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Truth Teller on 11. Aug. 2017.
wow so u show a leak of a skin that came out the same day as u post it? WHAT A LEAK MAN, srsly do some real videos instead of showing leaks of skins we already have.....
Andres Perez on 9. Aug. 2017.
Remy Fate on 8. Aug. 2017.
lucio CUP is bugged 1!!!! WHRYYYYYY!!!
mysticode on 8. Aug. 2017.
Dakshesh Kasliwal on 8. Aug. 2017.
Yo the update live lit
Stephy Hui-Qiao TSOU on 8. Aug. 2017.
Michael Kralik on 8. Aug. 2017.
and ana?
Yuen on 8. Aug. 2017.
Her bust looks bigger than the Halloween one.
CrazyW0nderland on 8. Aug. 2017.
Ana no legendary till her release.
Visenya on 8. Aug. 2017.
I like it! ^^ I hated the one Mercy got from Uprising ... I don't like her hair... why is her hair always so weird looking. Only the Viking skins where her hair looks good! :/ But no baywatch mercy ;(
dibbles on 8. Aug. 2017.
*squints* mercy's face kinda looks off..
Danny Quirarte on 8. Aug. 2017.
Witch Mercy is still best. I wanted a Bikini Mercy dammit XD
Sombra on 8. Aug. 2017.
I feel like people don't understand that the new mercy skin is based off the GODDESS OF VICTORY!
Meta Vendetta on 8. Aug. 2017.
I wish people would stop putting the leaked skins in the thumbnails. I was hoping to see the new skins without any spoilers
BryceBryceBaby on 8. Aug. 2017.
Thanks for the spoilers cunt
Smart Idiot on 8. Aug. 2017.
I thought is was gonna be the bad minton uniform
Kristopher Johnston on 8. Aug. 2017.
This skin will be better than the witch skin IFF the staff is completely golden. Still really salty that the wooden parts of the witch broom are wooden with the golden skin .____.
How To Boss on 8. Aug. 2017.
Even if its really good im still getting junkrats,
Prata gamer on 8. Aug. 2017.
Wait 2 skins for mercy in the same event W8 wut
Lacie-Senpai on 8. Aug. 2017.
I'm so fucking ready to drop this damn money for the sombra skins I stg Imma get her or I will COMMIT
Parris Summers on 8. Aug. 2017.
Is it a leak if they intentionally advertised it publicly?
Nomz on 8. Aug. 2017.
HMMM, it's possible that Mercy could get two skins. I recall Mei and Torb getting two legendaries for two seperate events each. Torb's had different features, not just a different color scheme. IT'S POSSIBLE. The lifeguard idea sounds amazing!!
Benjamin Mullins on 8. Aug. 2017.
Who else thought this looked like a low budget Sophitia from Soul Calibur?
Yll Avdiu on 8. Aug. 2017.
If the skin is based on Nike goddess of victory, I'll purchase it and hope it'll reward me with some victories in comp :)
Zoloz469 on 8. Aug. 2017.
Kinda dissapointed tbh. Just give me my motherfucking junkrat skin
Mäxchen Musterhausen on 8. Aug. 2017.
No bikini, boring
El Slendermaster on 8. Aug. 2017.
no more sports themed skins??
OrcaPunch on 8. Aug. 2017.
Oh shit.. are the summer games supposed to be Greek themed?
Sib Volg on 8. Aug. 2017.
She looks straight up like a goddess.
Jerkiness Riding on 8. Aug. 2017.
Horny 12 years old fucks.
K P on 8. Aug. 2017.
No bikini season?
TheToxicAlien95 on 8. Aug. 2017.
ugly skin
Ed Reyes on 8. Aug. 2017.
No bikini no buy
H. Reynoso on 8. Aug. 2017.
Personally, if that's Mercy's new skin, it's one of my favorite.
DatBritishMexican on 8. Aug. 2017.
No swimsuit?? booo
Abigail Charron on 8. Aug. 2017.
What if the theme for skins is Greek mythology? I saw something on Reddit about sombra might be getting a Hermes skin IF the theme is Greek mythology
kevvdawg cool dude on 8. Aug. 2017.
Please don't put the skin in the thumbnail. Not everyone wants to be spoiled.
EonHSD on 8. Aug. 2017.
Dude at least don't put it in the fucking Thumbnail...maybe I didn't want to get spoiled?
Sam Taneja on 8. Aug. 2017.
Mediocre at best tbh
Leighton Davis on 8. Aug. 2017.
When is the summer game event happening? What time today?
Chris on 8. Aug. 2017.
Anyhoo, just wait for the porn.
Ziveon11 on 8. Aug. 2017.
As a mercy main im so happy ❤️❤️
JinnixXx_ on 8. Aug. 2017.
Seriously, just go fuck yourself. Noone likes Spoilers you fucking piece of garbage.
xPoemi on 8. Aug. 2017.
If this is really the new skin for Mercy I'm not really excited for it...I think it look kinda boring and too similar to the valkyre skin :/
Axel2257 Portraits and coloring! on 8. Aug. 2017.
i saw the new skin in the thumnail whyyyyyyy please dont do this force i hate being spoiled
Onemaster13 on 8. Aug. 2017.
Why the thumbnailed i dint want to see that ! Lol
SirRedOnion on 8. Aug. 2017.
It's kinda boring I mean it's good but it's not that good in my opinion.
Issy on 8. Aug. 2017.
On your Overwatch YouTube channel it looks like Tracer might have a new one Toomes
TheAwesomeDarkNinja on 8. Aug. 2017.
Kinda disappointing. Might as well just use the Valkyre skin.