New Skins, Cosmetics, Game Mode Showcase: Overwatch Winter Wonderland Christmas 2017 Event Gameplay

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Uploaded: 12 Dec 2017 Likes: 587
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TheMetalController166 on 15. Dec. 2017.
Theres a new voiceline for shiver reaper whenever he kills someone he could say happy holidays,I just experienced it
Thrashie on 14. Dec. 2017.
That art style is too cute to skip.
Beau Bro on 14. Dec. 2017.
Trash gameplay
Disconnected LOL on 14. Dec. 2017.
Feels like I saw Ryhhker in Overwatch today...
Erik Michael on 14. Dec. 2017.
that was terrible
SmashFetus on 14. Dec. 2017.
regroup with WHO, exactly??
Akali2Reckless on 14. Dec. 2017.
Sombras skin looks like killer frost from DC Comics.
Akali2Reckless on 14. Dec. 2017.
Lol. No pun intended huh. Noting MEIger.
SkyGaming on 14. Dec. 2017.
That Sombra skin is bae
Steven j. Frank on 13. Dec. 2017.
I'd Love to see more OW gameplay!
XadowMonzter on 13. Dec. 2017.
Well, Reinhardt taking out that stupid huge snowball from his ass was kind of weird....
Matciej on 13. Dec. 2017.
I'm disappointed cuz no casual ugly jumper soldier skin
Martin Bootsma on 13. Dec. 2017.
Now go out there and buy 500 lootboxes! haha
Dr. Kok on 13. Dec. 2017.
so i was thinking the soldier 76 skin we got this xmas event looks alot like the skin/(new hero) seen in the picture we saw last time?
Thomas Stankunas on 13. Dec. 2017.
50 cases got me 1 Leg skin, will NEVER buy again. I'm glad regulations for loot boxes are going to be addressed I feel robbed
Soap on 13. Dec. 2017.
50 lootboxes all I got was ana skin and the lame skins from the previous year. kinda feel scammed.
Sabrac2464 on 13. Dec. 2017.
12:26 "I can't steak it" *slow clap*
FixarJocke on 13. Dec. 2017.
*Sweet video!*
Simon on 13. Dec. 2017.
Nothing Meijor for Mei (pun intended)?
H3llBringer78 NG on 13. Dec. 2017.
New skins are alright, I’m happy because I can’t even play this event
conny engblom on 13. Dec. 2017.
Never in the history of games have i played something as boring as there 2 events.
GrillerGT on 13. Dec. 2017.
Well, Tracer shows up in the Ready Player One movie so I think that makes up for the lack of stuff in this event :-P
Wilson Kelvyn on 13. Dec. 2017.
With that skin on, Zenyatta looks like he's offering to the old gods.
Łukasz on 13. Dec. 2017.
hehehe Cool game
Jeff Linton on 13. Dec. 2017.
Oh, wow. That Sombra skin...
TheGuyPries on 13. Dec. 2017.
What time zone does he usually upload
Angelique Lo on 13. Dec. 2017.
Tuskarr Road Hog!! AWESOME!! <3 :-)
arcaneminded on 13. Dec. 2017.
God that was so triggering to watch you jump around cluelessly. asking "where is the meat" when it's on your hud, then seeing the trap and walking onto it.
Christopher Walker on 13. Dec. 2017.
Don't worry Rhykker I had the same thing happen to me. Selected Mei but it put me as Winston my first match, I had no idea what to do
aquavit on 13. Dec. 2017.
so terrible at reading on-screen information.
Bunkitia | Gaming x Drawing on 13. Dec. 2017.
I found this cute and funny :)
Robert Matsumura on 13. Dec. 2017.
I don't think you did better as winston, at least the other guy killed someone.
Riptide Gaming on 13. Dec. 2017.
Just an fyi to people who play Yeti Hunter. If you play as mei, dont go off on your own. Winston will kill you. Also, don't group up to much/tightly, as Winston can still use his weapon to deal cleave damage, and his jump still deals damage when landing. In short, expect to lose against Winston mains :P
Riptide Gaming on 13. Dec. 2017.
I just wish they would make past events available as a pre-made custom game in the arcade....I could play Uprising and JR over and over without getting bored.
Airmanon on 13. Dec. 2017.
Pfffft... You were not ready to be Winston off the bat it seems.
Brandon Kelley on 13. Dec. 2017.
Soldiers New skin looks just like that hero in the background in the monitor of that video you made about the supposed New hero
Martin Dolmer Andersen on 13. Dec. 2017.
Nice... But I must say I was seriously dissappointed in how insanely terrible you were at the winston in that Yeti hunt.. played like something below bronze xD You went for meat, then didnt, then jumped back away from meat, poked at meis.. you can get 4 meats in like 20 seconds you can see the icons xD.. sorry but that was hard to watch.. even though it was your first game xD
Grimfanden on 13. Dec. 2017.
You forgot nothing :P
SkyePupGames on 13. Dec. 2017.
Well I know I won't watch your stream for competitive fps now....
Nerdballs on 13. Dec. 2017.
below knee on 13. Dec. 2017.
This guy is so self explanatory.. nibba took a fat L lmao
Rivkah08 on 12. Dec. 2017.
Tyrant on 12. Dec. 2017.
Some really nice skins there. Can't wait to actually get none of these.
jmbrady1 on 12. Dec. 2017.
SuperSilver759 on 12. Dec. 2017.
I'm pissed Genji got no skin... I legitimately wanted it
Jormungand Prime on 12. Dec. 2017.
but Zarya is bodybuilder and soldier. it is forbidden to drink alcohol in military forces(that's what i expierienced during my 1 year in army). but steroids and doping - different topic.
TheRumblewagon on 12. Dec. 2017.
Must have that Sombra skin!
rasmuskp93 on 12. Dec. 2017.
Oh please noone is that much of an idiot like you acted like you were in your first game... this mode is pretty damn unbalanced and its almost impossible to loose as winston unless you jump into a group of all 5 meis to instafreeze you over and over... if a mei iceblock alone you just wait and kill her as she gets out so spreading out as mei is worthless
mone luve on 12. Dec. 2017.
casual Hanzo=instaNUT