New info: Diablo 3 Necromancer (Dev Q&A)

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Metzy on 1. Feb. 2017.
Julian Love Brandy Camel Travis Day Brandy Love Day ^_^
Nicolas cayer (eXterNick89) on 1. Feb. 2017.
I am really excited for this update. I wish to see the Necromancer in this update. A couple of cool feature in this, i'm happy :). For bounties, and the carfting reagent new tabs. Thanks folk for this video :).
richárd gombály on 1. Feb. 2017.
Hateful By Nature on 1. Feb. 2017.
Bonemancer was my favourite D2 char :)
Ronald Housted on 1. Feb. 2017.
it is free if I on ps4 or Xbox one!!
Ronald Housted on 1. Feb. 2017.
can any what!!
Andrew Schembri on 1. Feb. 2017.
I feel like I am the only one asking this question, but I want to know if the class is integrated with the campaign like the Crusader was? I know no one gives a single fuck about story in video games at all, and that in even mentioning lore in any capacity is opening myself up to harassment and mockery, but I do honestly care about it.
Burnin' GatesOfHell on 1. Feb. 2017.
does everybody know theres a pony in whisydale(portal from rainbow gobs) named Rhykker the savage? xD
Bernie Phillips on 1. Feb. 2017.
love your work, loved playing the necro in d2, cannot wait for him in d3
Dominik Liebe on 1. Feb. 2017.
hey Foaks xD
Gunzakudan on 1. Feb. 2017.
Just make the poison nova into a blood nova...
azshanar on 1. Feb. 2017.
i aint gonna pay a dime for a new char
Veteran Gamer (AKA Greatness) on 1. Feb. 2017.
I so miss the druid from diablo 2
franchstar1 on 1. Feb. 2017.
d3 in 2k17 LUL
a very chronic tonic on 1. Feb. 2017.
should make synergy with the witch doctors rain of corpses rune wonder if they will remake druid
knox on 1. Feb. 2017.
10-20-25€ for this? What ever.. I guess I have to get it because I just have really not a single game to play.. there is just nothing good out, and there will be nothing good coming in 2017
Marco Rossetton on 1. Feb. 2017.
Being as short as possible. I am curious about the Necro DLC - i like what they're doing with it, and hope the price will be around our guesses (10 to 15$). They really need to deliver with it since it may represent a new beginning for the game. Developing requires resources and money is one of them - the game cannot be sustained via free updates only, as much as everyone would love that. Classes DLCs are a good way to deal with that as no one will be gated out of content and new classes will only add more variety to the game as a whole. This said, Necro won't do anything for the issues that are plaguing the game right now. There are other issues that needs to be tackled like Paragon being basically +X mainstat over time and nothing else relevant (keyword relevant) to do in game but GRs.
Wifflums K. (Wifflum) on 1. Feb. 2017.
The closed captions are pretty funny. I wonder if they had a machine do it. "Community" in place of "corpses" does not sound like a human mistake. Also, "healthy margin titu" in place of "how they work in d2".
LubieżnyPurcel on 1. Feb. 2017.
*Necroscamster OP*
corxter on 1. Feb. 2017.
All you idiots bitching "I won't pay that much!" yes you will and if you won't there will be plenty of people lining up to pay. Boycott them if you want. It literally will have no effect on them.
Validate This on 1. Feb. 2017.
Soo, I have to buy what? A necromancer and no new content. Hmm, is this EA?
Seth Bays on 1. Feb. 2017.
Just getting one new class is not worth 10-15 bucks...This is just a ripoff.
Ensane Creighton on 1. Feb. 2017.
very informative, and it was my thoughts exactly. (thumbs up)
baca zterchovej on 1. Feb. 2017.
u got some fly s over your microphone ....
StubbornPride MOB on 1. Feb. 2017.
bet you necs goona be shit...
T. L. on 1. Feb. 2017.
...but will there be a necrophilia skill?
MrSuvvan on 1. Feb. 2017.
