NEW SKINS! Widowmaker, McCree, Sombra, Soldier, Junkrat! Summer Games 2017 (Overwatch)

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Uploaded: 8 Aug 2017 Likes: 4075
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Ristyan yesf on 10. Aug. 2017.
first loot box from summer 2017 = widow maker's bikini , damn lucky me
Noel Ramos on 10. Aug. 2017.
For the next widow skin it should be just that "skin"
TKiWiZ_ on 10. Aug. 2017.
They should make Mcrees ult saying "NO RUNNING ON THE POOL!"
Frannah on 10. Aug. 2017.
Got the Widowmaker one in the free case!
Георгий Манко on 9. Aug. 2017.
There are 7 skins don't 6
Dae Su on 9. Aug. 2017.
Overwatch is total crap because they dont made bikini roadhog , I want refund.
PikminOnIce on 9. Aug. 2017.
Holy shit widow. Nice calf.
merk hewrt on 9. Aug. 2017.
"ancient god inspired"
A Lazy Cunt on 9. Aug. 2017.
dissapointed in the junkrat skin. Was hoping for a tennis skin. Or even him in swim trunks shooting water balloons out of his gun. Idk wtf Cricket even is. at least the other skins are good
Chyortt on 9. Aug. 2017.
Soldier has socks and sandals. Awesome.
X20 on 9. Aug. 2017.
Mcree has a thingy on his neck that says high tide XD
Cadd on 9. Aug. 2017.
Ok 76's is the best, that's the real dad skin the only reason im playing summer games is because of that skin.
braveboat27 on 9. Aug. 2017.
Leaked Russian trailer? Will we be seeing Sombra's stolen emails next?
Philip Dyer on 9. Aug. 2017.
Wonder what purple skin looks like sunburnt or tanned?
ChazVlogs on 9. Aug. 2017.
You didn't fap to the widow skin did you?
ChazVlogs on 9. Aug. 2017.
Fan boys love that widow skin
ChazVlogs on 9. Aug. 2017.
At least it wasn't a tracer skin
Pho on 9. Aug. 2017.
ahh shiet
Zero The Bloodedge on 9. Aug. 2017.
If Widowmaker gets a tan, does she get's more purple ?
simon morken strøm on 9. Aug. 2017.
Tyler Belanger on 9. Aug. 2017.
sombra and mercy look thicc
Sombra Main on 9. Aug. 2017.
it's high vroom
Cornerguy MC on 9. Aug. 2017.
Jesus Christ OW fan base is weird af bunch of dirty pervs bustin their nuts to animated women disappointed in Jeff tbh for makin that skin
Pocket Rocket Red10 on 9. Aug. 2017.
very underwhelming skins
XxDuBsTePxMaStErxX 4 4 on 9. Aug. 2017.
Idk if anyone noticed, but I don't think Widowmaker is wearing any underwear in her new skin
berdonburns on 9. Aug. 2017.
They all suck besides Junkrat's. But 3000g to buy them? Wtf?!
CaptainXtreme1 on 9. Aug. 2017.
Sombra skin
Lord Moflombi on 9. Aug. 2017.
Ching Chong on 9. Aug. 2017.
willus259 on 9. Aug. 2017.
The irony is that here in Australia... It's winter right now
Cass S on 9. Aug. 2017.
Junkrat isn't particularly olympic themed ; Cricket is a pretty common sport in Aus over Summer.
NVP on 9. Aug. 2017.
I want this Sombra
ZeBros 〖ǤĐ〗 on 9. Aug. 2017.
everyone is click bating with the widow skin lol
Lord Tachanka on 9. Aug. 2017.
My reaction to the sombra skin:EXTRA THICCCCCCC
Kermit Le FrogO on 9. Aug. 2017.
Widow maker is hot asfuk
Crispy Bacon on 9. Aug. 2017.
switch aleks on 9. Aug. 2017.
The servers are fucked by a big gigantic cock. Blizzard needs to fix this
Eddie 'JaggSauce' Gluskin on 9. Aug. 2017.
0:30 porn when 0:45 porn when 0:55 PORN WHEN? 1:05 *PORN WHEN?!* 1:24 *_PORN WHEN!?!??!?!?!_*
burgonyasalata on 9. Aug. 2017.
i don't get why they're adding more summer skins for characters that already had them instead of making some for character with none
Jc sensation on 9. Aug. 2017.
removed widow makers towel
sobber Sam on 9. Aug. 2017.
Soldier: 76 gives you diet coke !
Enigmatic on 8. Aug. 2017.
I want to eat out Widowmaker so bad
Shardz Shardz on 8. Aug. 2017.
Anyone other than me that saw the soldier 76, meet the Zohan referance?
Fandom Trash on 8. Aug. 2017.
Junkrat just became more adorable! X3
a_shio on 8. Aug. 2017.
update still not up in my area sad
Simionius775 on 8. Aug. 2017.
Force, I believe Junkrat is wearing a cricket outfit, but cricket is not an Olympic sport.
tEddyboii lmao on 8. Aug. 2017.
I would fuck the shit out of widowmaker
Swag Zone on 8. Aug. 2017.
It's not working for me :(
aVeX Droid on 8. Aug. 2017.
Maple Chan on 8. Aug. 2017.
That Mercy skin's so dope!