My Final Thoughts on World of Warcraft: Legion - (Expansion Review)

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Artus NC on 26. Dec. 2017.
AP grinding was kinda fixed later on, what truly isn't alt friendly at all is farming decent relics.
Random Savior on 26. Dec. 2017.
Legion was a step in the right direction. The quests were fun, the zones were beautiful, and there was a story to be had that kept my attention throughout the entire adventure. Needless to say I am looking forward to the next expansion.
MrLeft Hand on 26. Dec. 2017.
The most demanding game my gaming setup can handle is Roblox ',:)
bruno figueiredo on 26. Dec. 2017.
Where are the machinimas?
Ahriman Demogorgon on 26. Dec. 2017.
Legion and wotlk was the best expansion ever.
NoNebSlindy GT on 26. Dec. 2017.
Pin me plz
B Panther on 26. Dec. 2017.
I remember taliesin and evitel like the legendary system lol
Køltira Memeweaver on 26. Dec. 2017.
My casual ass still needs to finish, but I love me some spoilers
Adaman on 26. Dec. 2017.
Dude, you cant have final thoughts 7.3.5 isnt out yet!!!
Hethrus on 26. Dec. 2017.
You WAY over-exaggerate the AP grind. It is VERY easy to get from 1 to like 65. It takes about an hour. Earlier on it was very rough, I'll agree. But as soon as they introduced the way to bump up the knowledge on alts the grind went from weeks to like, 3 hours.
Will on 26. Dec. 2017.
I definitely think relics were a pretty debilitating aspect of legion being not alt/off-spec friendly. One good titanforged relic can be a massive boost to your power so having to juggle 6/9 relic slots is extremely annoying and not very practical.
joshua garner on 26. Dec. 2017.
Seat of the triumvirate was worse than eye
Chipmunks TV on 26. Dec. 2017.
AP grinding? 4 AP tokens took my alt mage to 50 traits... yeah worked up a sweat there.
David Ejlersen on 26. Dec. 2017.
EN and tomb were fucking garbage tbh
moo williams on 26. Dec. 2017.
overall was boring, pvp was not balanced, sure it's never been easy, but this expansion was the worse pvpwise, pve, AP grind was too much. the thing with grinding there was an end goal, opening up a vendor for some gear or whatever, to get access to some dungeon or whatnot. here is was no means to an end.. just mindless "missions" quests to complete to get a overall gold, AP or whatever. the overall gameplay seems to be too simple. no options apart from the cookiecutter rotation of each class.. that had near the same gameplay as othe others with some kind of combo point system, holy power, shadow orbs, no real recource management. the professions was also stripped of any purpose, back in BC/vanilla some of the crafted items lasted well into T2 or T5-6 everything just seems to be a shadow of what it use to be, Regardless of skill pruning, really bad players will continue to suck at whatever they are doing. so ya, i might be a bit angry over the expansion. have not had wow subbed for a
FrostCynical on 26. Dec. 2017.
worst expansion for pvpers
Adrian Johansson on 26. Dec. 2017.
the badest thing in legion is that vol`jin died :( !!
Pink Skie on 26. Dec. 2017.
The legendary system was enough to singlehandedly kill my love for this game. Which is a shame.
Oguzhan Kaygisiz on 26. Dec. 2017.
Hated Titanforge,Artifact grind and pvp gears removal. Loved the story telling and Lore.Zones were all unique and fun and loved the raids but at the end it wasnt enough for me to stay :(
abi melendez on 26. Dec. 2017.
Loved this Xpac! Not a fan of artifacts just wasn't for me. Was cool at first just became to bland imo. Hated how legendaires worked. i Enjoyed the honor talents, miss pvp gear. Other then that i had a blast and still am. i give it a 8.5.
Masih Sahranavard on 26. Dec. 2017.
when pvp almost died but pve players enjoyed the expansion, feelsbadman
Derionx on 26. Dec. 2017.
For me its 1. Legion 2. Mop 3. Wotlk 4. Tbc 5. Cata 6. Wod 7. Vanilla(Yeah WoD was better for me)
tatarata tatarata on 26. Dec. 2017.
its over
Umberto Bini on 26. Dec. 2017.
i didn't like of this expansion that the burning Legion isn't a legion. Come on They sent some spaceship and some demons to kill us, We didn't see a real infinite Legion
Jay Cruz on 26. Dec. 2017.
