New Spring Event CONFIRMED! King's Row Omnic Uprising! (Overwatch Lore Teaser)

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Cervod gaming on 5. Apr. 2017.
Jacob Torris on 5. Apr. 2017.
but it says April 12th
Masked Owl on 5. Apr. 2017.
I wish they would stop giving so much to tracer
anuanu3 on 5. Apr. 2017.
the 2 icon groups are a representation of the new heroes 2 abilities it also shows that the heroe is related to building and tech.
Hybrid Gaming on 5. Apr. 2017.
Tracer skin seems to be from her Cadet days in Overwatch, according to the Uprising comic released today, April 5.
TheKusakari on 5. Apr. 2017.
if omnics believe in a "god", is that god Alan Turing cause he is seen as the creator of AI
Mahmod Abbas on 5. Apr. 2017.
maybe the icons present the abilities that could be most effective in the next event for some sort of PVE like the Halloween we had to pick only 4 heroes
L'Ami Du Lichen on 5. Apr. 2017.
Looks like a Perfect Dark skin for Tracer !
Stephen Nevins on 5. Apr. 2017.
I think the "NEW" Tracer skin is actually Tracer's Overwatch uniform.. it fits the color scheme.
zjork on 5. Apr. 2017.
looks like the blue Overwatch battle attire
Tommi Pitkänen on 5. Apr. 2017.
Why did you remove The Fall of Oriath video of yours? Are you now corrupted Blizzard slave?
smileyssd on 5. Apr. 2017.
The "sw0" could actually be "swo" in which case the "o" could stand for "omnic"
Kyle Mills on 5. Apr. 2017.
I haven't watched the vid yet, but I'm going to guess and hope, it's an event like the "mann v machine" game mode from tf2
Renault85 on 5. Apr. 2017.
dont do that...i thought that the picture froze...
EdgardSSM on 5. Apr. 2017.
Maybe like in Halloween event the icons signify the characters in the event ?
CWVproduction on 5. Apr. 2017.
Can we please agree that this "guessing next event things video" genre is just... not fun?
_Dr.Coffee Cup on 5. Apr. 2017.
widow mains unite!
CiIDriveDeCoach on 5. Apr. 2017.
zebezd on 5. Apr. 2017.
Now I see it! I knew it looked familiar. That Tracer skin's style seems really similar to the Terran style. She looks like she's wearing some sort of Ghost/Marine variant of her regular gear.
Jay Finlayson on 5. Apr. 2017.
Sounds like a New Game Mode akin to Horde Survival facing off against waves of omnics until death.... ??? that's my guess
Pensola on 5. Apr. 2017.
I was kind of hoping for a new mini-ARG thing, especially because I was interested to see how Blizzard would handle their second attempt at ARG. If I remember correctly, Sombra's ARG was their very first one and they have said that they learned a lot from it. I only really follow the ARG by listening to your videos (I rewatched them last week, I had a blast! ^^), so I don't know what you and other ARG detectives would feel if the puzzle was more than QR-code for "robot". Since the Sombra ARG left a bad taste in many's mouth, I hope they will try to "redeem" themselves later so that isn't what people remember when they hear Blizzard and ARG together. When I first looked at the Tracer skin in the background, I could swear I kept seeing a big Overwatch logo where her Chrono Accelerater is, and I theorized that maybe her and McCree's skins will be like uniforms for Overwatch and Blackwatch. I know Tracer's Slipsstream also has the logo on, and looking at the picture from reddit I can see
Endless / Paradox on 5. Apr. 2017.
I've put so much time into practicing as Widow in anticipation for a new Widow skin~ Why? Because I like playing as a sniper in general, where right now I play a lot of Ana
Meaghan vs on 5. Apr. 2017.
mayby the code is a map why you ask there are all arrows leading to something and the fist one is the start point
Crowwolf 123 on 5. Apr. 2017.
I think those symbols just mean what powers will be available to use. Or they're random because I can't see why Hanzo would be in kings row unless we're getting to see what the hell went down between him and Genjii
Zach on 5. Apr. 2017.
I can't believe blizzard is giving me classified files for my birthday
TheKamakaziiiiii21 on 5. Apr. 2017.
