♥ Overwatch (Gameplay) - Offensive With Mccree & Pharah

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Yoshi278 on 25. Nov. 2015.
dat clutch lol
Dado on 24. Nov. 2015.
will this game go free to play???
GamingZaza on 22. Nov. 2015.
Senpai Ayato on 16. Nov. 2015.
i think tracer and widowmaker i gonna be the toxic of the game
Rex GameZ on 16. Nov. 2015.
mrdoolio on 14. Nov. 2015.
I personally never got the allure of low sens when it comes to fps. Now, I do get the notion per se, low sensitivity allows for more precision, but I see it being overemphasized a lot. I would like to ask why? (I am really asking:) ) Because, I was a, well, semi-competitive q3 player and an invested but not tournament level q1/q2 player and I always had my sensitivity EXTREMELY high. I am talking after one hour of gameplay, my mouse probably wouldn't cover more than a square inch of movement, with my hand never having to be raised from the pad. And I never ever ever had problems with precision-based stuff, like railgun play. However I did have an advantage in other things, for example, jump, turn 180 degrees, shoot, turn 180 degrees in a tenth of a second (which was very valuable in quake). So, while I get that a slightly lower sensitivity might be beneficial to people, I never understood those who literally did sweeping motions with the mouse only to make a half circle or
Newfie187 on 13. Nov. 2015.
The fact that i know more about the game than someone who has the beta.
Hapi djus on 11. Nov. 2015.
looks like a 60$ game for me.....x'D
Jesus Rodriguez on 11. Nov. 2015.
Streamers playing this months before everyone else are loving life. They have sole access to the content and all eyes are viewing their content. All they hear is cha-ching cha-ching
spiritfired on 11. Nov. 2015.
For a while I thought this was MKX so I clicked expected to see Erron Bla-nowwHat the FU? Oh!
Ben G on 11. Nov. 2015.
Looks like archive Decker :)
Sexual Tea on 10. Nov. 2015.
Feel the thorns embrace.
Fidel Salvador on 9. Nov. 2015.
hey look its graves
CamTheKitty on 9. Nov. 2015.
McCree for the ability to say fuck you to Tracer nonsense :D
Davin Perry on 9. Nov. 2015.
Not sure if you anyone can move the payload backwards
GeneralTheGuy on 8. Nov. 2015.
McRee is "overpowered". Road Hog, widowmaker, tracer, bastion, and Phara says hi. I feel like mcCree is the jack of all trades master of none but better than the master of one kind of character which makes him seem op, but really at the end of the day I feel like every character is "op" and that isn't a bad way to balance it. Kind of like the old unreal tournaments. Everything is balanced if it all gibs you instantly.
TravelingAnvil on 8. Nov. 2015.
Loving the Overwatch coverage Pallytime. Thanks for the awesome content.
Marjun Alcedo on 8. Nov. 2015.
u should tell what their ults do... kinda hard to understand
Tricky Dick on 7. Nov. 2015.
MFPT, what are your thoughts on Reaper?
Alan Lum on 7. Nov. 2015.
erm i really hope for daily hots... although im fine with overwatch
Enric_gone on 7. Nov. 2015.
So psyched for this game. Love your vids. Cheers MFP!
kaan taşkıngenç on 7. Nov. 2015.
More overwatch <3
annlempicka on 7. Nov. 2015.
Pally this is everyone's first time playing overwatch so everyone is bad
TheDinis on 7. Nov. 2015.
kyle jay on 7. Nov. 2015.
Always love your videos, Thanks!
lWhite Knightl on 7. Nov. 2015.
whyyy arent u uploading any heroesofthestorm vids pallly????
StretchyPlays on 7. Nov. 2015.
The more I see Pharah gameplay the more I can't wait to play her, looks really fun and her ultimate looks incredibly satisfying.
Yotsuba on 7. Nov. 2015.
I hope they give all the people that pre-ordered on PC beta access soon.
Joshua Kramer (kittenlord) on 7. Nov. 2015.
a guy saying the game was weak was invited but i wasn't
time95774 on 7. Nov. 2015.
game going to cost 40$ for lows and i see you get skins you batter be abler to unlock skins and weapons with out paying more money if they do that wow. it be like evolve you know game that killed it self by making you pay money for the game then pay more more get other class and skins and weapons for evolve it was like 100$ or more i rally hope they don't do that i rally do. p.s sorry for spelling
Jaden Igguks on 7. Nov. 2015.
I'd let Tracer have her way with my point any time.
Kalei rigg on 7. Nov. 2015.
Hope you see this Pally, but thank you for making and uploading quality entertaining videos. I love your vids and content, seeing you play all these games make me wish i could afford a nice pc :D keep up the work man!
nothingbutboring314 on 7. Nov. 2015.
low noon everyday
Hunter Jackson on 7. Nov. 2015.
You should play some halo man! Its really good at making you learn hip firing.
Linus of the North on 7. Nov. 2015.
Loving these Overwatch videos, Pally! Keep 'em coming! :)
HerrFinsternis on 7. Nov. 2015.
He should be overpowered, he's all Clint Eastwood characters rolled into one (or well, some at least)
Diceux on 7. Nov. 2015.
Clint..sorry, "McCree" is pretty dang dirty. Zero Suit Pharah skin coming or na?
Ed G on 7. Nov. 2015.
I think it's helpful that your not very good at the game that way we can see what not to do.
DKL on 7. Nov. 2015.
Sinvicta has better ults than Pally with Macree. This legitimately surprises me.
Ed G on 7. Nov. 2015.
Where ya been Force Gaming has done about 10 videos on Ovewrwatch. I think he is going to go pro.He's pretty good at the game.
RespawningJesus on 7. Nov. 2015.
I don't exactly see how McCree is overpowered at the moment. Sure, he is powerful, but the dude has no mobility/escapes, a well telegraphed Ult that anyone can easily hide from, so you are sacrificing all of that mobility for raw power, assuming you can even land your shots properly. And while his revolver can be used at any range, his effective range is clearly close/mid.
William Burris on 7. Nov. 2015.
Plz do reaper
Berko Snacere on 7. Nov. 2015.
I'd like to see how D.Va plays.
Mikko Kaipainen on 6. Nov. 2015.
I really like these videos even though they are quite short.
Max Powers on 6. Nov. 2015.
1 like=Deathwing in Heroes of the Storm(Blizzard make it happen)
RedFang on 6. Nov. 2015.
so... seems like this game wont be for free after all. although it does make sense. for a game where you are support to swutch heroes all the time you cant have a system like in HotS for unlocking new characters so it wont work well as a buisness model. i still think i will buy it, maybe even the origin addition.
RaizY on 6. Nov. 2015.
40$ for this game. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
Ether Arch on 6. Nov. 2015.
Do some live videos from blizcon, Pally! :D
Peikko on 6. Nov. 2015.
So are they still picking people for the beta? i really want to play :(
виктор иванов on 6. Nov. 2015.
Road hog's mine lmao