New Hearthstone Expansion: Kobolds and Catacombs Fun/Gimmick Card Review

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Zeloric on 5. Nov. 2017.
Lookin forward to Thanksgiving Ghostbuster Extravaganza this year, you won’t forget will you?
Javierm0n0 on 5. Nov. 2017.
I want to see that shaman cube deck
Dmitry Yurchanka on 5. Nov. 2017.
Aluneth the best artifact in wow
David Gutowski on 5. Nov. 2017.
Crednor... the Wandering Monster trap card says nothing about "from your deck" it has the same wording as the shredders
urban on 5. Nov. 2017.
The guy who can’t go 2 min in game without misplays is reviewing cards Seems legit
Orillion123456 on 5. Nov. 2017.
Players: "Ultimate Infestation is too strong!" *next expansion adds a mage card that is just a better version of it for only 6 mana instead of 10*
James Deal on 5. Nov. 2017.
It's okay to be white Pass it on...
Strappleberry Nifkin on 5. Nov. 2017.
Blood of the Ancient One>Carnivorous Cube>Sacrifice Cube>Get Ancient One. Blood of the Ancient One>Level 1 Sapphire Spellstone>Get Ancient One. Blood of the Ancient One>Level 3 Sapphire Spellstone>Buy one get one free on Ancient Ones.
Otto on 5. Nov. 2017.
Crendor: Think of Carnivous Cube eating a Blood of the Ancient One, and then playing Unearthed Raptor on that while Brann is on the board. :)
lightsarewet on 5. Nov. 2017.
Why are you saying "shaman" with the same 'a' sound in the word 'at'.
AnotherGaze on 5. Nov. 2017.
Just a basic idea: snowfury giant > Greater saphire stone > spirit echo
Tancread of Galilee on 5. Nov. 2017.
Goblet into Deathwing dragonlord.
GreatfulGert on 5. Nov. 2017.
That's not how the new secret works, though.
Halicos on 5. Nov. 2017.
So Azari is basicly Exodia?.
August Ljungberg on 5. Nov. 2017.
They will start showing cards again at 20 november. Put umbra on the Field before using the cube to trigger the deathrattle once for free. Use it on a minion borrowed from the enemy with ”Take controll of an enemy for this turn” and when the cube dies the minions spawned remain yours
Adriaan Boot on 5. Nov. 2017.
Recruit a minion from your opponents deck 8 mana 4/4.
Anthanas on 5. Nov. 2017.
You no take cannddlleee!!!!
finsclapping on 5. Nov. 2017.
Alright back up for a second. Let's discuss the underlying moneygrab system of blizzard. We JUST had Lich King!(August 2017) There are probably even much more options to expand upon with Knights of the Frozen Throne. And they put another expansion out. Another 50 euro's if you want to slightly keep up with everyone else. Now, I play(ed) FIFA. And what I hate about FIFA is that they make the game slightly better each year and put it out again as a full release: 60 euro's. Heartstone doesn't even need to "improve" their game. They just need to include new cards! And they charge you 50 euro's for a starters set! That is 100 euro's each year for the same fucking game! I'm sorry. This is intollerable. And especcially unfair to other games that take much more effort to produce and they only charge 60-70 euro's. I'll probably not buy the cardset this time. And then see how much you can or can not keep up with all the other decks. I bet it is gonna be a shitshow because I see huge combo poten
Mephzice on 5. Nov. 2017.
ooze is going to be in every deck if there are going to be legendary weapons.
Dall on 5. Nov. 2017.
Legendary cards are not even that good
roke tataroğlu on 5. Nov. 2017.
This should be a tavern brawl not an expension
andromidius on 5. Nov. 2017.
Am I the only one who wants to watch the game in the background?
Please Sin me on 5. Nov. 2017.
How do you scroll through your cards Crendor. I can see that you are doing it at 5:03.
Irldickhead s on 5. Nov. 2017.
Isn't recruit just summon?
Electrickoolaid A on 5. Nov. 2017.
