Overwatch - How To McCree (Gameplay)

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JosePh CoNey on 20. Nov. 2015.
1:36...that roadhog kill...my goodness talk about wRecKeD?
Brian Keh on 16. Nov. 2015.
is there a way to call teammates for heals?
FuPlayz Gamez on 9. Nov. 2015.
To answer the title : E + Right Click ! That's how you Mcree.
Hansel_eet on 9. Nov. 2015.
For fucks sake Force, show the play of the game in your vids! :D
Tristan Vincent on 8. Nov. 2015.
Nice ! As you say remember to use the flashbang, you'd have owned the Roadhog and Tracer way more easily ! I believe McCree is the best counter to Tracer (along with Soldier 76 ofc).
DUCKS on 6. Nov. 2015.
McCree could be the worst character in the game and I would still use him. He IS Clint Eastwood. Taking in consideration how much I love his movies would be a sin to not play him.
Criston Noel on 5. Nov. 2015.
dude ur good O _ O
Zergling-San on 5. Nov. 2015.
use your fucking grenade more, its super imba.
Benjamin Thomas on 4. Nov. 2015.
We didn't get to see the play of the game! :(
------Zer0------ on 4. Nov. 2015.
MCcree is too OP class
Ben Wright on 4. Nov. 2015.
this was not funny at all. this was not magic carp used fly. THUMBSDOWN >_>
Hung Nguyen on 4. Nov. 2015.
2:52 Merrrrrrrcyyyyyy!
Bournesax on 3. Nov. 2015.
what the hell is up with vision through walls in this game ? i thought only soldier 76 and widowmaker have that unique 'wallhack' ability but apparently its everyone ?
Ploppman on 3. Nov. 2015.
I just realised: what's with blizzard and giving their sniper-ladies a long ponytail?
IVIetaI on 3. Nov. 2015.
As a veteran Fistfull of Frags player, i claim this hero my main in this game, oversomething.
Heinix on 2. Nov. 2015.
maby other players are just bad? not saying force is bad.
MrDragonerPL on 2. Nov. 2015.
Star wars battlefront is better than that ;p
dabulls108 on 1. Nov. 2015.
Maybe some day I'll get into this game :(
Zeb Peep on 31. Oct. 2015.
Force looks so much like Ransom Riggs
Pl4sm0 on 30. Oct. 2015.
lol....2015 and Blizzard Activision still not able to make a REAL and ORIGINAL game without copying other games and still using that fucking engine of WoW ? And how you think BlizzAct will make money on this game ? wait the big surprise ....cuz I already know what will happen ....hahahaha. (Titan was cancelled because of this crap!!!!) Really .....Activision killed the real Blizzard NA ......R.I.P !!!
Shaz Kosai on 30. Oct. 2015.
2:49 Justice rains fro...arghhhh
KC Liston on 29. Oct. 2015.
the damage changes depending on what part of the opponent's body you shoot, or damage is the same everywhere?
tefik karadaban on 29. Oct. 2015.
Hunkfish on 29. Oct. 2015.
I came for Graves gameplay and is not disappointed
Network Knight on 29. Oct. 2015.
Funny enough, the right click is actually better for big tanks than small targets... You can kill a tank by using right-click roll right click...
Flawlezz91 on 29. Oct. 2015.
I know jackshit about this game: I only know it exists and some lucky people somewhere get to play it. It looks quite cool etc. but @Force: how about you give me a "Checkout: Overwatch" first, or a breakdown on what a match is focused on (except killing the other team), what PowerUps are there etc etc. Instead you tell me "how to McCree" - and I'm here like: wat? ps.: I'm not able to watch you livestream the game, due to sitting on the other end of the world :(
FlyingJustToFall on 29. Oct. 2015.
why dont u just move the facecam to one of the top corners? kinda annoying not being able to see the interface... and besides that, the facecam isnt even needed.
Giorgakis96 on 29. Oct. 2015.
Can someone explain what the bar ,beneath the health bar, is?
rTTT4 on 29. Oct. 2015.
Nice spreee man!
Guyon on 29. Oct. 2015.
Force going full Ali-A.
Thats Not a Knife, This is a Knife on 29. Oct. 2015.
the flashbang actually improves the combo, so you can roll after the flash hits, which lets you fan the revolver on a stationary target.
StarRevolution90 on 29. Oct. 2015.
John Marston from Red Dead Redemption. His ult is even called Dead Eye. Cant wait to play him!
JaXX on 29. Oct. 2015.
Would be great if you could make "tutorial" videos for these characters... (intro to their abilities etc)
rb1092 on 29. Oct. 2015.
Yea he can shoot...but can he snipe a man bun off a hipster at 50 paces?
Helis on 29. Oct. 2015.
So short-medium range DPS class. Not bad. I can see his ult being annoying on bigger maps.
LunarWulf on 29. Oct. 2015.
Damn intense.
Crau on 28. Oct. 2015.
is there any additional mechanic to shooting, like recoil? Is that a built in "map hack"? Does shooting different bodyparts modify the damage dealt?
Andi Luk on 28. Oct. 2015.
when available in europe???
Tiger Claws on 28. Oct. 2015.
how to McCree? 1. Install CS:GO 2. Practice "Juan Deags" on DM servers 3. ??? 4. PROFIT
Abeltensor on 28. Oct. 2015.
honestly this game doesn't look as good as battleborn. I got the beta on that and while I'm under DNA I think it's OK to at least say that
Dustin Harnois on 28. Oct. 2015.
This game is bantha poodoo.
Kingwut117 on 28. Oct. 2015.
OP lol jk
Joseph Polk on 28. Oct. 2015.
"McCree OP." -BroJaK, never.
Daniel Bowen on 28. Oct. 2015.
Its just a really good feeling knowing that he read that roll reload from my comment. Even if he already knew that information, its just cool seeing his reaction to my comment.
Kaka KarrotCake on 28. Oct. 2015.
Wait a sec, Twisted Fate doesn't have a gun
noxater on 28. Oct. 2015.
it looks super fun!
Xeratas on 28. Oct. 2015.
:'D WTF Game Beta is out 1 day and people try to make guides about it LMAO. Thumbs down and not gonna whatch this shit
HellGod67 on 28. Oct. 2015.
Awesome, you're doing pretty well with overwatch )