Mercy Ultimate Change Coming! (Overwatch News)

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Force Gaming on 22. Aug. 2017.
For those curious here is the full clip where Seagull asks specifically about Mercys Ultimate What I show in the video was just his response, my bad for not including the first part LOL
The Ace on 25. Aug. 2017.
Your so fucking slow when it comes to news , I'm switching youtubers not that anyone care
CharlyDeamen on 25. Aug. 2017.
Seagull and his pretentious "pro" player douches can go and kiss my ass. They're all tiny-dick douches who think they're tough shit, yet can't be bothered to hunt down a Mercy before they go for their weeb-gasm with gengoo. That's their level of arrogance, lack of skill, lack of brain, lack of comprehension, and Blizzard is now licking their scrotum by nerfing Mercy into the ground. Yea. FUCK this version of Mercy. She's dead.
Aaron Wright on 25. Aug. 2017.
If by sweet and interesting you mean shit and boring. Speaking with 240 hours on Mercy, this basically ruins OW for me. Sigh. very depressed tonight
the8u9 on 25. Aug. 2017.
Why didn't Blizzard just MAKE a new healer since it looks like the Mercy adjustments are essentially making her into a TOTALLY different character. If Mei stops freezing, then that's significant enough that, that's NOT mei any more. Bastion losing his shield, mcree's ult goes off faster, roadhog's gun does less dmg, that is balancing. Making a group rez into a single one and to make her heal into orisa's ult, now that fundamentally changes the character! I mean we have 4 healers and a defense hero in the healer section, why not just make these mercy changes into a NEW healer.
NoneOfYourBusiness #NoMoreHashtags on 24. Aug. 2017.
Anyone know about the achievement huge rez then
Skynet on 24. Aug. 2017.
Hope she's not the next NerfHog. Time will tell, I suppose. Personally, I'd rather have a single man rez, that builds really fast. That way you're constantly running to people to save them, this means you're constantly having to risk your life to save people, while also making the hide under a rock style of play, near pointless. This would also make Symmetra more favorable since she can teleport the whole team back in.
AccessDennied on 24. Aug. 2017.
Get ready for a symmetra take over, now no more 5 man rez, symmetra teleporter is gonna be popular
Mada mada on 24. Aug. 2017.
R.I.P ress, her new ult is weird. I dont like it.
Sombra The hacker on 24. Aug. 2017.
HIISSSSSSSSS: from a mercy main
Xenure Calipsuaor on 24. Aug. 2017.
People complaining how others use their money without affecting them, just because they play different. Ie. One tricks. Reminds me of discrimination and shows how naive this community is. I only hear complaints here and there. Grow up people. Oh yeah, I forgot, this game is full of immature people.
SoulWarden11 on 24. Aug. 2017.
As a Mercy main, all this announcement does is make me nervous...
Steve Bennion on 24. Aug. 2017.
"I'm not going to sit here and pretend that we know what any of that means.." > titles video "mercy ultimate change coming!"
Leon Post on 24. Aug. 2017.
all the big changes so far have ruined characters, and i really dont get what the fuck is the problem with one tricking, let people play what they are comfortable with. the one fucking solution is to increase the amount of playstyles in the game so players dont have to choose between vastly different characters.
nerdybirdnerd on 24. Aug. 2017.
Im gonna laugh if it's a buff
Adam B on 24. Aug. 2017.
How to fix onetricking: Before the match starts, one round of ban. Enemy bans, then you ban 1-1 each, which applies to both teams. So banning Mercy applies to both sides. Who bans first is decided with a random coin flip. Banning would be optional, you don't have to ban if you don't want to.
Eyy Amigo rachidi on 24. Aug. 2017.
How about we buff mcree?
SUPER_JACK_55 on 24. Aug. 2017.
They could make it where you have to hold down the ult button for maybe 2 or 3 seconds to actually activate it
DeepSpaceNinja on 24. Aug. 2017.
When I kill my enemies I want them to stay dead (for a while). Mercy's rez is my second least favorite part of the game, right after Dva's magic cone of unfun that deletes your bullets.
Lavendar Bot on 24. Aug. 2017.
It's becoming just like COD again; kid gets killed, kid whines, devs nerf, killers whine, devs nerf.
Sen-tee Karman on 24. Aug. 2017.
I swear to god if Mei gets any changes/sort of rework I'm going to quit Overwatch ;-;
Sheezus on 24. Aug. 2017.
You supposed to kill the mercy first before you use your ults, stop crying about every little thing . I don't even play mercy but her Rez is fine. Overwatch community is a bunch of whine babies that's cry about everything. So what a player one tricks that's life , don't search solo team up with people you know . If people one trick mercy that's life they can do what they want and Blizzard can't force them in anyway to change . You guys make pointless things sound game changing. Get over it it's a game . If she Rez her team that's life deal with it .
Kro on 24. Aug. 2017.
