Overwatch | Mongo'ing Around in Ranked! [Cobrak]

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Uploaded: 11 Dec 2017 Likes: 63
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Portuguesewowplayer on 11. Dec. 2017.
I got to say that I'm a subscriber since MOP, if I'm not mistaken, and every time that I see that you have uploaded I still rush to see it before any other video
Roadkill Raccoon on 11. Dec. 2017.
Good too see you.
Abe Hu on 11. Dec. 2017.
More overwatch please
Jonas Jensen on 11. Dec. 2017.
i like that your ultimate is Delete on your keyboard :D
Jonas Jensen on 11. Dec. 2017.
we wanna see more overwatch content! :)
Valvax4500 on 11. Dec. 2017.
this video is fucking amazing!! please more cobwatch!!
Ben Turner on 11. Dec. 2017.
Not gonna lie, watching/listening to you lads going mental in Overwatch never fails to delight me.
Mo Lo on 11. Dec. 2017.
Since WoW is boring af , why not make it an overwatch channel ? I'm plat so your videos could help teach me some tips to reach diamond too .
Alatreon on 11. Dec. 2017.
Calenser on 11. Dec. 2017.
Cob without pingu is quiet and calculated and witty Soon as pingu joins the team, all screaming and laughing Awesome video cob, always fun to watch you guys on overwatch, keep it up man
Warlundrie on 11. Dec. 2017.