NERFED! Widowmaker & McCree Balance Changes Explained (Overwatch)

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Jeyzor on 14. Jun. 2016.
the only thing I don't like about widow change is that she no longer one shots d. va (not the mech, d. va) I feel like she should be able to one shot body shot her
Blair Hart on 14. Jun. 2016.
That 120 thing pisses me off, why do I have to die to tracer just cause zenyata cant move? Give him a movement skill don't nerf a characters damage for what another character is lacking. Getting a body shot on tracer is the only thing that will stop her from melting widowmaker, now she can just recall and go back to melting you.
Testicle Tickler on 14. Jun. 2016.
Girl with freeze gun that wears a winter coat -> 250 HP Sentient cool looking robot made of (probably) Steel or an Iron alloy ---> 150 HP Logic!!!!
Alex Rodriguez on 14. Jun. 2016.
wheres the buff?
Alex Steinhauer on 14. Jun. 2016.
Since they nerfed mccree's fan the hammer they should take away his damage drop off
Logan Lane on 14. Jun. 2016.
They should scale down the head hitbox imo, skilled or not skilled a widow maker has a pretty good window to do 300 damage
The Aesthetic Doggo on 14. Jun. 2016.
Whelp kinda gotta learn mcree again cus of less damage now... Woop
Crystal Stone on 14. Jun. 2016.
honestly shoulda been buffed in this patch to. she badly needs it, her damage is terrible her barrier is that great and her ult takes forever to get and her mobility is the worst in the entire game if she bothers to shoot i dont think she needs a damage buff but i do think she should be allowed to fly or use her barrier as she shoots
Commander Peridot on 14. Jun. 2016.
I thought they would buff D.Va
LACNation on 14. Jun. 2016.
with tracer and widowmaker being my main heroes, im both happy and upset about this nerf. when playing as tracer i did have a tougher time going through front lines when a wm was covering so this makes it a little better to play as tracer, but i was still taking the time to learn widowmaker really well and i feel like this nerf will make it a little tougher
petliurich on 14. Jun. 2016.
Wooow, it's fucking nothing. Widow really should recive blanket nerf. I don't see a reason why would Widow have same hp as Phara, and smg as powerful as Soldier's pulse rifle. Why would her ult persist thru death and literally take no skill(you don't even need to aim that thing.)
Brorun on 14. Jun. 2016.
Everybody needs a charge time increase really.
Timothy VanWyhe on 14. Jun. 2016.
"I don't expect perfection, well actually I do" I swear to god if I see this dumbass cringey commercial for some bullshit sparkling water again I'm gonna blow a gasket
PyroTek on 14. Jun. 2016.
I see this reused footage Force, don't think you can hide to me
Austin K on 14. Jun. 2016.
The mcree nerf was way more harsh than widowmakers. Mcree is going to be a lot worse now, great.
TheMcsqueez on 14. Jun. 2016.
is this just for pc?
SerMillicent on 14. Jun. 2016.
Does anyone feel that Zenyatta will see more opportunity in competitive play? Since Widowmakers were his greatest threat, Zenyatta can feel safer about showing his ankles from around corner and still dish out orbs (although most pro-Widowmakers will aim for the 300-damage headshots anyway). As for his kit, his Orb of Discord might see some use since one of the game's biggest tank-destroyers has received a significant nerf. However, I am sure a coordinated team would put him under focus-fire due to his vulnerability, making him hard to kill even against a pro team. That being said, I do feel a buff is in need, Zenyatta is simply not strong enough compared to other healers (even Soldier has a curve on him [40/second in AoE vs 30/second]). And, unlike his 200 HP counterparts, Zenyatta's 150 health can still feel weak even with the Widowmaker nerfs (one headshot at close range from mcCree mb1 is instant Death [even disregarding damage from Stun Grenade]). Although Zenyatta's
jakester726 on 14. Jun. 2016.
5th video this month about this subject saying about the same shit just with a different opinion on it
Cormac Connolly on 14. Jun. 2016.
This does very little to competative widow but will be awesome for soloqueue. I'll have to try McCree because I'm thinking this restricts his viability more to competative play where people will react properly if he stuns a Reinhardt and he is protected. That allows him to properly take out the flankers and assassins. If I'm not mistaken, the flashbang damage allows him to 1 shot reaper still if he hits all his shots, but it's definitely a lot harder. I also like the reload change as it means he can more capably hit targets at medium range before closing in for the stun/fan without having to worry quite as much about not being able to reload in time to react to a quick change in circumstances.
Илья Кучин (HaPKoMaTo3) on 14. Jun. 2016.
Wtf? Why did they nerfed her full charge damage? Isn't it wrong? Like Sniper in TF2 oneshots Scouter and it's ok. But if Windowmaker oneshots Zenyatta and Tracer everyone will go insane! Lol. Bliz had to increase charge time... This charge has to be twice as long or even longer! I don't get it... I'd better go play TF2 again... P.S. i am not a fan of Widowamker.
WhoE Fie on 14. Jun. 2016.
I think they should have made widowmaker's sniper not semi automatic and let it finish fully catch before the next shot like in csgo
Than211 on 14. Jun. 2016.
