New Kings Row - Love or Hate it? (Overwatch)

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Force Gaming on 25. Mar. 2017.
What do YOU think of the new look for Kings Row?
Maraxion225 on 28. Mar. 2017.
Yes I love the new look! I always felt it was such a cold map, and knowing England's weather, I'd prefer to imagine a nice warm night compared to a cold wet one. the new look has a slightly more soft hospitable glow to it (Which contrasts the Omnic massacre I know), but really accents the hospitable feel that England has.
octemberfury on 28. Mar. 2017.
I'm an artist and I wouldn't have even noticed. They made things like 1% brighter and 1% warmer and put out a few lights. It's literally nothing.
Amélie Lacroix on 27. Mar. 2017.
Who cares
Arkydos on 27. Mar. 2017.
I like King's row with a dark and wet feeling. Kind of like a night in London after rain. When you make every map warm and inviting then it's going to be boring and stale instead i feel like.
Stratos on 27. Mar. 2017.
Why not leave the outside and revert the brightness when you get to the tunnel entrance?
Hanzo Shimada on 27. Mar. 2017.
Ha Gay6y
Yonti Yontz on 27. Mar. 2017.
People being angry about lighting and graphical upgrades is the epitome o retardance... I actually like the map now that it looks cleaner
YouTube Comment on 27. Mar. 2017.
lighting and textures. k... no changes in layout, etc. nothing worth mentioning. eyes will adjust. move on.
Jacob Marlow on 27. Mar. 2017.
I still think the map doesn't look that great anyways. Considering that you can still look through one-way windows everywhere in the map...
Conor Brown on 27. Mar. 2017.
I like it!
Kumadera on 27. Mar. 2017.
I think it looks much nicer
MazzDogger on 27. Mar. 2017.
needs to be dark like my soul
X.Radpanda.X on 27. Mar. 2017.
Love it :)
XefolyN on 27. Mar. 2017.
This looks much better, it contrasts very well and is a lot more fitting and relevant to the overwatch theme.
NerdBoiiJoey on 27. Mar. 2017.
so all they did was make it darker and people are getting made about it? um wtf
Heroguy 46 on 27. Mar. 2017.
So I personally like the change. But like if it never happened, I wouldn't care. So if they change their mind on this update(which is very very very unlikely) i really wouldn't care
Slebonson on 27. Mar. 2017.
Love it and don't care if they change it.....
Samuel Harris on 27. Mar. 2017.
I like both, but the old one feels more like London.
Ant Khan on 27. Mar. 2017.
doesn't matter
jayfel104 on 27. Mar. 2017.
Not a big change, but it looks great! Im still wondering when Eichenwalde will be updated to live. Hopefully Tuesday
Logan Newman on 27. Mar. 2017.
I don't really care that they are changing it but I do thinks that the new design is more aesthetically pleasing. Particularly where they added some red tones to some of the bricks. It looks more natural.
xLead Gamez on 27. Mar. 2017.
This is fucking pointless
Douglas on 27. Mar. 2017.
Love the art need more and better keep it up bliz
Mank Demes on 27. Mar. 2017.
I like the older one, simply because it reminded me more of the cinematic.
LexPlaysGames on 27. Mar. 2017.
Kings row now looks 100% better
Bannana_ Asriel on 27. Mar. 2017.
Wakeng Thao on 27. Mar. 2017.
When the title says changes I thought Eichenwalde changes not art changes. It feels more realistic TBH
Shorter Than the Easel on 27. Mar. 2017.
I actually really like the change to the look. Kings Row was always one of my favorite maps, but it did always kind of have a sort of Gotham City vibe to me. I think the softer look really tones that feel down a bit more. Also, I love that it brings out more of the colors of the buildings a bit and makes the oranges of the vents and the pits pop.
Sephtis on 27. Mar. 2017.
Omnics don't deserve rights
Aristotally on 27. Mar. 2017.
King's Row was my favourite map BECAUSE it was so dark and grungy. It's a city in the middle of a really dark war or omnic rights and I loved that the map represented that.
WHAATEVEN on 27. Mar. 2017.
I bet it's also because they're adding daylight changes or something. Similar to the new iterations of existing maps for capture the flag only for another game mode possibly?
val pal on 27. Mar. 2017.
There is a great contrast of dark blue night tones along with the "grey" London atmosphere and the warmer tones of lights from houses making the map feel more alive than ever. It looks fantastic even though changes are minimal. I honestly prefer this new look, it's an improvement. I don't get how people are upset and feel that the map loses its mood, at least now it looks like people actually might live there.
Duncan King on 27. Mar. 2017.
London is supposed to be cool dark and wet
poketdoom on 27. Mar. 2017.
too bright vampires hate it
Christ vargas on 27. Mar. 2017.
It looks exactly the same lmao.
Giorgia Kinòry on 27. Mar. 2017.
I really like it! :D
Mateo Diaz on 27. Mar. 2017.
Looks a lot more warm, reminds me of oasis
Oli Cansdale on 27. Mar. 2017.
Looks too hot and bright now. Isn't kings row set in London? Where's the depressing grey?
Christoffer113 on 27. Mar. 2017.
I hope Anubis is one of these older maps, I dont know what it is, but that map looks terrible to me. If its not just me being picky and they update it to make it look less terrible I would be pretty happy.
ASAP JOSE-420 on 26. Mar. 2017.
I like it
Swiggity Swiggs on 26. Mar. 2017.
I like the newer graphics. The lighting looks much smoother and even more subtle and even a bit more depressing in a way (it's still dark and gloomy) the way the darkness and the light mix together kind of brings an eerie feel towards King's Row than it already was.
Meckitor on 26. Mar. 2017.
what would be cool is if started nice then further you get more run down/ slum because of the hated omnics and attacks
Sirol26 on 26. Mar. 2017.
My pc is made of paper, i was exptecting this for so long
ClayPlayz on 26. Mar. 2017.
I like the live one better but, what evs
Zhalo on 26. Mar. 2017.
Scott McBear on 26. Mar. 2017.
Are people seriously mad over this? Why are so many people so agressively sensitive nowadays?
gtetrakai on 26. Mar. 2017.
Same map, different filter? change. Got it.
Easton Goldman on 26. Mar. 2017.
It's all the same to me
Noah Golden on 26. Mar. 2017.
it's London it's supposed to be dark and damp not every map has to be brignt