Thank fucking god. I hate her ult. Mercy mains be like: "JUST DODGE THE HOOK"
Mr. Bush Wookie on 24. Aug. 2017.
Blizzard should ignore people's complaints about characters being too op if they're under Silver.
Lazaro Ayala on 24. Aug. 2017.
hey man I have the Instagram "forcegamingofficial" if you'd like to buy it for your use
kilashot on 24. Aug. 2017.
she like symmetra should have two ults, her rez of course or some thing a bit more powerful she can heal all her teammates to max health within a restricted range allowing her team withstand team fights rather than for those POTG mercys who wait for their team to die
Olivia Lucchetti on 24. Aug. 2017.
Resurrect isn't even that bad, just annoying. All you need to do is kill the mercy before she can do anything, people just whine about it constantly
bladebane765 on 24. Aug. 2017.
Nice clickbait
Chris on 24. Aug. 2017.
I have to admit I haven't watched a single one of your videos in a long long time. I miss the general gaming news. I miss the MTG. I could come to you to find out about new and upcoming games. Now that it's 98% overwatch for a long time it's time to unsub. Not a hate comment just voicing my opinion. Still think you are an awesome dude but just not a channel for me anymore. Do you Force, I appreciate what you've done.
Matthew Talley on 24. Aug. 2017.
I do love all these mercy mains getting mad I honestly think mercy need a bit of a fixing she's just to strong of a hero that res is the most broken ability in-game resing an entire team with just one click and then all she does is hides away from the point to wait for a res and playing hide and seek makes that less fun it's team based game but no mercy doesn't wanna stay and work with team she decides to hide till the fights over then fly's on and res honestly the biggest problem is what they changed on her before they should never have made her invulnerable when she res there's no counter play to that every hero has a down side mercy has non are ppl just gonna say we'll she can't do damage that's her down side I don't agree with that one bit. They either need to remove the invulnerable from her make her res need line if sight or better yet have them res 50% maybe 75% HP the fact that her one ult turns the tide of the entire game is annoying not to mention she gets her ult fucking fas
Mustache Clan on 24. Aug. 2017.
I'm so mad! I hope this doesn't make Mercy useless
yaitinyai on 24. Aug. 2017.
Sweet for who?
Jim Manahan on 24. Aug. 2017.
Elaborate this "mercy one tricking" thing
ancient122 on 24. Aug. 2017.
Now nerf Pharah then we'll talk
asgth th on 24. Aug. 2017.
have to say, junkertown looks like lynchwood from borderlands 2
YoshirockZ64 on 23. Aug. 2017.
What's a "one trick"?
SugarPanda 1 on 23. Aug. 2017.
Kill Mercy first and stop crying jeez...
vaxen 24 on 23. Aug. 2017.
what is one tricking
Luka Micanovic on 23. Aug. 2017.
Ofc, change my favourite hero and why i loved her, HER ULT! Jesus, she wouldnt get any changes if people would take her down, but no, kill the tanks first. Jesus i hate the Overwatch community more than I do the league community
Ethan Correa on 23. Aug. 2017.
People are just fuvking triggered that all there work is canceled I mean I can see why but that's mercy's purpose. If mercy had an ultimate change let's just say res was removed who would actually play her? No one. I think she has the most affective ult in the game and that's what makes her character. People just gonna have to get that.
Joshua Park on 23. Aug. 2017.
Nerf her game play but buff her ass
Travis Boyd on 23. Aug. 2017.
Looks like a tf2 map though..
AwsmUnknown on 23. Aug. 2017.
Changing her is a bad idea
Universal Gamer on 23. Aug. 2017.
about fucking time her ressuect is the most BS ability in game, no one likes it except mercy mains
cancer on 23. Aug. 2017.
Just don't touch lucio
Olivier Van Der Hoeven on 23. Aug. 2017.
Here's what I'm hoping for. For her ult to charge faster, but for it to be single target
Ali OĞUZ KÖSE on 23. Aug. 2017.
am a mercy main will remian a mercy main
Chinyerre on 23. Aug. 2017.
what the fuck they wanna change on mercys ult???? like WHAT the FUCK??? they gonna change it like she can only res 3 ppl or maybe u can only rez when you are sitting on the dead bodys?! like i dont understand why mercy? WHY THE FUCK NOT DOOMFIST OR SOME OTHER BITCH ASS CHAMPS or how about yall kill the fucking powerless bitch ass weak ass mercy first instead the rest of the team and then cry because she rez them
Paikea Apirana on 23. Aug. 2017.
Well regardless of what happens to her I'll continue to play her primarily. But I have found the total mayhem mode to be an amazing way to get good at other characters. The shorter cool downs and +200% health allows you to practice more in a real time environment and not be pitch forked for first errors.
TeaLeaves on 23. Aug. 2017.
If you were as good as think you are, you'd kill the enemy Mercy instead of whining when she uses rez lol