Why are they going with another shitty theme? Outland theme expac with Black Temple as a solo adventure would be DA FUCKING BALLZ MON but nooo we get a bunch of fucking kobolds. So many cool things in WoW just sitting there forgotten, and they go with shit like kobolds and dinosaurs and Gadgetzan goblins.....
Enttey on 5. Nov. 2017.
can't wait to see the 1/2 for paladin and a murloc ofc....
Fedarik on 5. Nov. 2017.
He's gonna take you back to the past... To play the Wild cards that kick ass... He'd rather playyyyy.... a Raganaros.... than any OP meta deck. He'd rather stayyyyy... at rank 20.... than waste his time and get to Legend. He's the gimmickiest player you've ever known.. He's the mellow, misplaying Crendor!
Vrikrar on 5. Nov. 2017.
The Dragon Soul is a priest legendary, further confirming Thrall's position as green Jesus.
Tim Wetzels on 5. Nov. 2017.
But can you only get him free on monday or later to?
Joseph Boyd on 5. Nov. 2017.
what if you used a carnivorous cube on another carnivorous cube? would that mean every time you killed it you'd summon 2 more carnivorous cubes?
Nocturne on 5. Nov. 2017.
I think only people who were at blizzcon or purchased a blizzcon virtual ticket get Marin the Fox.
Ithiltor on 5. Nov. 2017.
6:00 i smell some jade druid action there.......and i am not liking it
Satchmo Omega on 5. Nov. 2017.
It's always ramp druid.
Cozy on 5. Nov. 2017.
Wait each class is getting a weapon? HOLY shit molten blade might just be viable now.
Lyclan on 5. Nov. 2017.
I think with Zarog's Crown from Marin the Fox, you get 3, cause you discover one and it goes to your hand, then it summons 2 of them to the field.
Cozy on 5. Nov. 2017.
This is why I like Crendor. Theory crafting gimmicks.
DIEGhostfish on 5. Nov. 2017.
That Priest Dragon Soul thing seems to be Blizzard joking about Anduin and Wrathion again.
Sarkkoth on 5. Nov. 2017.
Damn I keep thinking how good the deathrattles might be with n'zoth and I keep forgetting he's going to rotate out in January.
Whitewingdevil on 5. Nov. 2017.
For the First Seal thing just go control Warlock with cheap taunto minions, removal and summoning portals, using the Seal demons and Azari as your finisher.
KamiPain75 on 5. Nov. 2017.
Skull of the Man'ari as legendary weapon for warlocks plz
Avery Holden on 5. Nov. 2017.
PersuAsian on 5. Nov. 2017.
Wandering Monster doesn't summon from your deck. It'll be a random 3-drop From Alarm-O-Bot to King Mukla
kornx10 on 5. Nov. 2017.
"What the shit" is the perfect description for Rin
PersuAsian on 5. Nov. 2017.
Trump or wowcrendor.... Mayor of Value Town vs Lord of Non-Content.... I CAN'T DECIDE WHO'S BETTER
TheProfessor234 on 5. Nov. 2017.
Can say that the Cube will work with Spiritsinger Umbra. She currently works with Moat Lurker, and it's a similar effect.
Wolfgang Rodemich on 5. Nov. 2017.
Barnes ----> Rin the first Disciple = quick 'the first seal'
Calvin Ng on 5. Nov. 2017.
Have powerful legendary on board as paladin. Carnivorous cube it. Then pyromancer equality combo. 10 Mana and you board clear and double your legendary minions on the board
Mark Whitmee on 5. Nov. 2017.
Carnivorous Cube -> Kelthuzad
Chugiakjr The Playwwright on 5. Nov. 2017.
I think a Wandering Monster is a random 3-cost minion, not one from your deck. I also think they are adding "monster" minions who will have good stats for their cost with a drawback of some sort to synergize with the recruit mechanic they are adding. I also think they are going to create a mechanic based around filling your hand with bad cards for benefits so you can take advantage of the full hand like with cards that replace your entire hand with (hopefully) better cards like Liilian Voss, the Golden Kobold, and Renounce Darkness.
memes bb on 5. Nov. 2017.
Crendor that hunter trap card doesn't recruit a minion. It says summon a 3-cost minion.