New Overwatch Hero Teaser? Disney Shuts Down Diablo style game Marvel Heroes

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Berserk Exilist on 21. Nov. 2017.
Can't believe i say this but ... I'm proud of Blizzard did what they do to Starcraft, but no Diablo ... sorry ...
Step Back History on 21. Nov. 2017.
ARPGs are in need of a big shakeup I think.
a dalek on 21. Nov. 2017.
new doomfist skin
Maxime Brunet-Duval on 20. Nov. 2017.
Thanks dude! Awesome as always, I watch it through the end even thought I hate overwatch, but I love you more :P
Matthew Hardison on 20. Nov. 2017.
We're still missing a Talon tank, so my guess is that it's a teaser for that.
Brandon McGuire on 20. Nov. 2017.
amount of loot boxes needed to purchase for the halloween skins you want in overwatch? Oh wait thats not 0. Your not pay to win yet Blizzard but you kind of started this trend. So I guess your only almost complete hypocrits.
Aye L on 20. Nov. 2017.
Skin for Reaper
JellicleCat09 on 20. Nov. 2017.
So can I get a refund from Disney for the purchases I made in game that I won't be able to use anymore once the servers shut down? I bought a product, now they're telling me they've decided I can't use it anymore? Seems pretty shitty to me.
jiskool1 on 20. Nov. 2017.
Can someone explain to me seasons when they end. I did a season hero for I think season 10 but I nvr got my items I earned. Any legendary item I got I put in the chest but I nvr got it.
Kuro Potato on 19. Nov. 2017.
6:48 People are appreciating Blizzard's message, meanwhile genji needs healing.
XaKeR on 19. Nov. 2017.
Soundquake may be ? ;)
Enkeria on 19. Nov. 2017.
Hold... What "cross world skins"? Explain!
Kaelos on 19. Nov. 2017.
Disney is more brutal than nowadays Blizzard
Tyler Veltikold on 19. Nov. 2017.
Stormwind Soldier 76 would be a much better name.
Ace Strife on 19. Nov. 2017.
Marvel heroes, before the "BCE" this year, was a really, really good game. Extremely fast paced like the speed you could get in Diablo 2, massive hordes of enemies you cleave through feeling ludicrously overpowered, loot explosions everywhere.. just a really really fun game to play, regardless if you liked the Marvel license or not. Hell, the game got me into Marvel; I started reading up on lore and watched all the MCU movies. But Gazillion just, ruined it. The 2017 update completely sucked all fun out of the game. Everything changed. Gear, skills, speed, all got destroyed, homogenized, dumbed down. I quit on the spot. Despite the swathe of negative feedback on the test server, despite the massive outcry on patch release and the bleeding of players, they didn't listen. They didn't change ANYTHING. The only thing they did was release it on consoles.. for a few months before the shutdown announcement. And now here we are. Like SWG, Marvel Heroes was killed by the developer/p
bill smith on 19. Nov. 2017.
marvel heroes omega was such a great game. nothing else has come close to a d3 replacement. we all love more heroes, builds, gear, crafting, etc.. but what really made this game for me is all the play modes. especially as a solo player, it's hard to log into d3 and WANT to spam rifts and gr's for hours and hours at a time. i did it for the character progression. in MHO i could log in, start doing stuff, and after 10hrs wish the day wasn't over yet. if you've played d3 but not mho imagine an open world nephalem rift. you run around killing stuff and other players are doing the same. the mobs respawn constantly and bosses spawn every few minutes. it's set up in a way that you're not fighting over kills or loot, so seeing people is always welcome. i can run around midtown for hoooouurs and love every minute. this is only ONE GAME MODE in MHO. story mode was a great way to lvl (but you can lvl however you want), the danger room scenarios and other modes are always interesting.
Theory on 19. Nov. 2017.
nice click bait on that preview clip text. I bet you were proud of yourself a wee bit.
Hana Kogane on 19. Nov. 2017.
Skin for zarya.. it makes sense in the lore
ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ on 19. Nov. 2017.
But what if I don't consider myself as part of the ''folk''.... that means he leaves me out, this is bullshit I demand justice!
Jay Andersen on 19. Nov. 2017.
Its a bit hypocritical to accuse BF2 of being "pay to win" and praise Blizzard while they own the greatest pay to win game currently in esports with Hearthstone. I have been playing BF2 this whole week, have not spent a dime other than purchase price and have unlocked EVERY hero! And unlocked 90% of the Officer class just by playing the game, I have yet to lose due to a "financial disadvantage". Hearthstone on the other hand I have spent money and still do not have the cards I need to be competitive. Sorry but this whole thing against BF2 is simply a smear campaign from Blizzard fan boys.
35reich on 19. Nov. 2017.
R.i.p mheroes
Pearlie Peach on 19. Nov. 2017.
I'm heartbroken over Marvel Heroes shutting down. It was actually a great game, and it was balanced well for a free to play.
kashgarinn on 19. Nov. 2017.
*ahem* - Diablo has a gambling mechanic with minions dropping legendaries, and the vendor or upgrading rares to legendaries. Most people would allow it, but it's still technically gambling system. - World of warcraft has the same with the raid loot drop system, you're getting better gear by gambling. - Overwatch has gambling with the loot box system, you might think it's ok, but it still is by definition a gambling system. - Heroes of the storm, same gambling system. - And finally Hearthstone, yet another gambling system which has a real effect on people's chances to win, but somehow it's ok because 'magic the gathering did it first' - So yeah.. Pot calling the Kettle black right here.. EA can also point to a game in their library where there's no gambling system. -- Final words: You might think gambling is ok if it's only cosmetical, but it's still gambling, it's still a system which tries to affect your gameplay with the rewards.. either by you making a purchase, or you grinding
The Lazy Lions Den on 19. Nov. 2017.
that massive bulbous mic in your face is rather distracting , just putting that out there.
