Matchmaking Still Busted (Overwatch)

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Ruger Manzer on 29. Mar. 2017.
Isn't there an underdog system, where wildly uneven teams have the SR gain/loss adjusted due to the unfairness? Yes, it's terribly when a 4K SR team plays against a 2.5K SR team, but it has to happen sometimes. There's no avoiding it, otherwise, there'd be situations where these grandmasters and top 500 players would never, ever find a game, making it unfavorable and unfun to climb to the upper echelons of competitive play. The underdog system should be reducing the SR loss to basically nothing if you lose against a team with twice your SR, and the winners should be earning basically nothing for stomping the enemy team. That's how it should be working, anyway. It makes the matchup unfavorable for the top 500 team. They don't get "easy points", they get nothing, so they should do whatever they can to avoid times when they face plats and diamonds.
wantafanta01 on 29. Mar. 2017.
lol i was on a team of all masters yesterday that beat a team of all GMs by the end of the night i was 4173SR
nur ekmal on 29. Mar. 2017.
baddies bitch like force gaming and his idiot sheep blaming matchmaking. classic.......
KoTic on 29. Mar. 2017.
this top500 six stack are Australian players no matter what time of the day it is it will be hard to find another 6 stack of top500 players here in AU because we share the top500 ladder with USA and such there are few t500 players here.
Harvey Bike on 29. Mar. 2017.
Gamal Elkordy on 29. Mar. 2017.
Blizzard will get to this...eventually...some day....maybe...there's a chanc-OH LOOK NEW SKINS! BUY OUR BOXES OF DUPLICATES!
LouB3rt on 29. Mar. 2017.
yes, but if you beat that highly ranked team - does your SR sky rocket?
Bartosz Kaczynski on 29. Mar. 2017.
that Mei wall at 2:12...
Lliad89 on 29. Mar. 2017.
Not really watching for the gameplay, but could you stop ending the video at clutch times? :P Kinda get invested into the footage, and your videos stopped on multiple occasions right before the end of the match, which kinda irritates me haha
EnDotter on 29. Mar. 2017.
It' so funny how most of the ppl cry about sr difference and nobody actually talks about level difference. I'd rather have a silver lvl 400 than to diamond lvl 25 on my team.
SunlightMaggot101 on 29. Mar. 2017.
I experienced this b4, team of gold & plat vs 4 diamonds + 2 golds.
ttrop on 29. Mar. 2017.
that mei wall at 2 min lol gave me cancer
Rasdheed Horne on 29. Mar. 2017.
I'm sorry but I watch anime and he said luffy wrong but hey I could be wrong
HalbyStarcraft on 29. Mar. 2017.
say you queue as the 6 stack of 4.6k... no matter who you are put against your odds of winning (as far as the matchmaker can tell) are too high for it to be a close game... so if the matchmakers primary goal can't be achieved, what is it's secondary goal? to try and keep people close to 50% win/loss... so go find me the 5 highest ranked people you can, who are on a winning streak.
Ming Ming on 29. Mar. 2017.
with this video there is more attention and highly for people to be angry at the devs. they work so hard already.
Jestan12345 on 29. Mar. 2017.
Well Team abuse is one thing.... Getting half the points for playing support, then dps does is unfair. Example im playing support around 2400 sr and play with 2 friends around 2600 (master smurfs). They say im playing a sick mercy, rezzing around 3 ppl avg (not like it rly maters how many), healing done around 10-19k. 15-20 assists. I looked up a master player (ofc harder elo) but he has the same avg kinda. But here comes the punchline. I get between 17-28 points. If i lose it's -23 to -50. My friends in the same game, even without perfoming well sometimes, gets 24-40 and lose 13-30. If i play dps i have the same ratio like them! So as a support, how am i suppose to get out of this? People said to me it's based on individuell perfomance, but without petting my shoulder i do really well for a plat player. Would be nice if Force Gaming can give it a check!
Miho on 29. Mar. 2017.
I got some chances strange, of get in my team persons on platinum-silver-gold.... but they really sucks Dx (they got deleted all time, and all with help XD)... i stopped playing overwatch, because of that... i cant do nothing on silver... lol...
Raymel peoples on 29. Mar. 2017.
not even joking i played a grand master team in i am gold that was the longest game i played
Hugo stoltz on 29. Mar. 2017.
ha always finding something to complain about, you dont have something positive to say about this game xd
swim2themooon on 29. Mar. 2017.
