Overwatch BlizzCon Hands-On: New Hero Moira, New Map Blizzard World (2017)

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Marshal Arts on 5. Nov. 2017.
Hey Rhykker, this is folks!
Mangoking on 5. Nov. 2017.
H49_SWE on 5. Nov. 2017.
her release date is 2018??? jesus...... Sombra released 27th november and she was actually announced later than moira
hanabiitaki on 5. Nov. 2017.
rhykker! thanks for waving back at that stoplight earlier man! just strolling by with my buddies and all of a sudden i hear your voice in the bg and i'm like, "IS THAT RHYKKER" and they go, "that's not him" but i knew it was you man <3
Ninjagod Scorch on 5. Nov. 2017.
Still waiting for a new Pharah skin, that's not complete shit...thanks for nothing, blizzard
Михаил Дронин on 5. Nov. 2017.
Welcome to FatCon
Christopher Walker on 5. Nov. 2017.
I have to admit watching Blizzcon got me kinda sad about how Diablo is just the forgotten franchise, every other one got some kind of attention but Diablo got nothing.
GrnLazergun on 5. Nov. 2017.
Waiting for him to say “skip” to this time for diablo news
steroidzz on 5. Nov. 2017.
Damn wtf never seen an ugly champion like this. PLS blizzard dont do this extreme ugly champ to the game....
Harry K on 5. Nov. 2017.
Never realised how small your arms are, great video though dude
CHICKEN NUGGET on 5. Nov. 2017.
I thought the next hero would be the queen in junkertown there is a poster of her in junkertown so i thought it was going to be like a hint
Warex on 5. Nov. 2017.
So basically a healing Symetra... great
Shirei Shizo on 4. Nov. 2017.
thank you for the d3 update from blizzcon
Commenting Guy on 4. Nov. 2017.
the cosplayers in the background are super cringe
Savage Wraith on 4. Nov. 2017.
Savage Wraith on 4. Nov. 2017.
Savage Wraith on 4. Nov. 2017.
4:59 vapelord detected. Insert vape jokes below.
Savage Wraith on 4. Nov. 2017.
I really hope the Doc Oc version ends up atleast making it in as a legendary skin as Moira's 1st Phase/Early days suit. Those demonic/science tendrils are like a cross between doc oc and something from Diablo or HP Lovecraft. I dig it a lot. Would've been cool if she could rip people in half with them. Or atleast bots since Blizzard doesn't want Overwatch to be too graphic I guess T: #wastedopportunities
Ashtarte on 4. Nov. 2017.
Some of the puns in the Blizzard World map had me legit excited. Snaxxramas was probably my favorite.
Jose Narvaez on 4. Nov. 2017.
Best episode to date. Good to see you do a show from blizzcon. Keep up the good work brother!
BigWave on 4. Nov. 2017.
Why fix zenyatta when you can just make a new hero
ThaReal CLo on 4. Nov. 2017.
ryu's ultimate shot?.. who are these people? lmfao
TmoneyJones305 on 4. Nov. 2017.
Blizzard World? .... Nuka World anyone?
mombo 2811 on 4. Nov. 2017.
David Goldstein on 4. Nov. 2017.
So... Moira, looks like she hits like Sym, heals like Mei. Can Shift escape a Graviton Surge or Halt?
TheWeakMinded on 4. Nov. 2017.
When a dev says 'op af' that is beyond embarrassing, then again its Jeff Cuckplan
Marlon X on 4. Nov. 2017.
fett fett fett! danke Rhykker
TheHolyNade on 4. Nov. 2017.
FINALLY!!! Finally we get an awesome zarya skin! And it's epic!
JOE B on 4. Nov. 2017.
When you realize they mentioned diablo as much as they mentioned destiny 0.0
Robert Christmas on 4. Nov. 2017.
"you can now do more than healing as a healer" every time you say that there's one more zen crying
warloxwill on 4. Nov. 2017.
My problem is her release date... ITS SO FAR AWAY T-T... WE NEED EVERYTHING ATLEAST BEFORE THE WINTER WONDERLAND EVENT! c'mon blizzard. you have the stuff made, all thats left is the tiny polishes, PTR, then live 2-3 weeks after.
Just3215 on 4. Nov. 2017.
New hero is a weeb!
SmokyTopHat on 4. Nov. 2017.
I was just screaming "YES" for the first few minutes or so because NEW HEALER!
Airmanon on 4. Nov. 2017.
I guess we'll see analysis on the Reinhardt short someday? I am excited about this. New map and new character look awesome
Mara S. on 4. Nov. 2017.
I hoped the Junker Queen was the 26th hero, but I really like Moira. Maybe she'll be #27.
Irongrin on 4. Nov. 2017.
For a second I thought they had added 'Hisoka' from Hunter x Hunter to Overwatch, very similar look :> Even got that anime-run look.
Attila Vidacs on 4. Nov. 2017.
I like how they have a Diablo banner hung on the convention center and and all they had to offer was a 28 minute panel with recycled content
Kyle on 4. Nov. 2017.
Awww I would have liked a doc ock character
Christian Johansson on 4. Nov. 2017.
2:47 D.va booteeyyy
Itory on 4. Nov. 2017.
11:00 can't see the Road skin :/
Crazozourus on 4. Nov. 2017.
Love Blizzard World, they even put floating Naxx. Shadow of the Necropolis. <3
World Breaker Hulk on 4. Nov. 2017.
UnhumanRampage on 4. Nov. 2017.
Yeah yeah Rhykker 'new main" untill they will nerf her... Ehh this fake hype again and again...
CornRocket 90528 on 4. Nov. 2017.
Hi... huge fan
Bruno Alexandre Cartaxeiro on 4. Nov. 2017.
DUDE! Tou made my day with this vid! Awesome stuff! Thanks!
Jacob Wheeler on 4. Nov. 2017.
10:00 I found Waldo.
Luna Layne on 4. Nov. 2017.
disc priest so awesome they brought it to overwatch
Alex Green on 4. Nov. 2017.
Wow! Hat raising eyebrow strength! Just wow! :) Thanks for the coverage Rhykker!
Arreis Williams on 4. Nov. 2017.
I'm just happy nova is a skin she bae <3
OrganicStuff1 on 4. Nov. 2017.
Isn’t over watch a dead game like diablo 3