Next Hero Release Date Teased? (Overwatch) Speculation

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BraveHeartedHero1 on 22. Jul. 2017.
Clever little sneak. Give them the date now to quell their speculations.
Vishal Farma on 22. Jul. 2017.
Trump also said "7 11" coincidence. I THINK SO!! The next hero is obviously trump. His alt is gonna be a nuke.
Churro Dab I on 22. Jul. 2017.
Widowmaker rolls a two at the end, if this dice theory is true then wouldn't it be possible that 2 big things will happen on 7.11 . Maybe 2 heroes, 2 events or 1 of each.
Argus on 22. Jul. 2017.
Look I know its fun to speculate and "look in between the lines" but everyone has been taking all the new content way too seriously. I don't know if anyone else read the comic, but for real, that number calling was 99.99999% for the comedic effect of having Max be like "no wait, my money!" I like your stuff, Force, it's always full of more thoughtworthy content unlike "rank doesn't matter" spam, but the teasing like this is grasping around in a dark room, we don't know what Blizz is up to.
Firepopcorn 123 on 22. Jul. 2017.
We expected Doomfist, we got Orisa, we expected Hammond, we got Doomfist, moral, don't speculate
Sparrow Ilan on 22. Jul. 2017.
Whats the name of the backround music?
Wavanova on 22. Jul. 2017.
If it's Nov 7, then Overwatch is going to die. They need to be adding heroes at a quicker pace and stop being so perfectionistic with pre-balancing them to keep the competitive scene alive. League was adding 7-8 new heroes a year when they were 1 year in to keep the game fresh. 3-4 heroes a year is not enough.
Dat Boi on 22. Jul. 2017.
We Need a Junkrat Kinda GAY that uses Legos As A Trap
Obvious Troll, But You Got Baited Anyway on 22. Jul. 2017.
Force, you're crazy!
David Warner on 22. Jul. 2017.
The next hero is gonna be from India
Shy Buster on 22. Jul. 2017.
That Omnic guy wears a "Pi" on his jacket. Will HE be released on March 14th?
the Wildcard on 22. Jul. 2017.
did you guys see it? there was a guy in the back standing next to a plant with 12 leaves 12 new heroes confirmed
Josh White on 22. Jul. 2017.
mikkah on 22. Jul. 2017.
Maybe Blizzard just likes Beyoncé's song 7/11
emdeka87 on 22. Jul. 2017.
Jeff did 9/11
Zeco117 on 22. Jul. 2017.
Did you mean November 7th?
LeoGado on 22. Jul. 2017.
If anyone knew how craps worked they'd know this isn't a hint, it's a joke. All of Widow's rolls are meant to be a joke about her accuracy. The person rolling is called the Shooter and if you roll a 7 or 11 outright you're a Natural. Widow is a Natural Shooter. When you roll 7 or 11 everyone who bets the pass wins so she's basically winning for people including Max who isn't allowed to roll cuz he's an omnic and that's considered cheating. Then she pulls a dick move and tosses snake eyes which loses all Max's money and says "watch my chips" to add insult to injury because she most likely bet the minimum in order to fuck up Max but not herself. That's why he says "Non!" as they take away all his chips.
Black Moon on 22. Jul. 2017.
3:00 highlight intro
lazy show on 22. Jul. 2017.
0:08 'force, you are crazy' lol
La Scorpious on 22. Jul. 2017.
Nov7 is my bday
Emzzy on 22. Jul. 2017.
I play Junkrat in Attack
ORAORAORAORA on 22. Jul. 2017.
Lol why do I care at this point
SpoinRoin on 22. Jul. 2017.
Bah it's definitely 9/11
Elyna Lilyarel on 22. Jul. 2017.
Its going to be about some guy in a part time job.
Cantthinkofaname on 22. Jul. 2017.
1:22 thats because month day is retarded
MrMrjimbo96 on 22. Jul. 2017.
most of the world by that he means the rest of the world
Infected Flood on 22. Jul. 2017.
Hell yeah my birthday is November 7th
noyasux on 22. Jul. 2017.
Nov 7 is a Tuesday too which is when most updates come out
BlueFan99 on 22. Jul. 2017.
Wait?! In the US it goes month/day/year and not day/month/year? Is this true? Where else is this the case?
Loveable Lúcio on 22. Jul. 2017.
7/11 is a tuesday
Oli Badolo on 22. Jul. 2017.
1:30 i think you meant november the 7th and not november the 11th
Nock on 22. Jul. 2017.
they should release a duo pair of healers
william lui on 22. Jul. 2017.
who is hammond then?
INFINITE 101 on 22. Jul. 2017.
Holy shit November 7 is my birthday!!!
Fenixz Filip on 22. Jul. 2017.
here we fucking go with the tease speculation videos for another year
Andre Amidzic on 22. Jul. 2017.
1:31 you say November 11th; Should be November 7th :)
Mr Poool on 22. Jul. 2017.
Sombra ARG was flawless
tailems on 22. Jul. 2017.
R Sky on 22. Jul. 2017.
Like the theory but when blizzard show overwatch related stuff there dates are the American way don't know why they would decide to use the other way.
DanielEdition on 22. Jul. 2017.
you are fucking stupid ass morons
Monkey Gaming on 22. Jul. 2017.
what is your screen recorder
SkeletonWizard on 22. Jul. 2017.
Honestly I just want the outfits that Doomfist and Widowmaker were wearing as skins.
JJ Carver on 22. Jul. 2017.
They should consider speeding up they'd hero releases. Kinda obvious the issues with overwatch revolves around it's laughable roster.
Shaidz on 22. Jul. 2017.
I recon Blizz has like a bet every time they release a hints like this. You win by predicting how long it will take for Force to have a vid about it.
MrAlbinocreeper on 22. Jul. 2017.
November 7* not November 11, that would be 11/11
Parrish Moore on 22. Jul. 2017.
That would be perfect since most yearly FPS games come out around that exact time. It'll pull a lot of attention towards Overwatch during their releases.
Donne41 on 22. Jul. 2017.
Oh give me a break. Doom fist haven't even come to live servers an the next might already be on the way?! Cmon
JacksonFilms on 22. Jul. 2017.
Maximillian is saying "non" and grabbing at the chips as if he's not ready. So take that as you will
Chicken Buritos on 22. Jul. 2017.
I'm sorry, 7/11? I can't!
Top Potato on 22. Jul. 2017.
Dem blizzard EU friendly? Unbelievable