Video about what you think about the new patch 2.5.0 please
Atomic_Apollo/ Amulet_Boy on 1. Feb. 2017.
hey I know this is a diablo video but I have to say something about overwatch but I don't know why I had this dream but I was playing overwatch and I looked down at a paper and a picture of tracer and a astronaut discovery on it so I don't know if there is someday a astronaut hero please call me out and make a video maybe on the character and on this comment and what he looked like the astronaut was white with a blackish-blue visor and a black stared background anyway just a prediction
Ⓝⓔⓡⓓ ⓞⓖⓤⓨ on 1. Feb. 2017.
DLC for what I think is a ''dead'' game at this point? Not feeling all that hyped...
JellicleCat09 on 1. Feb. 2017.
Yasssss Zooooooo
Travis Benninger on 1. Feb. 2017.
this just sounds like I wont waist $20 on the same exact game I have been playing for 4 years
GramOfAdderall on 1. Feb. 2017.
I'd eat a maraschino cherry out of Brandy Camel's butthole and I'm not even kidding.
Travis Benninger on 1. Feb. 2017.
so how different would this be from the Witch Doctor? they can use dead pets as well...
Warchief Thrall on 31. Jan. 2017.
I bet you were gonna be using the molten wildebeast gem now that health is a resource along with the ring that doubles life regeneration, and whatever the boots were that regenerate life.
afielsch on 31. Jan. 2017.
4 mins in and I am already bored to tears. blablabla
Jonathan on 31. Jan. 2017.
I bet blizzard will charge $20 for necro. But why buy a new character without any expansion? And why buy a new character when the population of diablo is around 30 people? The story line is super lame now. Sorry blizzard but without any good content and wonderful story line I think its best to let this game die off, just like sc2, and soon to follow world of warcraft.
Vydonis on 31. Jan. 2017.
If people stop paying for this crap we'll get real games in the future.
MonkTheWorldTree on 31. Jan. 2017.
by the time they release D4 (if they do), the market will be flooded with MMO-ARPG. We have Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal coming up and they'll definitely be released in the USA before D4, and I believe there are bunch of other games coming up but can't remember as of right now. But just those 2 games above will destroy D4.
TheShook One on 31. Jan. 2017.
idc if d3 gets necro, you have to play d2 to know what the necro really is.
Kris Hines on 31. Jan. 2017.
unless hacking is completely banned the game will be complete shit.
Sapping Jones on 31. Jan. 2017.
How about you fix the lag u motherfucking assholes
desdinova24 on 31. Jan. 2017.
I've talked with several people about D2 and they always say how they loved skeletons and how strong they were...and I always know they never played past normal. After much trial and error my favorite build was Bone Spear. I'd like to see the ultimates,maybe something where Trag'Oul is summoned?
Dominic Sy on 31. Jan. 2017.
Switch to path of exile now lol
netman34 on 31. Jan. 2017.
I just picked up Diablo 3 for my first time yesterday. I've heard really good things about this game but I've never played it before. I've tried watching some videos online to understand the game but I still feel kind of lost. My biggest question is where to begin? Like what character I should start off with? I hear there are "seasons" in this game so idk if that would have an impact on which character I should pick. I know you have thousands of comments every day I'm sure, but maybe if you see this you could point me in the right direction?? Thanks in advance :)
Jellyfrosh on 31. Jan. 2017.
The second half of 2017? What the actual fuck has the Diablo team been doing the entire time? No new expansion, just a new class, and they announce it nearly a year before it comes out?
supernova86 on 31. Jan. 2017.
Their explanation of the Necromancer was pathetic. No wonder this game fell flat on its face at first, and continues to do so. I love it when they first say "What we kinda found is, uh..., the class is shaping up to be really fun and exciting". Like... uh, what? Did you design this class at first thinking it wasn't going to be fun and exciting? Why is it just now 'shaping up' to be that way? This development team is fucking awful.
Tomislav Hasnek on 31. Jan. 2017.
Im selling game and acc for 15€ contact me if ur interested
MrVvulf on 31. Jan. 2017.
TBH, Diablo 3 is getting pretty stale and really needs to move on to development of D4. Just my unpopular opinion. A new class isn't going to freshen the game much for me, and most likely not worth paying for.