McCree NERF SOON! Widowmaker Next? (Overwatch)

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gasmanoo on 8. Jun. 2016.
People always find something to complain about, just get good.
Nintony on 8. Jun. 2016.
why not increase the recoil instead of lowering the damage? fan the hammer is unable to headshot anyway.
TericT on 8. Jun. 2016.
I hope they don't nerf the damage per round as that would mean Mei's icicle would then outdamage mccree's left click at medium range. I hope its just like you can only fire X number of rounds with fan the hammer which would make it a tighter spread and maybe give it a 3 second cool down to retain his medium range effectiveness
Fzoid on 8. Jun. 2016.
From what I've heard from console players Widowmaker isn't really played much and not considered as strong as on pc. So I don't get why they should nerf her on console too.
unnero1 on 8. Jun. 2016.
On top of fan the hammer they should look at flashbang hitbox and fix it. He literally has to face 180 degree away from the target and even then it sometimes connects....Make it so he actually has to aim and require some semblence of a brain to land it, 1+ second long hard CCs should not be this easy to land on this short cooldown.
dougfax on 8. Jun. 2016.
Widowmaker should work the same as Sniper from TF2
Liquidrake on 8. Jun. 2016.
McCree? Widowmaker? WHAT ABOUT MEI?! I swear, if this OP bullcrap lasts I'll be sure that she's someone waifu at blizz.
maccajoe on 8. Jun. 2016.
i love wrecking widows with reaper
dougfax on 8. Jun. 2016.
My entire day today playing overwatch, the widowmaker carried us or the other team. When it wasnt her, was genji. (all lvl90+)
Midas Keijzer on 8. Jun. 2016.
what about bastion?
Iktos on 8. Jun. 2016.
Would removing the reload from the combat roll be a good fix?
QuintessenceHD on 8. Jun. 2016.
So Roadhog is allowed to kill anyone he hooks still? Yay...
Quantum ™ on 8. Jun. 2016.
Widow maker lower her body shot damage
IQerat on 8. Jun. 2016.
Widowmaker does not deserve a nerf. Genji/Hanzo/Mei with their stupid Headshot box does. Hanzo shooting people in the chest and counting as a head shot. THAT deserves a nerf.
yocomehelp on 8. Jun. 2016.
am i really the only one that thinks the insta reload roll is the problem while the dmg is fine?
Lockhound on 8. Jun. 2016.
they should make tanks immune to the Mcree stun so he can only use it against squishy characters.
The Emperor of Mankind on 8. Jun. 2016.
I think they should increase the spread on mccree's fan the hammer, that way it's a lot harder to land all of your damage but good aim can still dish out a ton. Right now the spread is about as big as reaper's, while mccree can still be viable at range. As for Widow, she charges waaay too fast. I don't like this stupid quickscope bullshit, especially if you can 1-shot most heroes while being untouchable. Honestly I wouldn't mind if they further increased her damage as long as she had a reasonable chargetime.
LusitanGaming on 8. Jun. 2016.
so you a 1 game youtuber again. look what surprise is another Blizz game, milking from the hype of idiots that cant see how mediocre OW is
K den on 8. Jun. 2016.
Blizzard don't nerf widow on console tis harder to snipe
One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor on 8. Jun. 2016.
I wish they redced the radius of the flashbang so McCree would actually take some skill to land the stun instead of throwing it in the enemy's general direction and stunning them because of the massive radius.
JoseDoesGames on 8. Jun. 2016.
They should buff mercy's healing speed
dom torreto on 8. Jun. 2016.
I have never had a problem with his fan the hammer. Is it strong, yes but the ability to " phantom reload " with combat roll is what should be nerfed, not his damage...
eksentrysyti on 8. Jun. 2016.
People outside of pro players can't hit all 6 shots? They should uninstall. Flashbang + point blank fan the hammer is doable by almost anyone who plays FPS. You don't need to be a pro to point blank click a stationary target. Makes a lot of sense to reduce the damage on fan. It's more than enough damage to kill non-tanks and can still cripple tanks if not outright kill them.
Neon Coco on 8. Jun. 2016.
Why doesn't he mention the D. Va buff?
vileguy on 8. Jun. 2016.
The problem with a Widowmaker nerf is how do they do it? If they lowered her damage by 1+, it would help Zenyatta and Tracer, but I don't know if I would expect them to do that rather than just giving Zenyatta 1+ more HP. They're certainly not going to give her damage falloff, so I expect the only possible nerf would be to lower her HP. Ultimately, I think that would leave her in nearly the same state, so most likely they just need to add more characters or buff existing ones if they feel the meta favors her too much.
OccipitantX on 8. Jun. 2016.
