Overwatch | Speed Win & Other Bits! [Cobrak]

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Uploaded: 25 Mar 2017 Likes: 114
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rafael b. on 27. Mar. 2017.
from 10 - 30 k videos to 1-3 k ... =)
Wudupbay on 26. Mar. 2017.
Kill that bitch.
Naruto's Warcraft on 25. Mar. 2017.
Great video Cob! I enjoyed watching it, keep doing an awesome job...But one day please return back to WoW. We miss the legend ;(
Leebleh on 25. Mar. 2017.
Oh wait that's me
phil altmann on 25. Mar. 2017.
I can tell your getting better at overwatch man, love the highlights, keep it up mate!
ThatMayBeTheCase on 25. Mar. 2017.
why not ranked maan :P
Mudz on 25. Mar. 2017.
Always great to see new Overwatch stuff Cob!
Calenser on 25. Mar. 2017.
Loving the overwatch videos cob, glad to still be loving your channel after the death of wow, keep it up buddy :)