Right on Nixxiom! Great video and points! I actually enjoyed Legion and had a blast on my Survival Hunter and look forward to BfA!
nadlacki on 26. Dec. 2017.
I hate crapy random pvp gear after win and grinding artifact power. Everything else is nice.
Richárd Csont on 26. Dec. 2017.
An illusion! What are you hiding?!
Kabel san on 26. Dec. 2017.
Dick Gori on 26. Dec. 2017.
Oh and Legion destroyed Retri paladin for me, after playing it throughout WoW's lifespan, the changes in legion made me swap main for the first time in WoW history
Synesthesia Kirous on 26. Dec. 2017.
One of the better ones for sure, but still falls behind on overall experience after cataclysm and tbc for me personally.
Chiro Hisuke on 26. Dec. 2017.
not many negatives about legion to say BUT the negatives are so damn huge that legion is one of the worst expansions ever
Dick Gori on 26. Dec. 2017.
The AP Grind, the Nightfallen grind, getting called out for not having the right legendary for my spec, and being overall alt unfriendly made me stop playing this expansion, much of the content are endlessly recycled, people who do M+ may end up with better gear than people who raid, it doesn't sit right with me. Overall good expansion, but too cumbersome for several characters and or specs.
Tching Iz on 26. Dec. 2017.
wait wat u mean 7.3.5 is on live???
Crazy Owl on 26. Dec. 2017.
1.Tbc 2. Vanilla 3. Wotlk 4. Cata/Legion 5. Mop/Wod New Wow and old Wow are quite different games. I prefer the old Wow. That's why i am looking forward greatly to legacy realms. But i understand there are two different crowds. Another one (more casual one) which likes new Wow better (and disgusting pandas).
Kaylin Morris on 26. Dec. 2017.
Who thinks Nixxom is right about Eye of Azhara? I think he's correct! I die every damn time with my dungeon group
Fredrik Norsk Gaming on 26. Dec. 2017.
I thought legion was pretty good. I started to play in wod because i got the game for christmas. So yeah i thought it was great.
Jordan Madden on 26. Dec. 2017.
It was a great expansion I'm just glad that we followers are leaving having to baby sit them and get their item level up to progress through the story sucked. Early legion AP grind made it harder to run 2 specs. But other then that a great expansion.
LOGI 7070 on 26. Dec. 2017.
I though Legion was great. Great commentary as well!
Shawnate Kaplan on 26. Dec. 2017.
I thought we were just getting a new Azeroth ore upgrade tree for our artifacts?? They can just destroy doom hammer and ashbrigher like that
Mario on 26. Dec. 2017.
Warcraft is a like cheese and tomato pizza and every expansion that came out after the original was like a load toppings kept being pilled onto it.......what we have now is a pile is Shit and a mess.
Боян Петров on 26. Dec. 2017.
There is one big con. How will the new classes play trough legion. Legion must be expanded in order to put artifact weapons for the new non hero classes.
Cuckoos on 26. Dec. 2017.
IGN Verdict 6.9/10
bladske on 26. Dec. 2017.
*The good* : Dungeons and M+ Raiding Exploration and zone design Manner of conveying the story Music Pacing of patches Class halls *The bad* : The prune that gutted class versatility PvP balance, progression and match-making The story itself, terrible, just terrible elementary school level writing. Legendaries AP grinding By the numbers incentives to keep people playing even if the content they're doing is really dull *Hopes for BfA* More customisation More skills and abilities No more PvP templates and actual matchmaking, no more 2 healers vs 0 healers Better story Actual fun content you want to play instead of having to play
Alexander Smith on 26. Dec. 2017.
Hate it pvp system broken need solo ques
Bassfreak on 26. Dec. 2017.
Artifact power starts at level 50 now, even if u switch to a different spec. Also AP reward increased. so not much grind.
Tristhar Thane on 26. Dec. 2017.
Legion has been in works since mop. Its why wod didnt get much love, is anyone else concerned bfa will not have as much development as legion managed, like blizzard doing a second round of working on two expansions at once?
Ilthalaine ISHNU ALAH on 26. Dec. 2017.
love ya, nixxiommmmmmmm♥
RedStar on 26. Dec. 2017.
According to the "AP Grind": Since 7.2 it´s gotten easier and with 7.3 it´s easier than ever. And the rest of the time was intended to play with your Main, not your alt.