XXX200o on 19. Nov. 2017.
Blizzard/Activision and EA are like two fat kids, only because one of them is making fun of the other doesn't make him better.
SKRTS on 19. Nov. 2017.
Blizzard taking jabs at EA. Ironic.
Dave Haskell on 19. Nov. 2017.
so...what happens if you had wings before, I see a package thing in the corner saying I have a unclaimed gift but the Blizz app is being weird and wont load it(I did recently factory reset my PC tho, so of course its acting weird)...Idk.
Jeff Wilson on 19. Nov. 2017.
all you are is a news reporter of other peoples findings and a voice that could sell ice to an eskimo
Zihao Guo on 19. Nov. 2017.
Number of players actually playing Starcraft 2 in 2017: 0 The only reason this game go free is cause moba alrdy reckt ur market
Mr Holistic on 19. Nov. 2017.
tried this season on non season character. no drops or hardly any. takes about 10 minutes to get a drop. what happened to the advertised increase in drop rates? its actually reduced to almost no drops. for this reason im not playing. try coming through with your patch notes blizzard:)
Paul Beverage on 19. Nov. 2017. of my posting this comment fourth comment down, the tired ol' "Hey Rhykker, this is folks" least 15 hours after the video was posted, and a viewcount of 39,491 views. I wonder if people ever try to be original...probs not.
DemonicKitty91 on 19. Nov. 2017.
I think the teaser is a new skin. It looks a lot like it's a skin for Zarya and I doubt with Moira being just released, they'd release a teaser for the next hero so EXTREMELY soon after, especially since the speculated next one has been the Junkertown Queen and the teaser looks like nothing that would say "Junkertown Queen" to me. Not only that, but the image gives me the feel of what Zarya always wears which is like wearing a spacesuit without its helmet up at her collar. This teaser gives that impression. Also, she's been the main protagonist focus as the prominent enemy against Talon, whom has been being given a lot of attention by Blizzard recently.
Umut Hocaoglu on 19. Nov. 2017.
Footman 76 Yeaaaah !!
Inkogneeto on 19. Nov. 2017.
Ryykker u so sexy dude
Robert Fierce on 19. Nov. 2017.
You want to know why Disney really shut down Marvel Heroes? And specifically now? To prove to EA than they can shut down games under their licenses at a moment's notice. This is a statement from Disney towards EA. Shutting down MH has got nothing to do with the actual MH game. It's Disney showing who's boss.
FatalFist on 19. Nov. 2017.
With a game like Path of Exile, the abrupt shut down of Marvel Heroes came across as a shock for me. Granted, it's console adaptation was allegedly going poorly (seeing as I don't own a console and therefore never played MH on console) but the fact that MH was a Diablo-light clone with Marvel asthetics is what made MH fun. I can only hope Marvel decides to get in on some MMO action to give us truly riveting experiences that would put DCUO to shame.
Guillaume on 19. Nov. 2017.
dont know if this is intentionnal but title cut off read "disney shuts down Diablo", if it is, shame for the clickbait
Max Maloney on 19. Nov. 2017.
If the OW teaser is a skin, my guess is Zarya. No one else in OW has that physical build.
Peter Olson on 19. Nov. 2017.
Nice engineering of the click bait title as it showed up as "New Overwatch Hero Teaser? Disney Shuts Down Diablo" and it gave me cancer for a moment before clicked the link.
Tacolicious on 19. Nov. 2017.
I hope the next hero is a DPS tank. Maybe a guy with a flamethrower. There's enough bubbles, barriers, and explosions in Overwatch as it is. AOE would be cool.
Devin M on 19. Nov. 2017.
I'm really curious to see what Blizzard plans to do with Destiny 2's business model if that is the attitude they are adopting (side note, that game has almost no interest for me)
魔法のたいこシェフ on 19. Nov. 2017.
The majority of the playerbase is on legacy of the void anyway. WOL's just a free demo at this point.
KiMLoKO1 on 19. Nov. 2017.
Can you talk about botters and how there is people in leader boards that have been online non stop since the beggining of the season with 210hrs played in 9 days? Because if no one say anything than its going to be like the last 2 seasons with 0 ban waves...
Shadowlurkering on 19. Nov. 2017.
I'll miss Marvel Heroes, it was one of the best F2P models in gaming. You could buy every hero, and team up with currency earned in-game.
SrwpkMX on 19. Nov. 2017.
Number of stash tabs you get for $15 necromancer pack: 2 Number of fans waiting for more stash tabs to be purchased: millions
Keith Gallistel on 19. Nov. 2017.
It's all well and good that Blizzard tweaked EA's ST:B2 issues with a SC2 ad. EA deserves that (and much, much more). What I hope is that Blizzard doesn't turn around and pull a similar stunt when picking the funding mechanism for Diablo 4.
Skyslimit86 on 19. Nov. 2017.
This dude looks like the bad guy from The Punisher show. What was his name.. Bill?
Raiden MGS on 19. Nov. 2017.
New hero for sure. This will be the year of Talon ^^ so cool......We still got Maximillian, Maybe this new hero, and perhaps the Hacker Omnic from the Zarya comic that'd be cool :D
Sagittarius on 19. Nov. 2017.
"Number of hours before you can play ANY Co-op commander in StarCraft II: 0" Well yeah, but you still need to buy Abathur, Alarak, Dehaka, Fenix, Nova, Stukov and Han & Horner.
Vetman on 19. Nov. 2017.
I enjoyed Marvel Heroes a lot. I did not spend much money on the game though but I did buy space to store some extra stuff. Hell that game made me like Doctor Doom who was my main. I will miss him.