♥ Overwatch (Gameplay) - Mccree, It's High Noon

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MadVicar on 6. Dec. 2015.
a character that is better with good aim. not a good match for u this time around pally.
StumpyBoulderchunk on 6. Dec. 2015.
Good shit, my man. Loving the Overwatch content, hope to see a greater focus on it in the future. Would love to play with you if I get into the beta, too!
Zachary “DargoSun” Dwyer on 6. Dec. 2015.
I feel like I noticed you shooting Zenyatta during his ult, but he becomes invulnerable during it. Still though, damn good job on arguably the most difficult character in the game.
DKL on 6. Dec. 2015.
It's High Noon Somewhere!
Lockhound on 6. Dec. 2015.
it really bothers me that you don't watch kill cams to understand how you died. it's not like switching between teammates perspective is helping you in any way.
Mikael de Padua on 6. Dec. 2015.
Pallytime is now my favorite youtube channel. You got me hooked to HotS too btw. learning to play all the heroes thanks to your A-Z series. Current favorite is Abathur. I tend to avoid your Fallout 4 videos because of spoilers though.
DeEwouterKabouter on 6. Dec. 2015.
uuhhmm actually your ultimate is called: "deadeye" (imagine this in the most nerdy way possible or speech)
DeEwouterKabouter on 6. Dec. 2015.
the highest of noons
M Johansson on 6. Dec. 2015.
Bastion soon? :D
Tim van Dammen on 6. Dec. 2015.
Datt Ew0k on 6. Dec. 2015.
how many times during your recording did you say "welcome back to heroes of the...ah fuck.."?
Thoxik on 6. Dec. 2015.
"Overwatch is coming back to the channel." Right after its announced that overwatch is gonna be on a hiatus for a month :3
Luis Fernando Mendoza Frías on 6. Dec. 2015.
Why you are so bad with mcree? And also why are you so fat? Man you wont have a girlfriend never! You are really fat!!
Benji Kelso on 6. Dec. 2015.
I love how western McCree is. :3
Matt j on 6. Dec. 2015.
Hello everyone, welcome to Onlywatch.
Isaac Marraffino on 6. Dec. 2015.
More Overwatch please!
TheSonOfLiberty on 6. Dec. 2015.
Isn't Mccree's ultimate target time based on the enemy heroes you are targeting hp? That's why it takes longer to target onto the more tanky heroes, and faster to secure those with lower hp?
Meerkat M on 6. Dec. 2015.
But Mccree is the only hot guy in this game so....excited for his skins
Rude Bwoy on 6. Dec. 2015.
Nice job clint eastwood
Kai Dannies on 6. Dec. 2015.
If you also start to publish Overwatch more i will have to unfollow you as I did with the squadron channel.
AcceptYourDeath on 6. Dec. 2015.
I still think a pure hero showcase is more interesting to watch. Wasn`t "You learn more from losing!" something I`ve heared alot from MFPallytime on HotS heroe showcases? Could be interesting to see how each hero holds up against his hard counter or just with his back against the wall - even if switching the lineup is a key point with overwatch.
drple dude on 6. Dec. 2015.
the ult is called deadeye
Davrial aka Blue Mario on 6. Dec. 2015.
Pally, Deadeye (AKA High Noon), takes longer to target the more health a target has. So someone like Tracer is locked on almost instantly while a tank like Roadhog takes a long while of standing out in visible range to target. But if you DO get locked on them, it *is* a one shot kill.
Spion Deca on 6. Dec. 2015.
Josh Dumas on 5. Dec. 2015.
Dat net code. See Pally roll around a corner. The replay shows him elsewhere.
UnfortunatedXI on 5. Dec. 2015.
Thanks... pallytime I just had the worst Heroes of The Storm evening someone could posibly imagine... I needed some McCree....Thanks
Konrad Edwards on 5. Dec. 2015.
Did anyone else see that Hanzo go down to exactly 1 HP??
Too Y on 5. Dec. 2015.
It's McCree, not Mccree.
Lunumbrus on 5. Dec. 2015.
Less like a Stun Grenadez more like pocket-sand, eh? Seems legit.
Spokki Space on 5. Dec. 2015.
please reply to this question. How can you and the others play overwatch ????
Ryan Lee on 5. Dec. 2015.
Onlywatch Gameplay from MFPT
Mirza Ajanovic on 5. Dec. 2015.
Zenyatta or riot
Undead Gaming on 5. Dec. 2015.
do u have any idea why my acc in battlenet turn into GM399
HAZY_nick0809 on 5. Dec. 2015.
I will be back to watch this later. Just want to show my support for MotherFuckingPT
Darrious walker on 5. Dec. 2015.
Darrious walker on 5. Dec. 2015.
I love ur videos
8icey2000 on 5. Dec. 2015.