Heard from "the know" how to see if there was any more info on it
Bakson Bloke on 5. Apr. 2017.
Why does he have Satan smiling in his background?
ShawShot on 5. Apr. 2017.
most of the ability icons have arrows so I was thinking that the 1st symbol was saying to use arrow keys (or directional pad on controller) just as a heads up, then the 2nd was up arrow, 3rd was right arrow (because the speed boost points right), the cooldown one I'm not sure, the bastion repair could be telling you to go into settings or at least press the settings button, the ice wall is up arrow, the 7th could be move the mouse/controller stick round or to exit settings and the last one is possibly moving the mouse/controller stick round again or right arrow. On the last two exiting the settings and right arrow are the more likely of the options but i think we should consider all possibilities for now.
dexter goldby on 5. Apr. 2017.
1:20 his face
RiseofOwnage on 5. Apr. 2017.
Does Tracer have tattoos on her back on that new skin? What are those markings?
MaxRoucaille on 5. Apr. 2017.
why do I always get hyped by blizzard with nothing ?? leave me alone !
Leland Sofiak on 5. Apr. 2017.
Tracer = The new Doctor Who?!
ben shalev on 5. Apr. 2017.
Your voice is super announcer u can voice a chat in OW prolly
itz xanax on 5. Apr. 2017.
rhykker kings rows lightning makes the buildings look newer so if the event is actaully seven years ago it should be logic
Vimorain on 5. Apr. 2017.
I wish they would finally add some decent PvE modes to play for chill out .
SomeNinja on 5. Apr. 2017.
Maybe they are(the icons) random enemy affixes that AI mobs can spawn with in a PvE style event? but i highly doubt it :/
TheHexBlade on 5. Apr. 2017.
what if the icons are telling changes on those skills? think about it: we already know that Lucio song aura is changing on the next patch, and also, the unidentified icon could be the boop too... I'm probably wrong but... xD
Vlad Criste on 5. Apr. 2017.
Overwatch MvM confirmed lol
Novaline Greany on 5. Apr. 2017.
Hmm, the icons.. How about the heroes available for a new PvE event? =) With the Junkenstein we only had a few heroes available.. And if it is an Overwatch mission, overwatch related heroes would make sense (Though, bastion would make little sense.. O.o Torbjörn would, though :P)
Zutaradimus on 5. Apr. 2017.
Maybe the symbols indicate which heroes are going to be able to be played during the event?
InYOURface905 on 5. Apr. 2017.
TheValcyria on 5. Apr. 2017.
I want a Mercy skin :(
Fun Dingles on 5. Apr. 2017.
tracer gets way to many skins
Heronaconite on 5. Apr. 2017.
wonder if it will be the 4th female or perhaps the 1st male hero?...hmm
William Trively on 5. Apr. 2017.
The skill icons are most likely skill they want to look into and tweek more than just a normal skill update. Possible overhauls on the skills?
Maria Ludlow on 5. Apr. 2017.
"Interesting little puzzle that required a bit of effort and thinking to solve, but with ultimately very little payoff" I'm having flashbacks of Sombra ARG here.
BlackWing on 5. Apr. 2017.
Tracer with a little hat and bowtie? Doctor-skin for Tracer.
Maxwell Frazier on 5. Apr. 2017.
Regarding those icons, I'm sure someone else must have guessed it by now but it is probably clues at what the next hero is able to do. think about the ana teaser where it showed her weapon blueprint with a rifle adaptation of mercy's caduceus staff - followed by commentary from mercy being anxious about the potential for her tech to be weaponized. think about how orisa was described as a mix of other hero abilities - her shield could be described as a mix between mei wall (static placement), winston barrier (round shape), and rein shield (one way protection. Her primary fire could be described as a mix between bastion's sentry and dva attacks (dva's mech shots slow her down, dva's pistol shots are slow). Her right click could be described as a zarya ult, and her ult could be described as a symmetra ult plus a mercy dmg boost. Orisa could similarly be described in roughly 8 icons, so I would be willing to bet these icons show what the hero can do. My prediction: we've gotten new supp
airbomb34 on 5. Apr. 2017.
Bro, do you have stock in plaid shirts?
BlitzRaider on 5. Apr. 2017.
April 11th vs April 12th... meh, close enough