Non-Catent: Cat Weighs in on the Upcoming Hearthstone Nerfs

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Nakx123 on 3. Oct. 2017.
what kinda cat is dat
Drew Bishop on 3. Oct. 2017.
I like how you casually call your cat Mr. Cat. It looks so chummy and happy the whole vid.
Rico O' Rourke on 25. Sep. 2017.
WHY the fuck nerf innervate i don't even wanna play HS anymore and i just got uther dk card!
Satchmo Omega on 21. Sep. 2017.
Cat wagging his tail. Thinks he's a dog.
Antrix on 20. Sep. 2017.
Your cat wags its tail, its adorable.
Eric Rye on 13. Sep. 2017.
your cat looks and acts more like a dog, it's really weird to look at, but you're cat is hella cute not saying he's not attractive.
koyoshii on 13. Sep. 2017.
catent merch
Vorse Raider on 11. Sep. 2017.
Your cat does not care about Jade Druid. It just wants to go face.
Rainy Jane on 11. Sep. 2017.
Cat videos on the internet? Egads!
MrEpic7203 on 11. Sep. 2017.
Beautiful kitty.
TiCLer on 10. Sep. 2017.
Better than Raynad's salt.
Emma Knightly on 10. Sep. 2017.
More Non-Catent pls
LeviGratton on 10. Sep. 2017.
His tail is so twitchy and...short
Ptr on 10. Sep. 2017.
This is the best video i have ever seen
GamingTV on 9. Sep. 2017.
lol your cat looks like an anime character
kornx10 on 9. Sep. 2017.
The best review
Cozy on 9. Sep. 2017.
I main warrior and have had the worst experience this expansion. I play anything but pirate and fail miserably at all of them. I'm about ready to quit. Call me what you will I almost don't care anymore.
M33f3r on 9. Sep. 2017.
Cuuuuuute kitty
The Alonedrifter on 9. Sep. 2017.
" Youtuber attacked viciously when interviewing hearthstone player on Hearthstone nerfs!!! Now onto Billy with Sports!"
Edy Glockenspiel on 9. Sep. 2017.
He looks so FLUFFY!
Dethrox on 9. Sep. 2017.
Hey ! come back.. :D
Trevski on 9. Sep. 2017.
Your cat is the cutest, Blizzard should make it a pet in WOW
SH4D0W0733 on 8. Sep. 2017.
Cat goes face, it is very effective.
Rivalo on 8. Sep. 2017.
What cat breed is this? It's cute
Carbon Night on 8. Sep. 2017.
The cat is obviously livid about the changes he tried walking away and then attacked the interviewer when he press him for an answer.
wannipower Name on 8. Sep. 2017.
Did he train Cat to sit when he shouts "hey!"?
Mechanical Squid on 8. Sep. 2017.
I feel like everytime I see the cat he gets slightly chubbier but damn is he cute...
Johnny Ostad on 8. Sep. 2017.
Wait... Your cat's name is Cat?
The Esquana on 8. Sep. 2017.
Why is small cat still so small
jcjs95 on 8. Sep. 2017.
Charlotta Bävholm on 8. Sep. 2017.
RIP Crendor at the end XD
Shannon Ouellet on 8. Sep. 2017.
Non-catent is amazing and needs to continue
Dastreus on 8. Sep. 2017.
rolebo1 on 8. Sep. 2017.
this gor realy close to being actual content crendor. you need to try harder
Atomic Ninja on 8. Sep. 2017.
evil_befall on 8. Sep. 2017.
next up cat opinion about argus
Josh Russell on 8. Sep. 2017.
Is that a dog?
Caio Ramos on 8. Sep. 2017.
I'm a simple person, I see a cat, I hit the like button.
Alex G on 8. Sep. 2017.
0:22 That face says everything
Josh White on 8. Sep. 2017.
More cat videos
SeriouslyUseless on 8. Sep. 2017.
CrenCat is such a cutie!
amelie2424 on 8. Sep. 2017.
This cat is gorgeous, and very wise
sleepybadtzmaru on 8. Sep. 2017.
Cat is just happy to be talked to. . .until the end. Never shove a camera in a cat's face.
Enigma2Me on 8. Sep. 2017.
Benjamin Lowe on 8. Sep. 2017.
This is possibly your best video and I mean that in a nice way.
Michelle VanArsdale on 8. Sep. 2017.
awwww kitty has a half tail just like my kitty cat
Shookadoo on 8. Sep. 2017.
This is the quality content I love to see
vikingsofsidonia on 8. Sep. 2017.
crencat all like; "bitch i play MTG"
Daphne Mir on 8. Sep. 2017.
Darth Xaarinth on 8. Sep. 2017.
Crencat is the best cat