Mercy Rez In The Wrong Kill Feed (Overwatch)

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demonsouls 1993 on 31. Mar. 2017.
a kill is a kill i dont care how the kill happened
Cameron Bird on 31. Mar. 2017.
If you could see Symetra ports that would be a direct Nerf to Symetra no surprise tele cheese
ipwnukazu on 31. Mar. 2017.
Dont need assists but seeing who mercy revived would be helpful
AANickFan on 31. Mar. 2017.
Am I the only one who doesn't look at the kill feed?
Ichthusk on 31. Mar. 2017.
I want to make the icons of players who got killed larger so I can quickly see who is gone, I don't usually care as much who did it. Plus I'd like to customize the sizes of certain elements of the HUD. Like, make the red hit markers around the reticle bigger. Plus, why not make us able to change the colour of the enemy team and their abilities? This would be good for visibility because I for one have trouble seeing tiny dark red figures in the distance on, say, Lijiang Tower or King's Row. Would probably also help the kolorblind among our community ;D
MrDomiNoah on 31. Mar. 2017.
I would like to see melees in the kill feed
Ricardo Ponce on 31. Mar. 2017.
I would like to see who Sombra hacks or if Ana sleeps someone.
Venom Wither on 31. Mar. 2017.
That would realy cloud up the kill feed. And you wouldn't be able to tell who is dead and alive
Tejas S on 31. Mar. 2017.
i think they should display saves (like when a zarya bubbles a hooked teammate)on the killfeed, maybe the opposite side. There must be a way blizzard can measure this as lifesaver POTGs already exist.
Patrick Gilchrist on 31. Mar. 2017.
I'd love to see mercy rez on the feed
Chrusky DeHam on 31. Mar. 2017.
It'd be cool to have the option to view respawn timers of people who have died whether they make it team only or game wide, the way I'd see it done is just keep the killfeed portrait just add a small countdown and just keep the portrait there for that time duration.
DylanHDTV on 31. Mar. 2017.
I was in an Overwatch game before and a Pharah used her ultimate and got a 5 person kill. She wiped out our whole team. But, an Orisa got potg because she damaged all of the people Pharah killed. I was in shock.
Lord Aero on 31. Mar. 2017.
How about a scoreboard? I'm tired of being called a worthless Widowmaker when I've got golds on elims, dmg, and even time on point. Because I went Widow, I'm obviously an idiot that doesn't know how to stand on the point, right?
colonello Valentine jk on 31. Mar. 2017.
show when reins shield breaks so the team knows when to move
ShadowDragonPiano on 31. Mar. 2017.
Sym teleporters..? thats horrible. Basically a nerf to it.
SarntAvery on 31. Mar. 2017.
We can't even barely shove a team kill into the feed... and you want to add a mercy rez??? "Did we kill the tracer?" "No idea because the mercy rez just shit in my kill feed"
William Graham on 31. Mar. 2017.
if someone gets punched to death it should have a fist
Isaac Warren on 31. Mar. 2017.
Maybe who the person a mercy is healing? Possibly?
Loaded Hydra on 31. Mar. 2017.
Can we increase Ana's chance of potg? When she sleeps someone ulting and that person gets killed even if not by Ana she should get shutdown for that
Mr.Gamerwhiz on 31. Mar. 2017.
I agree, the more options, the better!
Krnt13 on 31. Mar. 2017.
The mercy revive would be great, last week I was playing and for some reason I expected the resurrects to be shown in the kill feed, Yeah derp but It was actually a great idea once I keep thinking about it, ultimately I forgot about It and kept on with my life.
Kumami Bear on 31. Mar. 2017.
1.along with the noises the heros make, maybe include who is ulting in the kill feed? 2. ana's nano boost, who is nanoed 3. if your teammate/enemy respawned as a mercy/junkrat main, i would love for people to see my sick ass respawns.
Waluigi Jumpman on 31. Mar. 2017.
You got carried away in this video
Miguel Jimenez on 31. Mar. 2017.
I think he has used that same footage several times hasn't he?
shadowhound360 on 31. Mar. 2017.
they should make a new skin for bastion that makes him turn into a jet when he uses a ultimate
Sir Doffins on 30. Mar. 2017.
why don't they just throw in whenever someone is reloading too while they're at it.
JEMustang on 30. Mar. 2017.
Assists would just clutter the fuck out of it but a Mercy rez would be nice.
Roviroo on 30. Mar. 2017.
how would we know if it's a head shot in the kill feed?
curtis brown on 30. Mar. 2017.
I feel like if you add assists you will clog the killfeed up with irrelevant info.
PoppieXL on 30. Mar. 2017.
The next thing people are going to be asking for is a Kill Feed notification of when someone picks up / users a hearth pack.....
DeliriousKat on 30. Mar. 2017.
Honestly, I would really like if they added assists to the kill feed. Supports don't get enough recognition as is, But having it as a check box would probably need to be a must, considering people complain about stuff too much and about "kill stealing" and the like. And if you do pretty much all the damage to a character and something does 1 damage to finish them off, I'm pretty sure you have in the past wanted to show up in the kill feed, Don't deny it.
Ricky Gomez on 30. Mar. 2017.
guys what point and click adventure game is in the background of the video?
Abtin Refahi on 30. Mar. 2017.
Just give us a normal table as any other multiplayer game. Why overwatch has to different. If other know how other players are doing there will be less toxicity.
A J on 30. Mar. 2017.
Please have them put ult charge in tab popup.
Rich Guy12349 on 30. Mar. 2017.
Sombra's ult where you at in the kill feed?
William McConico on 30. Mar. 2017.
Destroyed barriers
Maurycy 5 on 30. Mar. 2017.
3:45 when Orisa pulls Bastion into a position from which he can kill her.
Facade Kitsune on 30. Mar. 2017.
Ana ult too
crumb on 30. Mar. 2017.
this isn't high on their priority list, but making useless light changes on kings row is???
Lord Raxyn on 30. Mar. 2017.
I want to see ultimates that are being used currently, If you respawn just after widow uses sights you might not know that they can see you. And what if Mcree uses his ultimate at the other end of the map and you go through a teleporter and don't hear it but come straight into range while it is ongoing.
Will Donahue on 30. Mar. 2017.
The feed should show when Dva gets back in her mech
The Comment on 30. Mar. 2017.
*You mercy rez'd in the wrong kill feed*
Henrique Cardoso on 30. Mar. 2017.
This game is starting to look kind of boring compared to Heroes of the Storm 2.0 update
RByrnes1945 on 30. Mar. 2017.
Mabey they can add to the kill feed where if a shield brakes it shows that (Reinhardt, Winston, Orisa...exc)
XxGreatswordxX 0 on 30. Mar. 2017.
When are they going to buff Zen so he can discord Barriers, Turrets, Teleporters, and Sheild Generators.
MoriLepool on 30. Mar. 2017.
an icon when bastion is killing in sentry mode ( not big deal do )
Ollie Topps on 30. Mar. 2017.
personally i love the current kill feed and love the idea for mercy rez. they are great for solo que since no one talks i can still get all the info i need. but i rly would like to know if 1 or 5 people just got resurrected.
SirGonzola on 30. Mar. 2017.
About getting assist in killfeed that might be a little bit clusterfucky to look at but if you have some sort of way that tf2 had it (the box area on the killfeed is grey if you get no assist or kill but turns white-ish if you get assist or the kill) that i think could be very good, so you can see if you're really doing as much as you think you are
rahtava on 30. Mar. 2017.
i dont care about kill feed i want transparent health bar in center of screen. Kill feed is just a stat. All stats should be accessible on tab, but there are none stats on tab...