I will have to put more time into playing Zenyatta after these changes but I almost feel like that the Widow change isn't necessarily going to change a whole lot against him. Yes, he doesn't die by a fully charged body shot anymore but she can quickly shoot again with a love tap and he'll still die. Granted, Widow would have to land both shots but when done in quick succession, there's nothing Zenyatta can do about it in terms of reaction anyway because he has no mobility. It's better than nothing, but he'll still die pretty quickly against Widow.
Allzure on 14. Jun. 2016.
I think the nerfs where needed and they do not seem too extreme which is good. Both Macree and Widow are great heroes and i don't think anyone wants to see them beat to death with the Nerf stick but slight tweaking like this will help ease the OP factor. only play time will tell if its enough, just right, or to much.
Zenn3k on 14. Jun. 2016.
A very good widow who can hit a lot of headshots will still dominate the game.
Taintedone1138 on 14. Jun. 2016.
Headshots aren't just as strong. They buffed Headshots from 2x dmg to 2.5x dmg.
El Matador on 14. Jun. 2016.
They should increase the zoom on Widowmakers scope, she's too effective up close and not good enough on extremely high ranges, current zoom is so low that calling it a scope sounds like a bad joke. Also McCree's flashbang still feels super cheap. There needs to be a brief moment between using the ability and the target getting stunned. One press of a button and you can just sit back cause you can't even defend yourself, while McCree has enough time to gun you down. I get it, countering Tracers and Genjis, but seriously, know the bloody limits.
Stan V on 14. Jun. 2016.
I am completely satisfied with these changes. Good job Jeff K and team 4. Looking forward to buffs in the future.
Coyote Tactical Solutions on 14. Jun. 2016.
Tanks can tank now? Mind blown..
Ephigy17 on 14. Jun. 2016.
Great changes all round. Well done Blizz!
shoot boom on 14. Jun. 2016.
on all platforms????
Zombie_Man on 14. Jun. 2016.
Wheres the D.Va buff tho?
Keldrath on 14. Jun. 2016.
Two things. One, it wasn't quickscoping, quickscoping isn't a thing in Overwatch because of the charge mechanic, it was just rescoping. And 2 they didn't do it for charge time, if anything it slowed charge time because it's not charging when you are out of the scope. The reason they did it was because of movement speed, it let them strafe at normal speed rather than their staying in the scope and having lower movement speed, making you a harder target to hit. Also helped with peripheral vision
iCresp on 14. Jun. 2016.
Love the McCree change, I main McCree, hopefully all the PRETENDERS who played him just because he was op will play someone else :P
Xunsu on 14. Jun. 2016.
uh, Mei nerf and Bastion nerf pls.
Seyto Lichtbringer on 14. Jun. 2016.
Who about not making the same thumpnail 4 times in a row.
Marcos André on 14. Jun. 2016.
you know the widow nerf was a success when you queue up for a few games and see a bunch of kids complaining how blizzard made widow useless.
Jamie S on 14. Jun. 2016.
No ability should one hit, we all should have more health. Imagine how good it would be if you had time to survive and stratagise when attacked instead of just dying.
Kenneth Borges on 14. Jun. 2016.
The first problem with your math is you give damage for mcCree armor when no hero has enough armor to take his roll fully. If I did the math correctly he can kill Reinheardt with the full combo. Basically what you put on the screen for armor just isn't practical.
smartAL912 on 14. Jun. 2016.
The nerfs are indeed needed, i think torbjorn's torrent could use a nerf as well at least in its range. and bring it down to mid range instead of nearly being able to lock and hit targets across the maps.
SpacemaNxSPIFF88 on 14. Jun. 2016.
where da dva luv?
ImperfectCT on 14. Jun. 2016.
im happy about this
Power Hungry on 14. Jun. 2016.
Lame and pointless nerfs, the only thing that needs to nerfed is Bastion, he can chew through anything in 4 seconds.
Johbby Johbby on 14. Jun. 2016.
Anybody know if that balance applies to consoles too ??
Kiora Shiro on 14. Jun. 2016.
Idk I feel that they ignoring the whole aspect of widowmakers character "on shot, one kill" as she likes to say is no longer a thing... I mean she's a sniper, any sniper in any fps could always one shot people if you aimed from the chest up. I think the nerf really defeats the purpose of a sniper and her character as a whole
parks2002 on 14. Jun. 2016.
That thumbnail tho. <3
Tony Shaw on 14. Jun. 2016.
Alan Browning on 14. Jun. 2016.
i like how they kept the headshot mechanic for widow in play does this mean people will turn more too hanzo too 1 shot body shots? and does this mean hes next?
Asher Rwakiseeta (Ash Da Assassin) on 14. Jun. 2016.
Happy with the changes. I was afraid Blizzard was going to pull a Bungie and demolish the fun to use, really potent heroes. I can still go against crazy odds as McCree if I'm lucky/good, and I can't just randomly fire at the enemy with Widowmaker and be amazing.
Scar on 14. Jun. 2016.
Wasn't there going to be a Zenyata Buff, Although the Widow Maker Nerf does in s way buff him is there nothing happening to him?