More To Be Added?! - Allied Race & New Race Preview - WoW: Battle for Azeroth Beta

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Michael Harrington on 28. Jan. 2018.
while the fox is cute and a interesting idea i hope it does not become a thing its model is just to much of a rip off of the goblin one of the few things i like about warcraft races is every single one of them feels unique in how they move and cast and you realy have to debate what you want to be because of this if they blurr this line and just make skin remakes with the allied races that feeling would be completely lost. But if they work the race even more removing the goblin similaritys on there movements then i would full welcome it but do we realy want another race that is almost impossible to target because of there size running around destroying everyone ? I think not i can never click on the dam gnome monks destroying my tauren when i cant even see them with there noggerfoggers
Daniel Ramos on 28. Jan. 2018.
Foxes are for furries, Yiff and silly. Worgens are for man and women of Gilneas, than a foxes.
Korial on 28. Jan. 2018.
Pretty sure I'm not the only one but...I do not want 400 races.
WeirdViking on 28. Jan. 2018.
3:03 T H I C C <3
matus morong on 28. Jan. 2018.
Ohhh i cant w8 to play it but w8 i can t afford it :-(
Blazindragon on 28. Jan. 2018.
It's going to be 4 with the preorder (Highmountain, Lightforged, Nightborne and Void Elf) and there will be 4 at launch (Darkiron, Dragonmaw, Kul'Tiran and Zandalari Troll) I'm calling it now!! BTW I chose Dragonmaw due to the fact they would have unique armor if the old races got heritage armor, awesome dragon style racials and they need to escape the big Alliance wave of enemies coming up to Lordaeron
Vindikar on 28. Jan. 2018.
I need this FOX Race as Playable Character!!!!!!!!
Gebirges on 28. Jan. 2018.
FAT TROLLS! Or more choices for players with heights/weight.
papabeanguy on 28. Jan. 2018.
I sear to god if we get those furry things im going to lose respect for this game. We might as well get anime girls next.
jkkdonut on 28. Jan. 2018.
Kul’tiras humans look too thicc ngl
Bryant Wortham on 28. Jan. 2018.
Lmao was that taliesin on the thin human ?
Toxic Wolf on 28. Jan. 2018.
Lmfao I lost it when he showed the photoshopped faces on the humans XD
Toxic Wolf on 28. Jan. 2018.
Lmfao I lost it when he showed the photoshopped faces on the humans XD
bad at drawing on 28. Jan. 2018.
now I want a snek race :C
Questionable Object on 28. Jan. 2018.
TFW you will never get to play a wicked looking snake person.
Aiscold93 on 28. Jan. 2018.
I want to play Vulpera male, strap a Blingtron on my back and have a wrench in my hand ASAP
Vladimir Tepis on 28. Jan. 2018.
If they made vulpera as playable race, I gonna change all my characters how are able to this race.
Krios09 on 28. Jan. 2018.
oh damn those thicc troollz!
Alpha and Omega on 28. Jan. 2018.
i want to be a snake men
SummerFlowNightSleep on 28. Jan. 2018.
'This also happened" .. that bit had me hit the like button instantly xD
Ryanocerous on 28. Jan. 2018.
In the nautical theme, orc Armor showing off that orc booty
Matt P on 28. Jan. 2018.
Anyone disappointed with the dwarf armor or is it just me? Also next video show which classes those ally races can be!
Johnney07 on 28. Jan. 2018.
Hope to play dark iron dwarf as a DK.
Timothy on 28. Jan. 2018.
I hope blizzard adds both the snake and fox people as playable but rather than faction lock them make them Neutral Allied Races. so you unlock them with your main then when you make one you can pick the faction you want to go to.
Dev Lightning on 28. Jan. 2018.
Everyones all over the vulpera and hear I am dreaming of the day I race change my monk to a Sethrak
Galin Sivkov on 28. Jan. 2018.
Vulpera should be the new Pandaren, as in Neutral race. We have the desert folk in horde lands and pirate folk in Alliance lands. While the Horde will befriend the desert folk, the Alliance might pay them pirate Vulpera a hefty sum of gold for their allegiance.
Dominick Fanelli on 28. Jan. 2018.
Is it weird that seeing the blood trolls makes me want them more than the other races, I'm sure e can find some way to bring some group of them to our side
marshall bates on 28. Jan. 2018.
So your calling yourself thicc, and taliesin is a dried up tree branch ?
Rico O' Rourke on 28. Jan. 2018.
B Campos on 28. Jan. 2018.
3:00 <3
Matthew Rozario on 28. Jan. 2018.
Vulpera will be part of the Blizzard shop, so we will have to pay if we want to use them. Calling it now.
BigD888123 on 28. Jan. 2018.
It’s cool that we got some new races from legion but if we keep pushing now for all these races we see in the future it’s going to ruin the game. You don’t need to play every single race that you find cool.
J.J. Shank on 28. Jan. 2018.
T C on 28. Jan. 2018.
The Sethrak are so fucking cool wtf
John Brock on 28. Jan. 2018.
3:05 she damn THICC
Colin Brown on 28. Jan. 2018.
Arena, No Healers, Fox Only
Chase Thorntalon on 28. Jan. 2018.
They will never be an allied race, especially for this darker themed expansion. Its too kid-like and friendly. It is Warcraft after all.
Ramil Bagmanov on 28. Jan. 2018.
It might sounds silly, but it could be cool if vampire race will be included in the future updates
EzeTarget on 28. Jan. 2018.
Nana Mew on 28. Jan. 2018.
Loved that Taliesin cameo xD
Dominick Gay on 28. Jan. 2018.
Thin human is a female undead body. Could work
Gerald Snowman on 28. Jan. 2018.
the new human females just to thic :D
Boomy on 28. Jan. 2018.
3:06 T H I C C
Shaun Wills on 28. Jan. 2018.
Vulpera are pretty much guaranteed at the moment, they seem to have a Goblin skeleton. In fact, if you cover their faces with your hand they look just like Goblins.
Heynow134 Hey on 28. Jan. 2018.
I want the Fox!!!!
Abraxis729 on 28. Jan. 2018.
Kinda seems alliance wont get to see sethrak in the zandalari zones which is a shame
IntergalacticSpaceWizard on 28. Jan. 2018.
I have my doubts about the foxes still but i can see patch 8.1 being a Human VS Orcs patch where we get Mag'har Orcs and Kul Tiras Humans
Slpngkt on 28. Jan. 2018.
2:58 made me pretty happy lol
Kamahl Games on 28. Jan. 2018.
Yo. I can hopefully play a rogue engineer named Ratchet.
Samael76 on 28. Jan. 2018.
I hope some of that bone-style armor seen on that Blood Troll becomes available for players! What I've wanted for my troll warrior for a while.