Fair and balanced matchmaking: , , and
Kevin Dijkstra on 29. Mar. 2017.
they should make it that you can't be qeued up with & against people that you can't duo with
ÆRØ ŒM on 29. Mar. 2017.
I noticed this halfway through season one. When I pointed it out people said I was crazy. Now everyone is complaining about it. I knew I was right.
Han Siang Ng on 29. Mar. 2017.
so will the lower SR team gain more SR if they win and vice versa?
Nero_Faintly on 29. Mar. 2017.
That five stack would NEVER find a game without this, Match making is working fine, Its like dota five stack 7-8k mmr players during downtime in a server and you will get 4-5k opponents. fact is theres no one with a high enough rating to challenge them. And over watch tosses party's against higher level players on purpose.
Kidomaro on 29. Mar. 2017.
Can we talk about the fact that Blizzard still haven't fixed the bug with where when she get's melee out of her mech by Rein does so she gets a black screen for 1 sec and this bug has been there since before launch
TheRoboticPlant on 29. Mar. 2017.
Fix: go to bed
TheShadowblast123 on 29. Mar. 2017.
why is it unfair when overwatch does this, but CSGO does this and gets away with it?
AmokBR on 29. Mar. 2017.
TheNinjaStar Gamer on 29. Mar. 2017.
the silvers could of been pro
Eddie 'JaggSauce' Gluskin on 29. Mar. 2017.
my account has been "lost" to the MMR system.. i seem to be placed out of my league on a constant basis (both higher and lower).
Dramoriga on 29. Mar. 2017.
2:12 Dat Mei...
Joey Ebrahim on 29. Mar. 2017.
laffy hehe xD
AJGemau on 29. Mar. 2017.
Comp is completely broken at times. Last night i was put against a TEAM of Diamond players. I'm in gold. Everyone else on my team was gold. Not to mention the 50/50 win/lose force ratio. You go on a win streak, i guarantee you will then go on a losing streak due to poor matchmaking.
Chris Smet on 29. Mar. 2017.
This has been happening since at least season 2 on PS4, It's the reason nobody really runs 6-stacks over 3500 anymore, we used to get grouped up against 3000 teams all the time as a 4000 6-stacks, but it mostly happened in the early AM, its so frustrating for both teams, if you win you only get 2 sr, and lose 100 if you take a fluke loss....
| Zodrigon | on 29. Mar. 2017.
this happened to me in no limits, played againts a whole shadowburn 6 man team and whoopdie doo lost
Toshey94 on 29. Mar. 2017.
the unranked guy at the Start was actually a well known GM player
ej banks on 29. Mar. 2017.
I'm thinking this is the skill decay thing, they hoped off their account for too long, lost some matches and got put in a match with their mmr
ClassifiedYT on 29. Mar. 2017.
Siranat usawasutsakorn on 29. Mar. 2017.
This is not a reportable case though. That doesn't count as a bug or glitch. It's feature.
ndraiden73 on 29. Mar. 2017.
im diamond and for the past two weeks I've lost about 25 games and won MAYBE 6, it's been bad. I keep getting paired up with trash and trolls
Nans on 29. Mar. 2017.
cantus and chrisu and stuff are au, and they 6 stack and gain sr literally by vsing shit people..
Clay on 29. Mar. 2017.
Had a game a couple of days ago where my team was 2 diamonds (Me and a friend), 2 masters and 2 gms. We vsed 2 top 500's that were in a group, a master and 3 diamonds. We won 3-1 on Oasis...
Matteo Zoncada on 29. Mar. 2017.
I'm level 27 and LOVE 3 v 3 elimination but lately I have been paired with level 30 s against 70-80 and it is frustrating as I played at least 15 matches since Monday and have only won 2 as of the very start of Wednesday
The Mighty Doge on 29. Mar. 2017.
i fucking played against 6 people with five stars each and our whole team had 5 stars combined.Matchmaking pls
TheGreatUtubeIan on 29. Mar. 2017.
4:29 what was that charge??
enterthenexus on 29. Mar. 2017.
I think there also may be an issue with the gain and loss of SR. I won 4 games in 1 night. I then lost 1 at the end, and got put lower than I had started that night. THATS an issue.
isaac noam on 29. Mar. 2017.
that's ********- the silver might be amazing. Your judging people based on overwatch's ****ty ranking systen
Soup Soup on 29. Mar. 2017.
I played with gm players that decayed to diamond and I am a plat player