New Secret Member of Diablo 4 Team? New Overwatch skins? (Gameplay)

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Mud on 22. Jul. 2017.
The Druid!
MAarshall on 22. Jul. 2017.
Blizzard please let the Diablo series die. You fucked it up already, no more torture please. If you're serious about D4 then you better re-hire everybody who was working on D2.
Cyrus Zei on 22. Jul. 2017.
I am telling you guys, first I said that they will bring necro back and then I told you that they will make a wow diablo game. I am telling you, listen to me dammit
Jared Vass on 22. Jul. 2017.
D4, bruh its only been like 6 years or something. Don't they need at least 4 more years before they start thinking about D4.
Don Wan on 22. Jul. 2017.
new pic like way better.
Morgan Aensland on 22. Jul. 2017.
About the "missed opportunity" I think Doomfist, refers to the fact that killing Mondatta created tension so it could be the perfect chance to create another type of uprising, and the reference to Overwatch by himself, might be thinking of the former members as still Overwatch, not as an organization but as just that, former Overwatch members. Just my two cents. Keep up the good work! :D
videoradeon on 22. Jul. 2017.
both portraits are crap.
sonyericssoner on 22. Jul. 2017.
I cant recal any of the music in Diablo 3 and playng the game "unmuted"since release but i am listenig the diablo 2 soundtrack while i go sleep.
George Sherwood on 22. Jul. 2017.
Diablo 3 music... Not a single memorable track.. Really a bust
masks on 22. Jul. 2017.
I don't understand why Diablo even have a need to make a new game. If the necromancer dlc just came out then it will be another year before they even think about making another game... Yes there is the slightest chance of them bringing out another game but let's be real. The only people who are playing Diablo today are the only ones likely to buy it so in a business sense there isn't any point they can just release another character or two and make more or just as much money as they would have if they released a game. Yes they will eventually make Diablo 4 but I don't see it coming out for another 2-4 years and if it doesn't come out in that time period then there won't be a Diablo 4 by that time the game will be dead and the series will just remain in our memories.
capitaine albator on 22. Jul. 2017.
La hordes de gens qui vont applaudire Path of Exile et les patchs bidons subventionner par la vente d'espace de coffre. Je ne parle pas des autres cochonneries a vendre sur leur store. J'espère et de loin un prochain Diablo aussi grand (surtout ténébreux) que l'a été le premier et ou le 2. Il faut dire aussi que j'ai jouer tout de même au delà de 1000h a Diablo 3, et maintenant en rajouter une, me fait vomir. Mon pc attend plus que la venu du prochain volet qui j'espere va être a la hauteur des attentes, et pour une fois qu'il n'écoutent pas trop la communauté, que les develloppeur s'accroche a un thème et qu'ils y tiennent, peut importe ce que les gens auront a dire. :).
Lucid Knight on 22. Jul. 2017.
im sure some people will be pissed by this but one of the first things i do when i start a new game, is turn the music off :/
RETROCU on 22. Jul. 2017.
overwatch what a joke
POTATOEMPN on 22. Jul. 2017.
Fixing the loot boxes? They need to do that with Heroes of the Storm. Fix it so that we cant get skins and stuff for Heroes that we dont even own, and literally one week in to these new chests and stuff, and I was already getting 2+ duplicates in every chest.
For your health on 22. Jul. 2017.
fuck you
rasmuskp93 on 22. Jul. 2017.
eum those necro portraits on the left side are the new ones right? the female looks derpy af, something about the hair. i'd easily take something like the right ones easily over the left for both male and female. the current ingame ones for stashtabs looks like an amatuer did them when comparing to the old ones and i cant say exactly what is different when it comes to the style either :S
POTATOEMPN on 22. Jul. 2017.
You are not my boss? Then wtf am I paying you for? Jesus Daddy Rhykker, wtf man.
J Thompson on 22. Jul. 2017.
D3 is hella dead and boring let that shit die even with the necro its really lame . move on let get some D4 teasers and news come on Blizzard your killing us its been how many years now d3 dropped on what May 12th 2012 then d3 ROS March 25th 2014 BRING ON THE NEW SHIT
LT Gamers Lietuva on 22. Jul. 2017.
Armani Nguon on 22. Jul. 2017.
brandy is a BOSS!
Joostin Kookel on 22. Jul. 2017.
i just dont think Diablo is going to be the next game they show us. For the companies timeline, we are due for another Warcraft game. However I do believe they will be announced pretty close together.
Aab Baab on 22. Jul. 2017.
Put some timestamps on your videos, jesus. You expect me to just sit here and listen 20 minutes of you flapping your hands around? Get fucked.
Sorry2Baked on 22. Jul. 2017.
all i care about is when diablo 4 releases.
