MORE TO COME! Allied Races In World of Warcraft's Future: What Will They Be?

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Venoxisguides on 30. Dec. 2017.
You look like poatat
The Reasonable Extremist on 30. Dec. 2017.
Maybe I'm a weirdo, but I want Nerubians for the Horde. Remember when Cata gave all low-level dungeons universal quests? Remember how the Nerubian dungeons in Northrend gave us quests to retake their cities from the Scourge AND the Old Gods? I do. Plz I want spooder ppl.
Mighty Monk on 30. Dec. 2017.
I think Jinyu would be sweet and would probably get me playing again. We still haven't gotten an aquatic race in WoW yet so they would be very welcomed.
squallken3173 on 30. Dec. 2017.
There's almost no end to what we can get for sub races, I (like many) have longed for High Elves. I'm sure Blizzard can work those guys in.
kittylactose on 30. Dec. 2017.
Why not just add in a fuckton of races for both sides?
Wyvernmilk on 30. Dec. 2017.
I just want the damn choice to pick my eye color
Robert Xtrem on 30. Dec. 2017.
quest to save gnomeregen unlocks leper gnomes?
TsoSai on 30. Dec. 2017.
Everything we've seen so far in the game, what makes the most sense to me is having a hero class based on Mechs. Goblin and Gnome. I do realize this is a video about allied races, but still, it would fit in the current landscape of the game to have big machines running around.
L2 Sentinel on 30. Dec. 2017.
No mention of naga in an expansion where we finally confront Queen Azshara? I've wanted playable naga since WC3 TFT. I don't buy into the "only bipedal races can be playable" arguments. There are workarounds for all of them. Leg armor wraps around the tail and boots wrap around the tip or are not visible (is it really such a big requirement that boots be visible when so many races are barefoot?). Chariots and flying chariots for the mount issue. Coil up for jump animations. Done.
Akaihiryuu77 on 30. Dec. 2017.
Mok'nathal are not actually half orc half ogre. They are mostly orcs, but they have some ogre ancestry back in the past. Calling them half orc half ogre would mean all of them have one orc and one ogre parent, and that's not the case. There were half orc half ogres in the past, and they are the ancestors of the Mok'nathal, but they haven't bred with ogres anytime recently as far as I know. Of course with Chronicles we now know that orcs are basically mutated ogres anyway.
Brett Johnson on 30. Dec. 2017.
Brett Johnson on 30. Dec. 2017.
These videos are always what ifs lol
Creme Tem on 30. Dec. 2017.
Always wanted to play a broken
Igor Kučera on 30. Dec. 2017.
If there were going to be groups of humans, there would have to be groups of orcs - every possible orc clan. That'd be really good.
Martin zelenák on 30. Dec. 2017.
I want High Elves!!!
Rick Baker on 30. Dec. 2017.
I think Arrakoa are an honourable mention that could potentially be introduced alongside Ethereal.
lewis rackham on 30. Dec. 2017.
BELION on 30. Dec. 2017.
You saying Ho-Zen is kinda funny. Sounds like every english speaking guy trying to say "pants" in german... "Hosen" :D
brinegret on 30. Dec. 2017.
Ogre warriors would be T H I C C & J U I C Y
Thyago Oliveira on 30. Dec. 2017.
feels bad that no ally allied races cant be druid or shamans :(
Santiago on 30. Dec. 2017.
Dark rangers = war with the blood elves sadly. Man I hope someone at blizzard will borrow some of your ideas
SilverReviews on 30. Dec. 2017.
Give us Moknathal!!!!
Scott S on 30. Dec. 2017.
nothing cool about the tuskar
Mihai Lung on 30. Dec. 2017.
No, the dark iron dwarves aren’t tied at all to the current story. They are tied to the BfA story, which is why they’ll only be unlockable then. Seriously, for someone who claims to be in a position to make advisory WoW videos I don’t see how it’s acceptable to get such basic facts wrong. Made me want to stop watching since it made me believe that you have no idea what you’re talking about.
Gert Olivier on 30. Dec. 2017.
This isnt news thu... more like speculation
spyfire242 on 30. Dec. 2017.
ogres should absolutely get in, they have some of the most rich history in lore of any of the races and have been a part of the horde already in the past.
