McCree OVERPOWERED? (Overwatch Hero Balance)

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victor delfin (dolfinking) on 31. May. 2016.
Well, theres allways highnoon somewhere in the world :P
oBLACKIECHANoo on 31. May. 2016.
I don't think a longer cooldown on the flash is the way to go, I think it will help but the flash needs to be a direct hit and it needs to be shorter imo, good for interrupting ults and tracer movement but not enough for him to fan and 1 shot. A longer cooldown by itself would still feel like complete bullshit when you die to it.
Peter Lee on 31. May. 2016.
Limit FTH to 3 shots and rolling only reload 3-4 shots? And leave the flash bang alone. Yes, I just said that.
sotos124 on 31. May. 2016.
You spelled McRightClick wrong. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
NSMV on 31. May. 2016.
Good nerf points would be eliminating the reload during his roll ability, and increasing the time it takes to get his ultimate.
Marcos Rubio on 31. May. 2016.
Yes, he obviously is. He outshines most assault heroes so much that decent teams are literally stacking him, same with Lucio.
Kind Old Raven on 31. May. 2016.
I've had no issues what-so-ever countering McCree. None. I never play him myself though since I mainly play support/tank/defense (and I go Mei if I want to experience OP. Seriously going 40+ eliminations by yourself is hilarious! The sustain is unreal).
Char Aznable on 31. May. 2016.
Mei is even worse than McGee.
Aaron Storey on 31. May. 2016.
Something to note is he's not verygood against multiple enemies. So like bastion the enemy team has to work around him. I think if I was gonna nerf him I'd make the flashbang much harder to hit. That way it would increase the skill cap. His fan the hammer damage is important because he is the hard counter to tanks. If you take that away then Reinhardt and roadhog become alot more powerful since there's not that threat if being bursted down by a mccree.
Sonny van hoecke on 31. May. 2016.
why arent people talking about bastion he needs nerfed he takes almost every play of the game that i see?!
Josh Zirkel on 31. May. 2016.
The major issue for McCree is the flash bang because it allows players good or bad to put the hurt on anyone caught in it and allow for zero counter play. That said I think there are two major changes you could make beyond the cool down that could help. 1. reduce the aoe of the flash bang such that you have to almost nail the opponent such as Roadhog's chain. 2. reduce the stun time even further on it such that he has to remain mobile shortening his window of opportunity for damage. Another option could be to increase the spread of his hammer shots so they are less accurate but that is already to the size of some shotgun reticles so I don't know how much larger it should get. If you lessen his damage he becomes a short range soldier 76 where there would be no situations to pick him over soldier considering the less cosistant damage/ lack of healing he would bring to the team.
Ringo on 31. May. 2016.
They balanced him around his role, which is to be a burst hero. The only problem imo is that he cans burst and reburst too fast, they should increase the reload time of his weapon at the very least and then maybe look for a way to make the right click mechanic different. Possibly by reducing body damages but increasing head damages.
Brian Williams on 31. May. 2016.
How bout those damn turrets or bastion? Those need nerfs.
copperhead228 on 31. May. 2016.
What if it only blinded you for like 2 seconds. Instead of stunning you & stop you from moving?
ariaden on 31. May. 2016.
In rock-paper-scissors type of balance, it tends to be more complicated that just "overpowered" and "beats everyone". Good teams are running 1-2 McCrees, not 3-4 of them. But yeah, having an auto-include is not good for game diversity; so it would be a good idea to somewhat discourage picking him. No matter how influential his kills/deaths ratio is; compared to something less direct, such as discouraging enemy Pharah picks (as she makes the life harder for team Lucio). Anyway. My initial reaction was "if he is a cannon, make him a glass cannon". But I do not see any "set his health to 150" comment here to like. Most comments just want him to be less cannon (and more vanilla). Has the temporary Lucio change during close beta proven to be too harsh? Or, on the other hand, would Zenyatta be even more influential (than McCree currently seems to be) with 200 health?
graog123 on 31. May. 2016.
The people who think Mcree is OP are the same people who think Bastion is OP. Stop ignoring the strengths of your enemy, and start exploiting their weaknesses. Mcree is absolute trash if you do not allow yourself to go inside his roll > flashbang sphere of control
NPX Academy on 31. May. 2016.
