Overwatch rip off available on your phones????

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Tristi on 1. Jul. 2017.
I saddens me that you only pin or upvote Cunts trying to be funny
semi on 4. Jul. 2017.
that lucio dude has the exact Vex Mythoclast weapon from destiny
Thorn on 4. Jul. 2017.
1:34 that's a destiny weapon called the Vex Mythoclast
ducky H on 4. Jul. 2017.
congrats this is the first time I noticed when a youtuber hasn't posted. Where you at
Sven Divino on 3. Jul. 2017.
hey ragtag, I know you said that for your toxic coaching series you only want lower ranks (plat and below) but i'd like to ask you if you could do a coaching/review of my gameplay, i've been trying to improve for a long time now and i seem to have gotten stuck in low masters. i'd really apreciate if you took a look at one of my games so i can improve hopefully :) hope you respond/ are interested and sorry for my shiit english :D
those1kidds on 3. Jul. 2017.
how do I get this????
john j on 3. Jul. 2017.
That's a two way rip-off of Overwatch and Hero Mission witch is also a rip-off of Overwatch. But despite being the rip-off of the original and a rip-off of a rip-off of the original at the same time, it still looks a lot like the original. Such a shame I expected more from a level 3 rip-off.
Ethan Nazareth on 3. Jul. 2017.
Roffe Roffe on 3. Jul. 2017.
Hey Rag Tagg are you alright? Has been a few days since you uploaded now. Hope those eyes of yours arent messing up. Best regards! /Concerned cunt
Steve Dollar on 3. Jul. 2017.
I liked your Evil Copyright Villein voice.
SomeDude312 on 3. Jul. 2017.
the rip off lucio's weapon was a vex mythoclast
EmeraldCity on 3. Jul. 2017.
Rag Tagg, you should do a video on the pros and cons of maining in competitive. I have been debating with my friends over whether or not maining limits you once you are at a high enough rank
Silberkreuz on 3. Jul. 2017.
i like corrupt corporate kajit-voice rag tag
TabletopFun on 3. Jul. 2017.
Maybe Gambit is suppose to be Zenyetta?
Arel Bauer on 3. Jul. 2017.
i mean the guy who played this game and you put in this vid has better accuracy than the players you coach
Jason Perrotta on 2. Jul. 2017.
congrats on 100k subs!!
Joachim Nielsen on 2. Jul. 2017.
you are the best
Tamoeh Kings on 2. Jul. 2017.
it is in the play store, just under a Japanese name, it's the first one that pops up if anyone is curious like me XD
Corpus on 2. Jul. 2017.
You may laugh, but they are probably coining it.
Viggevire on 2. Jul. 2017.
Gratz on 100k SUBS!!!!!!
Brandon Jameson on 2. Jul. 2017.
Make sure you update your YouTube playlists with your recent vids... like toxic coaching
Ryo on 2. Jul. 2017.
DUDE I LOVE UR VILLAIN NARRATIVE! That'd be so cool if you could somehow incorporate that into your TOXIC COACHING VIDEOS :D
The Golden Mouse on 2. Jul. 2017.
congrats on 100k
Rodrigo Quiroga on 2. Jul. 2017.
make a game play video out if this
5imp1e on 2. Jul. 2017.
why do these rip off games have a fetish for Twisted fate jeez
noxiousdeity on 2. Jul. 2017.
Hey if I wanna play "Overwatch" on my mobile devices, who are you to talk shit. Until they make OW on Android and iPhone, shut your fucking mouths! This is not a rip off, it's catering to those of us who don't have a freaking PS4, XBox, or god forbid PC. I love my Samsung, LOVE MY SAMSUNG, I will never play anything not on my Samsung. It's not dog shite, it's not!
mescaleeeeeto on 2. Jul. 2017.
that "lucio" gun was a vex mythoclast from destiny
Meem on 2. Jul. 2017.
Why is the "Lucio" at 1:34 holding the Vex Mythoclast from Destiny? That's literally the same fucking gun model.
The Combat Wombat on 2. Jul. 2017.
Did anyone else see that one of them had a vex mythoclast from destiny
A Meme A Day Keeps the 4Chan Away on 2. Jul. 2017.
congrats on 100k :)
aJamDonut on 2. Jul. 2017.
100k u famous bastard
Magisey on 2. Jul. 2017.
Copyright Laws work a little wonky in China. Knockoffs and ripoffs are very commonplace, especially when it comes to electronics and movies. So it's not too surprising it happened.
Salad on 2. Jul. 2017.
*H E R O* *G U N F I G H T*
Adamskee007 on 1. Jul. 2017.
Did anyone see the Vex Mythoclast "Lucio" was holding?
Doc Bogle on 1. Jul. 2017.
im getting this game rhy now
White People on 1. Jul. 2017.
But that character does look like a McHanzo love child, look at him.
DarkAngel101 on 1. Jul. 2017.
why did the last hero had the Vex Mythoclast exotic gun from destiny ?
Fran Johnston on 1. Jul. 2017.
100k subs! way to go ragtag
agon kurti on 1. Jul. 2017.
You look like toby from the office us
OldNerdTV on 1. Jul. 2017.
Yesterday I said that 100k were incoming, but I didn't think it would be that quickly! Congratulations! Now get your shiny silver plaque and enjoy some whiskey.
6.5feetdeep on 1. Jul. 2017.
Xiatter on 1. Jul. 2017.
Female Gambit has inspiration from Sombra.
mr.impulse on 1. Jul. 2017.
Chillsend on 1. Jul. 2017.
1:35 is that a vex mythoclast from destiny
Dom The Elegy on 1. Jul. 2017.
The thing is, pretty much 100% of these mobile ripoffs come out of China and it's virtually impossible to do something about it legally. They're made on the cheap, most likely with stolen assets, called something that sounds somewhat similar to the thing on which they're dick-riding and shoved out the door to make some money and then move on never to look back. Yeah, it's shady as shit but there's money in there so you know people will not stop doing it until that's no longer the case.
PluralFrog on 1. Jul. 2017.
I love soul calibur
John Havering on 1. Jul. 2017.
wait, is that guy thats playing this ow ripoff really using aimbot? wtf?
Antwone Sparks on 1. Jul. 2017.
1:35 wait a fucking minute is that the vex mythoclast????????!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaron Seet on 1. Jul. 2017.