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aiNigma on 5. Nov. 2017.
60 euros for some playable races and some revamp ashran 2.0?
Lyl on 5. Nov. 2017.
The true battle for azeroth is the fight over Classic realms and keeping them 100% original. There are a lot of people who just jumped on the hype train who play retail, and "would" play vanilla if only it had feature X, Y and Z. I hope they keep it pure and 100% vanilla.
Jonathon Dilworth on 5. Nov. 2017.
Subbed for future WoW classic content.
Fred Flintstone on 5. Nov. 2017.
Im so excited for this.
John Wahlborg on 5. Nov. 2017.
Hopefully not longer then 16 months. I want it now!
greatshaman0724 on 5. Nov. 2017.
vanilla stuff will cap off at 1 mil at most
Crau on 5. Nov. 2017.
Can I play a fucking Ogre already?just give me a button to crouch so I can go through doors damn it T.T
john tucker on 5. Nov. 2017.
they should just delete everything and let everyone start from scratch in vanilla and lets do it all over again!!
Leeroy Jenkins on 5. Nov. 2017.
WwwTheBest on 5. Nov. 2017.
Do unreleased wow trailer pls :D
Groot on 5. Nov. 2017.
Crendor, does this mean u gonna do Orc vs Wild: Classic?
bla ba on 5. Nov. 2017.
im fine with the new graphics and the old gameplay, i see no benefit in keeping the old graphics
MIREX on 5. Nov. 2017.
I'm so pleased with a new expansion, gettin the old crew to come back. But we use to raid, but i feel like this expansion will have some epic PVP. SO what do i do? w8 and see i guess...
Strappleberry Nifkin on 5. Nov. 2017.
I'd like to point out that unless the last patch of Legion involves you killing Sargeras, destroying the Burning Legion, destroying all of the Void Lords, purifying the entire Twisting Nether, eliminating the Scourge and getting rid of all of the Old Gods then the theme of this expansion is basically "Everyone on this rock is an idiot and the Legion deserved to win." Who starts a war on their own planet when they know the entire universe wants to murder their babies and suck the marrow from their bones?
Matthew Shannon on 5. Nov. 2017.
damn, I never played classic wow. I started right after cataclysm came out, because my girlfriend at the time played. she stayed up all night to download cataclysm and I just remember watching her play, flying around on her dragon looking at all the changes and freaking the fuck out. I might start playing again just to experience vanilla, only problem is I work ~60 hours a week and don't have much time to play. adult problems.
Saixuno Pomf on 5. Nov. 2017.
people certainly are excited for classic wow but they forget it'll be the same patch for eternity
8eewee on 5. Nov. 2017.
I'm not sure about this new expansion. I've played Legion and liked it a lot, but by the time I hit max level and done all the zones I got a bit tired of it. I'm more into the lore and the quests than raiding. Maybe it's because I haven't done the latest content (subscription ran out before that legion planet showed up), but this feels like a really quick shift in another direction. "Legion's gone, let's get back to killing eachother." Perhaps I'll throw some more cash at it and see what it's like.
Marky Mark on 5. Nov. 2017.
Maybe they will do the basic game with just a few tweaks like new models, fixes for glitches and what not and just make it a new patch, maybe, 1.2??
vTv Krieg on 5. Nov. 2017.
Still no emerald dream expansion :(
DanKojak on 5. Nov. 2017.
What if picking up things in a Classic server can also add them to collections tab for the rest of your account? Items like the Zul'Gurub tiger and raptor mounts, Breastplate of the Chromatic Flight, actual T0 armor instead of the Darkmoon Faire replicas, Benediction/Anathema, and a whole bunch of stuff that's currently no longer available to players and be able to have it credited towards transmog or whatever on Battle for Azeroth characters.
timmykookoo on 5. Nov. 2017.
God i hope they dont use new models on the vanilla servers. Thats like if when they released Old School Runescape, they used RS3 Models. Hopefully they do it like Runescape did it and literally just release an archived version of the game. And unlike Runescape, they dont have to make controversial new and original content, they can just release the expansions and not force people to play them.
flame1148 on 5. Nov. 2017.
I dont want to shit on the new wow expansion, because it does actually look pretty decent, but im definitely more excited for classic wow. I think this is something that me and a lot of other classic wow enthusiasts thought would never happen.
Killerbeeware on 5. Nov. 2017.
Vanilla is my favorite
Atratzu on 5. Nov. 2017.
It seems like a bad idea to hook up with the Zandalar... :-/
Some Random Jackal on 5. Nov. 2017.
So Anduin looks even cooler then he was before...thats a cool thing
Sir Vicke on 5. Nov. 2017.
When people say they want to play vanilla WoW, they want to play the experience, not the game. People who will get their hands on the game will most likely find themself dissapointed as it's an experience you really can't recreate. I'm happy for those who find this to be good news and i will give it a shot once it's out. But i also believe people will find it to become quite dull after an hour or two. That's my two cents though.
