McCree's Real Problem (Overwatch)

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Soldier :67 on 14. Mar. 2017.
he said casual WOW to much rainbow six siege to much Force
Le DoctorTurtle on 14. Mar. 2017.
blizzard hates mccree they rarely buff him hes had so many nerfs the worst was if he dies with his ult up, he doesnt get charge soldier gets his 50% mccree needs it at THE VERY LEAST
shiny gardevoir on 14. Mar. 2017.
The way he says "persona" triggers me so much
Internetspaceships on 14. Mar. 2017.
I don't like McCree because he only has 6 shots and i miss all of them..
Sheol_IK on 14. Mar. 2017.
People that just want the "old meta" with Mcree in place of 76 are the ones who'd pick D.Va, Hog, Zarya as main tank on defense/ maps with a choke.
superzice250 on 14. Mar. 2017.
how come nobody talks about reaper.
abdulaziz E on 14. Mar. 2017.
i feel like mcree is a very weak now
Jose Benitez on 14. Mar. 2017.
Even Mei is better than McCree.
logan erstad on 14. Mar. 2017.
Duel wield pew pew
Persia Meme on 14. Mar. 2017.
It would be pretty cool if they turned his Ultimate into a 1v1 duel, disabling both of the heroes abilities except for shooting, so it's a true 1v1 one damage, it could even pull both of them together to give them a real 1v1 experience, it could be neat to allow him and his opponent to be immune to enemy fire while they're dueling as to not offset the duel in a winning team's favor.
SpriteOverlord on 14. Mar. 2017.
People in the comment section always come up with wack idea's,thinking they know how to balance a game while coming up with changes that is only applicable to a wack ass game like league of legends. for example "when he ult, he can see enemies through walls" when Mcree does his little pose he does'nt suddenly develop SPECIAL eyes that see through concrete
Pumpkin on 14. Mar. 2017.
Force Drinking Game: take a shot every time he says 'Highest level of play' in any video.
Spikà on 14. Mar. 2017.
Mccree is my favorite hero, but because he is in such a bad spot right now I just don't feel like playing as much anymore. Even Bastion is a better pick than him right now, which is frustrating.
LiK on 14. Mar. 2017.
People still use him more than Reaper.
GEITH ABDUL MAJID on 14. Mar. 2017.
they need to bring back the mechanic that retains 50% of his ult when he cancels
TheExplosiveDonuts ;D on 14. Mar. 2017.
I see the problem Smoking is bad for his health
Vitor Raposo on 14. Mar. 2017.
I think McCree is in the most balanced state he has ever been and that the real problem is soldier 76 being a bit over the top
TheWarHero 121 on 14. Mar. 2017.
Why did you upload the same gameplay? I remember this, don't remember what vid but I remember the Winston hitting that bell>:(
Ima Person on 14. Mar. 2017.
i think that mcree definitely needs a rework his flashbang needs to be more consistent his roll should carry him farther away so and his ult maybe needs a faster lock on for more bulky heros
OzZ on 14. Mar. 2017.
considering how many players keep jumping around in this game. At least make it when you flashbang an enemy and he carried momentum because of his constant jumping to not coutdown the duration of the stun until he lands on the round. That way at least more than half of the stuns duration is not wasted and you have more time to land a proper freaking headshot
Dr. Mantis Toboggan M.D. on 14. Mar. 2017.
"Yeah, Fuck that guy."
EyeSpasm on 14. Mar. 2017.
McCree main show up only at high noon!
margrab1 on 14. Mar. 2017.
lets give him a dash which will be reseting after kill... i mean it shouldnt be overpowered
TheSuedeUzi on 14. Mar. 2017.
- Remove movement penalty for High Noon - Headshots for Fan the Hammer - Combat Roll moves him further - Tiny buff for damage or damage drop off - FIX Flashbang, model it on Biotic Nade - Can ride Orissa into battle - New passive: Tumbleweed...when McCree gets a kill Tumbleweed spawns to annoy the enemy team Lots of good options
Daniel on 14. Mar. 2017.
Lmao, it takes way more to aim with genji than mcree
Magna Gazoo on 14. Mar. 2017.
a small buff in movement speed and tone down his foot step sounds. Hell, Reaper is supposed to be this stealthy shadowy guy and you can hear him a mile away too... fix both.
Антон Басов on 14. Mar. 2017.
im playing mccree sometimes, whene there is phara or tracer in enemy team i play him a lot
Fel IN on 14. Mar. 2017.
MCcree is a hero that works around headshots if you can't land then isn't good. But for me the big problem is the barrier, because reduce his ult strength a lot so maybe a fast speed may help him. Just don't go back to FOTH fest pls.
NinthPixel on 14. Mar. 2017.
Mccree says he ain't ugly, so let him carry a mirror for behind the back trick shots. Let him be the DPS that can actually watch his back.
JaCaL on 14. Mar. 2017.
I think McCree is different from the other offensive character because he is designed to counter them, in particular genji tracer an sombra.
maniaczq on 14. Mar. 2017.
>> I am so sad >> You got 40%~ accuracy as Cowboy and it is your beloved main >> It is high noon baby >> Instagib >>You do shit compared to Soldier brain dead spam >> I have got you in my dick >> You die again >> Team hates you >> Genji deflects your reason to life >> You whine "blizz buff McCree plx". >> You watch streams where pros tell you "he is ok when half of your hits are headshots" >> Cry more >> Roll to Symmtera's suck lazor >> 70% winrate >> Profit
Alp Altinok on 14. Mar. 2017.
Genji is harder to aim with then mcree what are you talking about
ExoticMuffinMan on 14. Mar. 2017.
parah stays "parah way"
Oliver Fentum on 14. Mar. 2017.
I actually main McCree and have a 6 k.d.r but his ultimate is not to good
Badd on 14. Mar. 2017.
Mccree needs his roll to reset every time he kills someone sort of like Genji's dash
Samuel Pink on 14. Mar. 2017.
I think all the reasons you had for why he isn't good, make him feel more rewarding to do well on.
M. Rafas on 14. Mar. 2017.
I see him often (ofc not as much as ridiculous OP soldier) But I don't see reaper at all, saw him maybe FIVE(!) times for few last months (and the reason to that is soldier too)
boren81 on 14. Mar. 2017.
Oh I see him played all the time, note I didn't say played well lol but yeah I see him a lot
Fancy in the House on 14. Mar. 2017.
People address that Roadhog needs a nerf but when EVERYONE says McCree needs a buff Jeff doesn't care at all.
Propelled Gaming on 14. Mar. 2017.
Can someone explain to me what is going on with some people when they are currently doing nothing, they jump and shake a bit and randomly melee while changing positions or something? :<
YONG.E on 14. Mar. 2017.
i miss how op mccree was back when OW launched
Gaming Extreme on 14. Mar. 2017.
Mcree is used far more often than Reaper these days at least in EU and games I watch in US on Twitch. I do agree his ult needs looking at, but if your semi-decent player its a strong offensive hero. He counters tracer/genji/phara and his stun can ruin others ults.
TheOutBack Pandas on 14. Mar. 2017.
bring back the FTH damage man
slitherpuss on 14. Mar. 2017.
New Ability: Skateboard McCree summons a skateboard and skates at high speeds. Consumes Ultimate Charge.
MichDade Michelle on 14. Mar. 2017.
mcree? whos that?
Mr Toast on 14. Mar. 2017.
how about giving his ult some penetration into barriers with it getting a damage reduction while going through the barrier.
seth abraham on 14. Mar. 2017.
Just reduce his damage drop off a bit. And maybe make his lock on for his ultimate a little shorter and you're good