. Mar. 2017.
tbh the nerfs arent even bad. 17% more healing on his self still with 50% more on others still
Chris A on 26. Mar. 2017.
For those of you who are going to complain about the Speed Boost Nerf, It's still 20% more than he would normally get, think positively.
I Lift Heavy Shit on 26. Mar. 2017.
I just realized this guy sounds like Fozzie Bear from the muppets. Not meant as an insult.
BlaxxShadow on 26. Mar. 2017.
Mercy won't stand a chance as a solo healer against Lucio at this rate...
Tr33dy35 on 25. Mar. 2017.
I bet this is going to be an April fools prank it's to good to be true
Anthony Beall on 25. Mar. 2017.
This entire YouTube channel is useless. All you're doing is regurgitating patch notes. No theory crafting or insight at all. Even the top comment of this video is uninformed and useless. Buffing sombra damage would push her over the top to say the least
Joe Boyd on 25. Mar. 2017.
lucuio changes lol
MagicSquid on 25. Mar. 2017.
Meanwhile, Mercy's sitting over there in the corner sobbing.
stegosaurus on 25. Mar. 2017.
Twenty Øne Panics! at fall out boy's on 25. Mar. 2017.
"Lucuio" Force 2017
Shenders on 25. Mar. 2017.
Lucio if he headshots tracer with his projectiles then he 1 shots her. If he does it to a 200hp hero then right clicks theyre dead too... fun times.
CallMeTipz on 25. Mar. 2017.
All of this is preparation for april 1st
Bliightd on 25. Mar. 2017.
The bot hp I'm pretty sure it's 150 not 200
Rest in Peace Gabe The Dog on 25. Mar. 2017.
I'm not liking the changes. Feels really odd for a support character. They should just keep him the way he is
markdiaz512 on 25. Mar. 2017.
I gotten so tired of Overwatch constant changes and having to adapt my tactics and play styles I just said fuck it and started playing Paladins instead.
markdiaz512 on 25. Mar. 2017.
Overwatch: you become a dps and you become a dps and you become a dps, EVERYONE BECOME A DPS!
Marc Frost on 25. Mar. 2017.
That typo in the intro tho
Hockeguy12 on 25. Mar. 2017.
No Winston damage buff?
Hovering Zero on 25. Mar. 2017.
Is the healing reduction -33% from the boosted PTR healing or the vanilla game healing?
seth abraham on 25. Mar. 2017.
Reduce that down to 15% percent bliz. Lucios just spam that shit through chokes and it randomly hits. Also please BLIZZARD FOR THE LOVE OF GOD REDUCE MCREES DAMAGE FALL OFF OR REDUCE THE TIME IT TAKES FOR HIS DEADEYE TO LOCK ON.
Kevin Colbert on 25. Mar. 2017.
So uh... what about Nerf or Nothin' McCree?
Carisma1005 on 25. Mar. 2017.
ths is getting out of hand, make a decision.
Lycan Wehrmann on 25. Mar. 2017.
Lucio, "No-one's gonna be chasing me down. The tables have turned bitches. I'm fast as fuck now boy! "
Huahwi on 25. Mar. 2017.
KyleCorbeau on 25. Mar. 2017.
0:03 May want to pull down and replace that title card. "LUCUIO" Not a huge deal but pretty obvious that it's incorrect.
MGR/ MrGRavioli on 25. Mar. 2017.
Make Lucio's ult do 30 dmg in the area, plus 20 for every ally in his ult area. With all allies in the ult radius, max dmg (130) That'd be cool
The-Prodigy_PR PRftw on 25. Mar. 2017.
Lucio's only "support" is speed honestly
Grant K on 25. Mar. 2017.
Honestly... if you hit FOUR head shots... It should almost kill someone. Before it was like throwing pillows at them.
Lucci Sosa on 24. Mar. 2017.
Why are you guys surprised? It takes Ana three shots to shoot down pharah. As a lucio main this is perfect. There are plenty of times when lucio needs to attack and his damage before the buff is awful you needed to land all shots on 200 hp hero plus push them plus punch them to barely kill a soldier
Red Panda Rampage on 24. Mar. 2017.
When are they nerfing soldier?
Silentnanner overwatch on 24. Mar. 2017.
Now lucios name will be noosio as in hold on guys gotta grab my noose and hang myself while trying to heal you, oh I can do some damage I guess.
Kyle Deaton on 24. Mar. 2017.
Ha come on guys. Every video I've seen says this is a damage buff and speed/healing nerf but that's not true at all. It's a reduction to his speed/healing buff and a damage buff. Can't wait for these changes
Isaiah Bennett on 24. Mar. 2017.
Utako Yamiko on 24. Mar. 2017.
Ho I'm a Lucuio main :p
Rotomu on 24. Mar. 2017.
Lucio isn't a support hero anymore? ok
ToluDude on 24. Mar. 2017.
Flanker Support confirmed
Azrik Devinari on 24. Mar. 2017.
They nerf Ana's damage and buff Lucio's? Sometimes I just don't understand Blizzard. The support role is supposed to be just that support. This make about as much sense as Symetra being in the support group rather than defense.
Bàmboo - on 24. Mar. 2017.
We wanted lucio to be less of a pick so we gave him more damage.
Billy Mason on 24. Mar. 2017.
Just wondering if there are any other support characters that aren't lucio and Ana, maybe a mercy "rework" like the lucio ones would be better ?
Zeroforce14 on 24. Mar. 2017.
Random Guy on 24. Mar. 2017.
Fuck youuuuuu Blizzard, making everyone happy just to see us in eternally suffer after nerfing him again.
GIT GUD on 24. Mar. 2017.
we dont want ana to 3 shot 200 health heroes so we made lucio 2 shot them instead
Napstablook on 24. Mar. 2017.
They watched ShoddyCast's video, I see.
Plat Crab on 24. Mar. 2017.
change the radius size what the actual fuck
AquaPvP on 24. Mar. 2017.
if 4 of lucio's shots are head shots it deals as much damage as 1 bodyshot from hanzo
The Gibbus Caretaker on 24. Mar. 2017.
why not give a damage buff to Winston???
Gábor Molnár on 24. Mar. 2017.
so he is going to be insanely fast and very hard to hit and also deal as much dmg as an offensive hero, oh goodie, seems balanced blizz :D