Deathkno dd on 5. Nov. 2017.
I think sub races are a step in the right direction, but hopefully it will open the doorways to adding new races faster, like being able to play as a tuskarr or arrakoa for example, because playing a tauren with antlers, or a buffalo tauren, is really the only difference between them and my main tauren warrior with horns. I think its a cool idea, but i definitely hope they add more races like ogres in the future. It doesnt help that most wow players like myself, have a million alts, so hopefully blizz will increase the account maxximum to like 100 chars per account or something.
Deathkno dd on 5. Nov. 2017.
god the original barrens, ill prowl there a bit.
Deathkno dd on 5. Nov. 2017.
Yah im playing classic wow. Warriors, fuck all other classes. tauren warriors.
HermannTheGreat on 5. Nov. 2017.
Big deal, the people that played it upon release have moved on or quit gaming, that's literally 10 years ago, there's zero reason to go back and grind your real life into oblivion again.
GameCollector on 5. Nov. 2017.
more excited for classic then the new expansion to be honest. next step would be timed servers, that go through the expansions with at least 1 server always in one of them. asking too much now. bye lol
ChaosFromAbove on 5. Nov. 2017.
What if blizzard have already predicted the future of wow dating back to vanilla when the actual level cap for a character with GM commands/permission or however you want to call it was 255.. Such a perfect number.. Someone help me on this one, how many expansions did blizzard mention that they'd have after warlords of draenor or even legion, unless they decide to end wow with battle for azeroth lul..
oniyen on 4. Nov. 2017.
im honestly real excited for classic RP servers, like... it was such a different world back then!
KJ Ookami on 4. Nov. 2017.
I am 100% buying this expansion on the fact I can play as a Dark Iron Dwarf.
Tj Weber on 4. Nov. 2017.
My friends and I never played vanilla WoW as we were console players back then, but we have always wanted the challenge that we heard vanilla offered compared to modern and now we can!
Not so happy on 4. Nov. 2017.
All I want to know if people will also have to pay a monthly subscription in Classic wow, or blizzard will try a different method to do money.
Danofreya on 4. Nov. 2017.
I am glad Blizzard are adding vanilla servers. Personally, I won't be touching them though. I played Vanilla and it was mostly a product of its time. People who use private servers are going there specifically with the mentality of playing how they did back then and they'll be with other people who feel the same way. But an official server anybody can join? Nah, that'll be a shitshow. Not only is Vanilla WoW riddled with issues that have been ironed out and resolved over the years, like the levelling being broken and grindy or class specs being busted, underpowered and basically useless, but I also am curious how they are going to roll this out. Are they going to release it in patches as if it were a genuine release? In which case, are people going to spend their time dreading future patches because it's the one their class gets nerfed? I need to know more about how they are going to roll out the content or whether they'll dump everything out on the Naxx40 patch on launch. There's a
Iwan Egerström on 4. Nov. 2017.
Fuck "Battle of Azeroth" tbh This is a 100 times better
rkid on 4. Nov. 2017.
is wow good?
Xipo86 on 4. Nov. 2017.
damn now I am seriously annoyed because I have to study so hard to stay in my computer science bachelor. I even sold my gpu a few month ago because I had no time
Voreo Sabrae on 4. Nov. 2017.
Honestly, vanilla servers don't excite me. But it does excite me they're starting this. I can see this being the start of making expansion servers as the game population goes down.
ChallengerDrakava on 4. Nov. 2017.
horde suck though... alliance master faction.
Desync on 4. Nov. 2017.
im happy with classic servers, because all these old nostalgia fucks are gonna switch to them and leave me alone with their "Vanilla was so much better" talk.
bigsuff on 4. Nov. 2017.
Jizz magically appeared in my pants when I saw the classic announcement.
EminemLovesCupcakes on 4. Nov. 2017.
Is it weird that I don't play wow and the only reason i'd get wow is to make a druid and fly around the world like crendor is doing? It looks so relaxing
Seth Havey on 4. Nov. 2017.
Super excited for the new expansion, love any troll stuff we get! Don't really care about vanilla wow. Might check it out, but doubt I'll stick with it for longer than a few hours. The lack of nostalgia probably will keep me away from unfinished game design.
Kappa TriHardsen on 4. Nov. 2017.
Get to the fucking point will you. It's hard to listen in when it sounds like you're taking a fat dick up your ass.
Lord Calvanian on 4. Nov. 2017.
I'm gonna be streaming the shit out of it.
Branislav Polic on 4. Nov. 2017.
Didnt even discover Argus, and already new expansion.
Hailey Marson on 4. Nov. 2017.
I've never played Vanilla (Started playing in Wrath) and I guess I'm excited about classic servers CX