Just put a delay on the flash bang detonation, so he needs to plan where to throw it, throw it ahead of time and then get the benefit if he hits somebody
Trip Plays on 31. May. 2016.
Get git. The meta has been super volatile (double tracer, zen, lucio, 76 always changing) People only usually run 1 McCree but the other attackers had double during their time of the meta, seeing mcCree in comps means nothing. If anything Genji is OP, he is a must on most maps like dorado in current e-sports. Saying he is OP is like saying Bastion is OP (just gitgud, bastion is trash). fan of hammers does like 30% ult build. so flash fan, tumble fan a different guy is like almost 60%. Your team mates are just feeders in this case. E may be free, but its only close range, treat it like a fighting game and not a fps and space that sht. McCrees ult should charge slower than absorbing tanks, supports, tracers and 76. Balancing at average level is useless and means nothing, the only thing that matters is balance at a high levels. McCree needs headshots on fan to kill tanks but all tanks either than probably Reinhart has a form of counter play. Saying a character is too easy to
Pan Puszek on 31. May. 2016.
What about linking stun duration with character max HP? The less max HP character has, the longer stun?
Elias Bremer on 31. May. 2016.
I want to see more of your thoughts on overpowerd/underpowered heroes! I think this videos are needed!
Purutzil on 31. May. 2016.
Pretty much him and Roadhog are too strong. Roadhog probably would be more difficult to balance since if they nerf him too much, he isn't useful for the Tank role. As of now though hes basically a tank DPS able to obliterate people then heal up no problem with how much self healing he has, but at the same time if you take him as a tank hes one of the weakest choices in most cases when trying to push up.
Elias Bremer on 31. May. 2016.
I think adding more cool down is a good idea
Jo Co on 31. May. 2016.
I think you should be either able to special move or ultimate if he stuns you.
IAN 4000 on 31. May. 2016.
I think McCree needs to return to the early Beta days when his right click was a cooldown ability that replaced the flashbang.
wantedking 2.0 on 31. May. 2016.
wut if people just like playing a cyborg cow boy
Lefkas Alpaca on 31. May. 2016.
that ending was sick o-o
TrumpKingsly on 31. May. 2016.
Overwatch balance is weird. In every other game, everyone knows all at once who needs a buff and who needs a nerf. R6 Siege, everyone knows Tachanka needs a buff. Hearthstone, everyone knew that Druid needed a nerf. Killer Instinct, everyone knew Shago needed to be turned down. But Overwatch? I see a new video in my feed every day talking about a different character that needs to be nerfed. And I have yet another opinion: give Zenyatta some love. That guy's abilities and tissue-paper health pool say "stay out of the party." But then his ultimate says "What are you doing out here!? Get in there, pussy!" Make that guy faster, so he's not so punishable when he enters the fray.
zachery klughaupt on 31. May. 2016.
It's not about him being op,it's about people using the Wong hero to fight/counter him
Colby Quaft on 31. May. 2016.
It seems like they might give his fan the hammer a cool down, like how Lucios alt fire has a cool down. I think that sounds like a pretty good idea.
TheDoomProgram on 31. May. 2016.
I'm Daedalus in this video. My team was just uncoordinated, I didn't think you were op.
GeosGaming on 31. May. 2016.
If they nerf McCree people will just move over to Mei.
Christiantrooper on 31. May. 2016.
I hate people who play as McCree and just slink around corners and flash bang combos you in the back. It's also nearly impossible to counter that kinda play style because of the damage McCree does. You can't snipe him with widowmaker or Hanzo because he is always hiding around corners unless you use wall hack abilities. You can't fight a good McCree at close range because he out-damages everyone with 400 damage per click. There is literally nothing you can do to counter that play-style except use McCree yourself and hope you do better which is just stupid. There should never be a character in this type of game that is so powerful in one situation; the only viable way to take them out is with the same character. This is why I hate McCree in his current state.
