Next Hero Is VERY Far Along, Coming Soon™ (Overwatch)

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Car Hawk on 5. Apr. 2017.
i don't think talon has the gauntlet Because on Numbani Widowmaker says "I'm Not Leaving Without That Gauntlet"so i think that means that talon doesn't have it yet.
Grant K on 5. Apr. 2017.
There's no way we'll be getting a hero on the 11th. Not a freaking chance.
Joshua Sullivan on 5. Apr. 2017.
Damn look at all these ignorant fuckheads who think creating a hero with new abilities, skins, voice lines, lore, interactions, a cinematic, and a unique design can be done in a few weeks. Smh
Adrian B. on 5. Apr. 2017.
I will be depressed if Terry Crews is not Doom Fist lol
Jake on 5. Apr. 2017.
*I've found this : **** yesterday i have tested it and made 50* *lootboxes in the proces :)*
Hyperion Network on 5. Apr. 2017.
This is the most godly and heavenly thumbnail ever
Hyperion Network on 5. Apr. 2017.
This is the most godly and heavenly thimbnail ever
Sjoerd Derks on 5. Apr. 2017.
the time between sombra and orisa is 4 months one month to long
Te Plems on 5. Apr. 2017.
why u didnt record the esports thing u were cute .. i saw it somewhere else
Charlie Brown on 5. Apr. 2017.
I hope we don't get the new hero for a few months yet, let the community settle down and distract us with other stuff, allow Orisa to find he niche and grow with the fanbase. Otherwise Orisa is going to be shoved aside and feel like the awkward middle child to the hyped up Sombra and the hyped up Doomfist.
camdevtube on 5. Apr. 2017.
the thing is orisa is still more of an off-tank, so its possible doomfist will be a primary tank on par with reinhardt
dor sade on 5. Apr. 2017.
I bet in about 2 months from now, some weird character no one will think about will be released and everyone will speculate that doomfist will come after it
M1wula on 5. Apr. 2017.
Could you say one more time what hero you suppose to be no 25, I'm not sure if I got it :^)
Orphansmith on 5. Apr. 2017.
It's not Doomfist. Calling it now.
Harry Twigger on 5. Apr. 2017.
25 is not who you think it is
Gamer Argus on 5. Apr. 2017.
I think the new hero will be a defense character(maybe).
Snow_Cherry _4909 on 5. Apr. 2017.
Even orisa could be seen as a teaser
Barry Allen on 5. Apr. 2017.
And they lost my business with that 3 month hero gap, you release them when you can. And 3 months seem excessive for a company that has a department just for creating characters. Like seriously what do they be doing
finaldestiny17 on 5. Apr. 2017.
Idk why people are under the impression he's a tank. He might just be another A/D hero. If Jeff did, in fact, say that he's likely not a defense hero (I need a source on that though) then it's safe to assume he's another attack hero.
Juicy Yuuji on 5. Apr. 2017.
That picture of Jeff is so punchable.
James Crowther on 5. Apr. 2017.
Blizzard wants a 6 Tank meta. I knew it.
Saves7theDay on 5. Apr. 2017.
Attack hero?
Sentinel on 5. Apr. 2017.
if hes another tank i hope hes a harasser tank like dva or winston
Nuclear Gopher1 on 5. Apr. 2017.
Read the description to save 4 minutes
DatAssCreed on 5. Apr. 2017.
Its confirmed he isn't the next hero tho
LareLareIsNotHere on 5. Apr. 2017.
u always pick such majestic pictures of jeff
candr_dk on 5. Apr. 2017.
probably June or july
Doku PL on 5. Apr. 2017.
all i heard was : Doomfist , Doomfist , Doomfist ... well ... i guess its what many ppl want to hear ... i don't know ... i never hyped any hero ...
Sora233333 on 5. Apr. 2017.
I dont want more heroes i want more maps :)
Fenixz Filip on 5. Apr. 2017.
quality NON content Forse !
TheRaggedHunter on 5. Apr. 2017.
I want a new healer.
Yousef Falasteny on 5. Apr. 2017.
ترجمو المقطع
Fetchjie on 5. Apr. 2017.
Fuck doomfist I want soundquake
Draven x on 5. Apr. 2017.
The next hero is NOT doomfist because evry new hero has been a girl but i do want doomfist
gonzalo gil on 5. Apr. 2017.
what a plot twist it would be if doomfist ends up a support lol
H Orsidus on 5. Apr. 2017.
The 'art' stage is at least 1-2 months away and then there is likely an internal QA stage which will be 1-2 weeks then public testing 2 weeks. Possibly up to 3 months away.
Yoda Man on 5. Apr. 2017.
and the botters, kaplan? the botters everyone denies exist? the botters that steal ppls sr and force them to go on losing streaks they cant avoid? the botters that have caused me to go from 2800 to 2100 this season alone? when are we doing our *real jobs* and getting rid of those assholes instead of silencing the rightfully angry people that catch them kaplan? kma kaplan. fuck your new character kaplan.
Gintaras Ustinavičius on 5. Apr. 2017.
i just hope blizz add new hero whos have balls not boobs, cuz ee get 3 new heroes and all females... -.-
Morst on 5. Apr. 2017.
I don't think they will make Doomfist, yet. It would be unwise to force a hero just because everyone wants him in the game. But I personally look forward to the day, when he will be playable.
The Nordic Studios Stop Motion on 5. Apr. 2017.
Why does force have trademark on the title?
Unie on 5. Apr. 2017.
I hate...this news cause it's fake...doomfist was never supposed to be a hero all he was supposed to be is lore for the numbani yes we're getting a new hero soon but it's definitely not doomfist....sorry to ruin the hype but it's true...YouTubers are just using doomfist to milk the money
Ronald Blum on 5. Apr. 2017.
I'm guessing the omnic thing is going to be an Event. Probably PVE. Hopefully PVE
Joseph Silver on 5. Apr. 2017.
Why not a defence hero?
Eric Swistun on 5. Apr. 2017.
They should do fail of the game after play of the game
D Carrier on 5. Apr. 2017.
It won't be doomfist next. It's already been said that doomfist most likely will not be getting here as fast as we hope. That being said, doomfist is probably a character or two away from this next one.
Razzor19111 on 5. Apr. 2017.
i hope they troll the community again with something else then doomfist
Trump did Harambe on 5. Apr. 2017.
Maybe its some British freedom fighter lol
Aldelin gamer on 5. Apr. 2017.
how are we sure that doom fist is a tank I mean think about it sure he might be some huge dude but he doesn't really have a gun or a far range attack he is more of a close range so I think doomfist is a dps character probably has some sort of speed Boost or a evasive move
DatKidNextDoor on 5. Apr. 2017.
He said in the same discussion that the fans hyped Doomfist up too much. :/ I doubt doom fist is coming next. Probably after the next hero.
Jorge Daniel on 5. Apr. 2017.
Your name is Denis? Ew.