Archmage Earinare on 30. Dec. 2017.
San’layn needs to be playable :|
kaimeng quek on 30. Dec. 2017.
Half elves.. Slender like elves with human ears.
Chris Classen on 30. Dec. 2017.
For the love of god can you try to stick to one volume level?
Paradox Maelstrom on 30. Dec. 2017.
I am down for all of these, I thought though the Mag'har and the Blackrocks are already part of the horde only a handful of each though that actually lived in Org/kalimdor most were loyal to Garrosh though many of them died in the siege along with many Dragonmaw of Azeroth but that said I will like to see quests involving the survivors of the Dragonmaw to come to the horde once again along with convincing more Blackrocks and Mag'har, though I do not know how the clans of the horde will work in a sub race since there is many...
Rychoo on 30. Dec. 2017.
People have been whining for playable Murlocs for too long. Blizzard should just outright tell everyone no. I'm happy you didn't humor these people in this video. I'd love to see Blizzard just go all out on these allied races. Bring some racial variety to the factions. Instead of the 15 quintillion Blood Elves in the Horde.
iceman3317 on 30. Dec. 2017.
You also didn't mention the Frostborne for Alliance. Which are also very much like Jinyu and Hozen.
iceman3317 on 30. Dec. 2017.
One thing I want to mention about the Wildhammer, they were scattered when the Legion attacked, but nothing at all in Legion took us to Twilight Highlands, so the Alliance could easily hunt down the families and bring them back in.
Brandon Kuntz on 30. Dec. 2017.
I’d love to see berserk or something similar. I also think it be cool to play leper gnomes
Chrastrarian on 30. Dec. 2017.
Colecius on 30. Dec. 2017.
Over on 30. Dec. 2017.
I think they would add one sub-race to each race and id guess we will have one for each at the end of nexr xpansion. Also one thing be would need to go to another timeline for half ork-half ogre cuz it is sad that rexxar is last of that kind so i doumbt that is possible
Koscius on 30. Dec. 2017.
"I'm read- I'M NOT READY!"
Niko on 30. Dec. 2017.
All Humans that are playable are from stormwind. With the rebuilding of stromgarde it's the perfect time to introduce another human nation. Are we supposed to believe that all humans on the entire planet live in 1 city? That means humanity is on the brink of extinction. I want to play a stromgarde human, taller and with stronger builds, true descendants of the arathor tribe. They'd be a lot closer to the vrykul than traditional humans, their old leader Thoras Trollbane was always depicted as being pretty huge. Humans are really negelected in WoW. It was always my favourite race to play in Warcraft 2 and 3, Believe it or not people do like the medieval fantasy setting. The problem is that blizzard seems to have forgotten this and gotten themselves tied up in endless elves, titan constructs, elementals and the lot that we don't see an awful lot of one of the most important races in the series. For example, night elves are all over the north of Kalimdor, Dwarves are found everywhere in
Kristofer Nilsson Fransson on 30. Dec. 2017.
I really hope for Vulpera, would be a nice addition and nice contrast to all the elves we got lately xP Also, rather add Nelf Worgen, they need to fix the normal worgen to start with! But at the same time they could fix them along with the Nelf Worgen added, hmmm.
Dreamlessnight on 30. Dec. 2017.
0 ogre
Dreamlessnight on 30. Dec. 2017.
rob verheyden on 30. Dec. 2017.
Dressing a hozen woud prob be easy enough, they alrady had trolls lookalikes in the very beginning of wow
Paul Wendt on 29. Dec. 2017.
Naga, give me playable Naga for the Horde.
Baroven on 29. Dec. 2017.
No High Elves... :((
Mez282 on 29. Dec. 2017.
God I always wanted to play a of my favorite races in WoW by far.
West on 29. Dec. 2017.
Ashai and the Summer Isles? Are you talking about Game of Thrones? 5:35
TheSandySasquach on 29. Dec. 2017.
Banjo The Fox on 29. Dec. 2017.
Taunka, Red Orcs, The Broken are some of the ones I want.
Mr. Grey on 29. Dec. 2017.
I think it is naive to believe Blizzard when they say there will be more races, let alone think they will be more extreme models like Vrykul or Vulpera.