TreeFolkDruid on 22. Jul. 2017.
I would love a Terry cruise as a Overwatch announcer xD
bklee83 on 22. Jul. 2017.
Diablo has music?
DepriverOfSouls on 22. Jul. 2017.
ALL of Diablo 3 should be nerfed to be more like Diablo 1 or 2 where players don't have millions of health or do up to trillions of Damage.....and well obviously Enemies being nerfed to add to the balance.
Gilbert Logsdon on 22. Jul. 2017.
While is true then why not put that info on their official forums along with social media. Why does someone that is a subscriber of their channels have to be the one to tell the rest through the sub Reddit forums. GGG does a much better job of keeping their players up to date as well as Gazillion Entertainment does for Marvel Heroes Omega.
GOLEM on 22. Jul. 2017. its hard to be blizzard fan nowdays ...
Naenlor on 22. Jul. 2017.
Rhykker, What do you think about the bug with Funerary Pick and Siphon Blood? Siphon Blood specifically says it generates Essence each time it does damage. But with the Funerary Pick, it is doing deal 3 separate times. But only generating essence for one hit. Not only since the weapon doesn't help with more Regen because of how Siphon blood works, this hug makes it completely useless, cause all its doing is tickling two other targets with crap damage.
Marcelo Lima on 22. Jul. 2017.
World of diablo confirmed! If they reveal a diablo mmo.... The hype train will be too small...
Kary Greene on 22. Jul. 2017.
They fixed the portraits, while the fueled by death is still broken.... Priorities blizzard.
Beast on 22. Jul. 2017.
They're going to work on Destiny 2 instead of Diablo 4, calling it now.
windowmaker on 22. Jul. 2017.
but joker is insane, sooooo... and btw, that sombra costume needs to become a skin!!! reminds me of harley quinn (obviously) and harley is the best anti hero/ villain and I really need that skin
Barnabás Nagy on 22. Jul. 2017.
I don't think Diablo II and Diablo III music is comparable and it's not fair to compare them. I really enjoy both for different reasons, which is true to the games themselves. So that's that. But what you said for Matt Uelmen's music is true. His Diablo II soundtrack became iconic, just like many of Russel's World of Warcraft work such as Kharazhan music.
G Hahn on 22. Jul. 2017.
I would probably play World of StarDiabloCraftWatchStone, not gonna lie. Where you grind loot so you can get new card packs to push the payload to the raid in the Koprulu sector....and then wipe because no one focuses the core.
CJPETE on 22. Jul. 2017.
What about destiny 2
ImyoCello on 22. Jul. 2017.
Lets be honest, i know you are a good guy and dont want to be harsh, but d3 music is absolute garbage, as a musician i can tell thats, and i quote, "generic. The whole soundtrack can be seen as an equivalent of a hollywood action movie without plot, nice to hear, polished, but plain, simple and full of basic tools you learn in the second year of the music career.
Don McDouglas on 22. Jul. 2017.
poe is diablo 3 and 4 period
hotboii sama on 22. Jul. 2017.
diablo 4 cow level confirmed
TRON on 22. Jul. 2017.
can you share your blue yeti settings on pc/anything else?
Kyle B on 22. Jul. 2017.
Give us a Terry Crews inspired skin with his voice.
Michael B on 22. Jul. 2017.
Great video man!! very informative i cant wait till the next one :)
Andrew Schembri on 22. Jul. 2017.
I never got why people get mad at Devs and such for taking vacations. The industry is beyond stressful and toxic, let them have a fucking break Jesus fucking Christ!
Fausto Araujo on 22. Jul. 2017.
Geek and Sundry is more about board games and RPGs. Particularly I love it. Usually their content goes on YouTube later, too, but I don't know about this specific enterview.
timabuf on 22. Jul. 2017.
You f that reaper pirate skin doesn't go live we RIOT
Braeden Goodman on 22. Jul. 2017.
Yeah... Let's fix portraits... Priorites...
Mike Smith on 22. Jul. 2017.
The old necro portraits look really retro, d2'sh....gave me a smile. Having come back from d2 to d3 season11 (inbetween) the portraits were the least shocking on the screen! Impale dh nearing p700. Very good utility class, it can do all. It might not push to max, but is go to build for me for journey.
bob winner on 22. Jul. 2017.
old portraits were FUGLY... probably done by a youngling in internship at blizzard
BasicRNGesus on 22. Jul. 2017.
Those mystery team members are moving to half life 3
Mike Seo on 22. Jul. 2017.
Fans of Diablo During Diablo: Yay! During Diablo 2: We want items from Diablo 1!! During Diablo 3: We want it to be more like Diablo 2!! During Diablo 4: We want it more like if Path of Exiles and Diablo 2 and 3 had a threesome and made a baby!!