Patrick Bilbo on 31. May. 2016.
to those saying he is not overpowered, im going to say you are full of crap. when a character is easy enough to dominate the going solo route AND be able to dominate in an organized setting, something is wrong. For McCree, his Flashbang radius is huge and the duration is 100% as ling as you are in the radius, which is also poorly shown visually. the Radius should match the animation. His ultimate should also be uncancelable so that he has to have skill in when to use it and, if we are being unbiased here, 34% charge for a guaranteed burst is bs. 20% maybe. His damage should stay as is, but he needs to have tweeks to make him actually earn that damage, not just get it for free.
Irrehaare on 31. May. 2016.
Don't let McCree close to you and you are fine. Nerfing is a slippery slope. First McCree, second will be Genji, Mei, Bastion, Widowmaker and whatever else the player base will be stirred up by some whiners to complain about. Also if you still get killed by McCree's ultimate you seriously should learn how to use cover. Competitive uses him as he has one of the highest DPS outputs at close range if you know how to aim. There will be always some heroes which are preferred in comp matches.
Frostyx on 31. May. 2016.
in my opinion mccree is not that OP! i counter him so easy with so many heroes! we need to have some tank destroyer or the game will be all about tanks! Mccree have their skill base abilities, even with the right click. if Mccree would be nerfed i would do it on his right click a CD os 3s or 4s. But this is just my opinion dont need to be right.
You're Pretty Good on 31. May. 2016.
FUCK NO, McCree is just fine where he is. Now, Bastion on the other hand.........
Zzannez on 31. May. 2016.
One annoyance with McCree is that sometimes I can clearly see myself as a Tracer dash away from his flashbang but still after the dash appear close to the explosion of flashbang and get killed, like I didn't dash at all. But I guess that has more to do with the game's servers.
Crau on 31. May. 2016.
As a non player(I'm downloading it right now), I can say that this flashbang's radius is too big, you missed it and it still stunned, now they could either make the radius smaller or simply make it like a cs go flashbang with the same AoE as it has now or even bigger.
A Sneaky Hobo on 31. May. 2016.
This might remove the point with the flashbang but maybe a tiny cooldown before he can attack after thrown? Not too long time, also maybe a stun reduce based with the explosion of the flash bang
MegaBoeboe on 31. May. 2016.
make the stun a skill shot
Akira NightFury on 31. May. 2016.
i dont think mccree isnt overpowered, i think you need to him to counter many mobile characters. without mccree winston tracer genji are hard to kill without him
ChunkyPandaz on 31. May. 2016.
You know who is op, mei
TheKillerKanka on 31. May. 2016.
I personally would make it only on hit, not aoe. Or make it big aoe explosion (to counter agile characters), but far-far less stun time, maybe even add some damage.
Nosferatu Zodd on 31. May. 2016.
His Stun Grenade + Fan the Hammer combo definitely needs tweaking. I swear, 95% of the times I've died to McCree it's been to that combo, 4.5% were to his ultimate due to bad positioning/slow reactions, and 0.5% have been to his regular left clicks.
rss313 on 31. May. 2016.
i've put in about 25hrs so far and i have to disagree. mccree is fine. imo mei's freeze is more powerful. mccree needs a 1v1 to look as good as people think he is. flashbang has a small range, i'm not bothered by it. skill with him doesn't seem to outbalance any other character (which would create hard counters for matchups that are generally 5/5 or 6/4) i see more veterans (quake players im guessing) whipping my ass with genji and his accuracy+speed. mccree left click isn't that great.
Casimir C on 31. May. 2016.
I'd either switch it so a stun is his ultimate. And something replaces his stun. (Maybe a quick shot which always hits targets in the body? Fast draw shot.) Or reduce fan damage by like 50%. Or reduce his hp by 50 and damage by 25%.
lucifael1 on 31. May. 2016.
Having characters killed while crowd controlled is bad for business. Players should always at least have the opportunity to respond in theory. Skill may dictate how likely that turns out to be but being done in while crowd controlled is just the worst and inspires general hate like nothing else will. It’s a bad design.
ZeVio74 on 31. May. 2016.
He's a strong hero yeah, OP? Not really, that or because I never encountered a good one If any changes were to be made, change his stun to a blind, like a flash grenade
Classy Striker on 31. May. 2016.
I have zero problem with him. He's easy to counter with tons of abilities.
jakester726 on 31. May. 2016.
are you going to complain about how strong widow maker is at long range? haha