As someone who's got widow in top 3 most played heroes: Fuck her. She is easily the most broken hero. McCreasy is a joke compared to her. I'd much rather face a 6 man McCree team than 1 good Widow.
Jacob Lee O'Mary on 8. Jun. 2016.
Last night, two times(once as Soldier76 and once as Junkrat), I was stunned by McCree but the stun almost immediately went away. It went away quickly enough that I was able to kill McCree both times before he could get close enough to fan me. WTF, lol?!?
ofadetergentsud on 8. Jun. 2016.
I mop the floor with McCree as D.Va. If I catch him facing another direction he can't even look at me before he dies. The most he can do is take out my mech if he sees me coming.
Crau on 8. Jun. 2016.
They need to watch out with this nerfs otherwise they might make a snowball effect, making heroes that were on check oveerpowered out of nowhere
cottermcg 1234 on 8. Jun. 2016.
not widowmaker ;.;
RaxoSC on 8. Jun. 2016.
i love how the change comes right after the big people on youtube that play games started posting the same stuff about how they think he needs to be nerfed. i mean this is good for mccree he was strong but makes me wonder now if everytime a YT complains about something like this is it gunna change? i mean thats what it clearly looks like is happening here. next thing you know tracer and others are gunna get nerfed then everyone else and it will be crap cuz alot of the chars are fine but if people complain about how they need to be nerfed and they do. thats gunna mess up those chars counters (talking about the chars that dont need to be nerfed atm but someone will complain about them in the future.)
Lightningy on 8. Jun. 2016.
i think they should add a buff to the sniper that decreases further sniper shot dmg, this will prevent the 1 2 combo with widow-maker whilst maintaining the sniper game-play. so shooting a target will decrease damage to the target by 50% or whatever for 2 seconds or so.
Fjord Kali on 8. Jun. 2016.
I can't believe their fucking nerfing mccree
beasty boss06 on 8. Jun. 2016.
420 damage LOL
Crau on 8. Jun. 2016.
His left click needs 3 headshots to kill, thats crappy, it also shoots too fast, left click should be slow and powerful but its pretty fast and not that powerful at medium range, its pretty good up close too which is not the point of the left click...
Graenolf on 8. Jun. 2016.
Interesting how on console he isn't much of a problem - I see him played as regularly as anyone. Pharah though...
PopcornPig on 8. Jun. 2016.
attention kind viewers, my channel trailer has now finally been created and i would appreciate feedback :) thankyou for your time
CobaltiumToast on 8. Jun. 2016.
"yes that's hinging on if you can hit all your shots, which all people except pro players probably won't be doing" hahahahahahahaha, no. I am not very good at the game, but against all the tanks except zarya unloading every single bullet to them is fucking easy. This is because they are FUCKING MASSIVE. That's one of my biggest problems with mccree in his current state, he is so goddamn easy to kill absolutely everyone in the game. I hope these nerfs add some skill to him.
Mutoo on 8. Jun. 2016.
Bastion Bastion Bastion
Assassin ZER0 on 8. Jun. 2016.
I Hope they just nerf Widowmaker just on the Pc and not on the Console
Dany 5 on 8. Jun. 2016.
in my honest opinion, I would say that they need to up his single shot damage the further its shot more than it is now, a bit and nerf fan the hammer but make its bullets fired less random than before.
Trip Plays on 8. Jun. 2016.
shmeh, fine with the fan. Majority of the time youll hit 5/6 due to RNG spread. Atleast I have the RNG headshot chance tho. I've always complained about widow, never about McCree. I can hear McCrees foot step from super far away. I always know where McCree is via headphones which is super accurate. Widow tho, you need full team comm so you don't peak, and to know when she is walling, see all tracingshots to pin point position which changes often. Winston doesn't even fully counter widow, hes only there to bug the widow to not just fully wipe the team without any pressure.
redemption04 on 8. Jun. 2016.
WM sucks on console....
Jason Hernandez on 8. Jun. 2016.
Thank god for the McCree nerf. Literally no skill to play him. Cheap.
WisLaRapJo on 8. Jun. 2016.
Nerf that crazy ass...
Little Light on 8. Jun. 2016.
Damm he does 420 damage per fan the Hammer well it is High Noon
The savage monster on 8. Jun. 2016.
nerf a sniper? fucking dumb she's a fucking sniper if you can't kill her you should stop playing
Larry Smith on 8. Jun. 2016.
This is stupid. They're nerfing Widow because of bad players complaining about her instead of fixing the damn hit boxes which are clearly broken then seeing about looking at her.
Relic on 8. Jun. 2016.
Of course they're going to nerf him as soon as I release am in depth video on why you should use him. -_-